Heading North

unna9medIt could be said that every choice we make takes us nearer to where we are trying to go, or it takes us further away from where we think we want to go. We are completely in the driver’s seat for this aspect of our journey. Of course, the world makes it seem not so simple. But, if we know that we want to let go of the things that keep us personally involved in life and prevent us from making universal connections, the choices become more clear. Ultimately, that’s why it’s called surrender, and why it’s so hard to do. But we’re really not giving up anything, while we potentially are gaining everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the longest dream I had, and I think both dreams were actually a continuation of each other, in this longest dream it’s like going up a mountain.

It does feel like a foreign place, and it’s like following two strands. They almost remind me of strands of DNA. They’re orange and they’re cone-shaped and linked together, and they go up. And initially they’re more intwined, and then they become separate.

And when they become separate, the orange shape’s on the left. They just kind of go up in the air, but have to do with going up the mountain, and they’re more neutral. And the shapes on the right, which made me go up and down the mountain, they involve some sexual contact or energy.

John: Okay, so that’s a departure. That’s the image of a holding onto something.

Jeane: Then it feels like the dream kind of goes into where when you’re journeying, and it feels more like journeying down the mountain now, I’m traveling with others and occasionally we come across these beings with whom there’s some kind of sexual contact – but they’re not quite fully people.

And you try to be careful for that contact not to be personal, or even very noticeable, because you don’t want to evoke jealousy or reactions in others. And I’m discussing that with somebody, that that’s tricky. Anyway, that’s all I remember.

John: So the image going up, in which you have the intertwined strands, is an image in which if you were to follow that out into where that goes as a total letting go, involves a connectivity that is possible, that is beyond the intertwining, and beyond the stillness of that, that is there. Well, it’s as a consequence of the stillness.

In other words, it’s like the stillness where you have the intertwining is a quality within, it’s like the stillness is a means to an end to being able to counsel, or be outside of time and space, to be trained, to be guided, to be connected outside time and space. You don’t need to make any physical journeying when you have this kind of connection. You have to make the journeying. You have to go to something that can cut the rust away, either as a meditation, or the presence of something, or however. You have to be lifted from those conditions.

And being intertwined, and being connected, and going through the process, which is like going uphill, going north, is how that steadily works. But then, as if out of the stillness, there is a vibration or to and fro that has overtones of energy to it, that still have their way of having to be. And the recognition of having to contend with that brings out all kinds of additional nuances: jealousy, attachments, clutchiness, they all kind of come with the territory of this principle aspect that seemed well-intended, but is a departure or breaking of the intertwined aspiration of traveling inside of something that’s inside of one’s self.

So what is traveling inside of yourself? Why is that so important? Because if you’re traveling inside of yourself, the emptiness, for those who have the true emptiness and aren’t trying to continually use this world to make some sort of denseness of something, some sort of dense aspect, or are trying to purport or hold on or to project or sustain or maintain or whatever some dense aspect, if you can be in the stillness without any of that going on, then you go outside of time and space, then whatever is the divine flow comes and passes through you and all of this becomes like a huge motion picture: it changes, and varies, and octaves.

And where you’re at, how you’re at, what timeframe, what sequence, all of it is valuable and in that reason you’re suspended. It’s as if an aspect of spirit has gotten involved to have suspended the limitations of the physical, so that the physical now is there, but doesn’t have you identifying with such denseness that you’re banging into things. In other words, you’re not meant to be an octave of the outer. You’re meant to bring inner into outer, and bringing inner into outer is a change agent of things.

So when the threads were intertwined and going up, this was the hope and possibility. When there was a deviation or breaking off and then there was an overtone coming in of something which then had a whole progressing of things to have to take into account as further overtones and deviations, you were going downhill, you were going to the south again, you were going back into life. And you were, thereby, losing the ability and veiling yourself from the ability to do the important thing that is possible.

In other words, in my dream, one of my image glimpses, I saw that all of this looking at the aspect of the stillness is two, it’s two. In other words, it’s not the most important thing for a human being. The important thing for a human being is to be able to get into the stillness so that one can happen, and one that happens means that you permeate time and space. You are a wholeness that takes in the overall and you’re not limited by the outer conditions of things.

You dreamt some sort of letting go. Your dream portrays an action that has that kind of motion to it where you are letting go of something, and taking on another quality of beingness and all that is associated with that aspect of beingness.

Didn’t that leave you exhausted? Yeah, because that doesn’t feed the heart. What it does is it creates the compulsions that reach out, that project, and that tears you down, that tears you down. That’s interesting to be able to dream that, though.

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