Changing the Story

fre9As a rule, when dream images are moving inside a building they are indicating an internal process. And when a dreamer finds themselves traveling up and down between floors, connections and interactions are being made – because the higher parts of our lives don’t always play out in the lower parts of our lives. And we need them to; it’s important for our journey that they do. Then we can bring them outside the building and into the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, I seem to keep traveling, looking for something, or trying to protect something. And, initially, it just feels like I’ve gone out and maybe gone to might even be a neighbor’s place that’s outdoors, but then it seems like a tricky home to go into and find a place that’s comfortable. I think of that as kind of divided into thirds, like there’s three beds or something like that.

And when I’ve left there, it feels like I’ve gone towards a city, and I’ve gone into an apartment complex, and I’m trying to get up to the right floor, and I want to go into a unit there. When I go into there, it again seems to have three bedrooms, and I have some trouble getting to the floor first, like the elevator goes above the floors, and people who live in that building also have an office they go to and work there.

And as I go above the floor and I seem to be in a very elaborate area with vending machines, but everything very elaborate, and I leave that area and I find my way back to the apartment which seems more simple. But this time when I go in there’s some people there I’ve never seen before, and I have a feeling that I have something small on me, something just a design inside a little piece of paper that has a specific design to it, and there’s a little red dot in there. It’s something that I’m… it’s small that I’m kind of protecting.

And as I look around the apartment unit and the people there, it’s like they’ve set up kind of elaborate little designs on what they have. One person has a very expensive watch, though, that’s dropped off the couch and I return it to him. And he has glass on him from where the watch broke, and I’m kind of trying to take it off really carefully.

But then I notice that when I move away, and I go back to go to that couch, that it’s almost like I have to unzip an envelope of cloth that covers him, kind of got himself sealed into that area in some odd way.

And there’s a time when I leave the building, and I see a lot of the roadway has been washed away. And I go into an area where I’m trying to find a new route. And I see kind of, you know, some of the roadway has been washed away, I see where there’s a route and this very deep green river there, very kind of lush, but lots of rocks because everything’s been washed away. But just when I see a route that I can kind of follow, I see the river come and wash it away. And then the river water’s coming towards me, so I go to the side bank where I get a little wet, but I don’t get swept away.

And then I’m back in the city, and I seem to be pondering inside some kind of dilemma with you have to stay in the city and kind of expand into the kind of spaces they have there, or is there a way to get back to the country and kind of protect something on a much smaller scale? And that seems to be what the issue that I’m trying to look at or resolve.

John: It’s like having two dreams, but they intertwine. And in the first, it starts off with you on a journey inside yourself where you raise up to kind of an upper component or place and, ordinarily, from this place, one would assume that that’s where it would be a reprieve or where that’s kind of like the top or something. But that is just a precursor to the breakthrough that takes you into a place, and all kinds of things open up in this place.

And, as these things open up, you come to understand a different sense of time, and you come to have a different understanding of how space is held together. And, upon getting comfortable with that understanding, you’re then able to come back down into things – and not having to push away or push off from it. You can come back down into things. And that is something that, on a spiritually designed path, would not make sense, but that’s a portrayal of how the unfoldment is meant to be.

And so your dream starts off with a process, that is in keeping with what we’re going through, in which one is having to take on a greater and greater orientation of the wholeness. The dream starts off with that. That’s the process that we’re on, having to take on a greater and greater wholeness, or process, arising into more and more that one can embody.

The dream takes you to a point where you’re at the top and when you’re describing it, it was like being at the top of the bleachers or something, and that above that there was just a barrier. Normally you don’t go beyond that, but in your dream you go beyond that. It’s like you break through into a huge area and, in that area, everything opens up.

And then it’s like the second dream starts in which there is the aspect of a question of what time is, and then there’s the element of something being dislodged in terms of space. And instead of that being a kind of trepidation, it seems to be something that beckons. You develop an acuity then, and aren’t held back by that – as if one side is suddenly different than the other.

And so you see yourself coming back down, back down into life, and so one can come back down into life if one carries a wholeness. It’s technically what a teacher does. A teacher makes the journey and then comes back down, and then in coming back down they can’t take advantage of what they know, so they have to work with other parts of themselves – which are the students, who then find themselves doing things, but essentially being on the same journey that the teacher’s on, the journey that goes into the breakthrough and then comes back down.

So the dilemma that exists in life, in relationship to your dream, is that the story can’t really be changed. In other words, the sense is the story is changed when one takes and learns to embody, and encompass, take on the wholeness of life in a comfortable format, instead of it being too much, or too out of reach, or however.

The impression that that will somehow make a difference is the focus and attention, imagination, that a student would be inclined to have. But your dream is indicating that that causes the breakthrough and, in the breakthrough, there is a whole different understanding and orientation of time and space of which time changes, space can be all over the place in terms of things having any continuity, but because you’ve taken on, then, the orientation, or the wholeness, you’re then able to come back down into life. That’s the only thing that can change the story. That’s the additional inclusive information. That’s something like new.

I always felt it there, because I feel the compelling, too, that one has to make this journey into an inclusiveness that takes on the wholeness, and lets go of the doingness, and continuously finds a deeper and deeper depth and, led to believe out of faith, that this has an important effect upon what is needed.

But, in relationship to your dream, you show that you then come back down into something, into life, and so from what your dream portrays it’s easy to surmise that the other is a precursor, it’s a step, it’s an evolving to an opening up in which one makes the journey to where they can then come back down into life. Or, otherwise, sitting in life, fumbling with the way things are, not having the inclusiveness of one’s being, would be something that you would just be beat up about, that you wouldn’t be a victim to, and not able to transcend.

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