Being Inclusive

1_x cThe nature of being a part of a wholeness, or a oneness, is that the whole of it must be accepted. What we don’t want to accept, or where we resist, are the points in us that need to be let go of – or we will keep ourselves separated. That doesn’t mean we have to “like” everything, because part of what a human being can do as a service to creation is to clean the wholeness, through intention, through example, and energetically. In fact, we are always either cleaning or dirtying our environment energetically. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, we live next door to C and D, but it’s more like they’re Brownstones or something because I seem to climb up some stairs when I go to their unit. And I have a key to their unit and go in and out of it, and then I go other places in the community, too.

And one place I go is to this room where there seems to be a man who teaches people martial arts, and they dress in these old black Chinese costumes. Then I go somewhere where I want to get my laundry done.

In the process of all this, and of coming in and out of C and D’s apartment, I become aware that your brother is having an affair with D, and hiding it. And I also seem to have some laundry that I’ve left at her place, that I want to go get, because I was going to take it to the laundromat. But when I go there, I see that someone else has already removed it. And I come down the street and I see C has the laundry bag, and then he has your brother carrying some laundry. And they’re going to the laundromat so I realize that when they get there they’ll realize they have some of my laundry and they’ll sort it out, or I’ll have to go back to their apartment to sort it out myself.

And then I wonder if C knows about your brother now. I can’t quite sort that out. I go back to the apartment and D is sleeping, so I can’t talk with her about the laundry, so I leave there and I think I go to the martial arts place. No, before I go there I go to a doctor’s office because the doctor has a message for me. And the doctor is somebody I don’t know but I seem familiar with the office as I go in and out of there. I have to wait until they finish some exams, and then I go to a desk, and I never am clear what it is he wants to give to me, but on the desk I think I see a couple things that belong to me, like the laundry had already been done and there were two pieces from the laundry that are there on the desk.

And then when I leave I run into D heading home, but I realized I had just seen a locksmith come from her place and somebody’s changed the locks on her door, and I don’t know if she knows that yet. But I continue on back to the martial arts place, and this time the women practicing the martial arts, they seem to pull me over. It feels like I’m going to have to do some of the form with them, whether I really know it or not, because that’s just what the man who’s directing it has indicated.

So I just go over and do the best I can, and then my focus is on getting home because I still need to get back the pieces of laundry from the laundromat that they had been carrying. That seems to be the whole dream, like it just bounced all over the place.

John: The dream is expansive is what the dream is, and the dream is expansive in the way that it is taking on a more all-inclusive overallness.

In other words, instead of a distance existing, in this way or that way, it is closing all of those barriers. What you have is you have instead of there being a division between us and them, you know it’s like a building in which we have access back and forth, the key to C and D’s place, and that there is an intertwining in terms of the overall wholeness to things.

But the key thread to all of it is the laundry. The laundry is portrayed as something that is the means by which you adopt, or take in, where you accept an overallness. In other words, there’s the expanse that’s occurring, in terms of the images of everything in the current environment, but to properly take all of that in you also have to take in to account the overallness of it.

In other words, maybe the way to say it is that, in a relationship sense, the feminine takes on what is in the matrix of the environment that she’s in. So the environment that you’re suddenly in has this greater wholeness to it, a larger inclusiveness of things, and so that larger inclusiveness of things to be natural, you also have to contend with the laundry of it all.

So what would be triggering a dream like that? Well, you could say, for example, that your perspective in terms of a wholeness is expanded when you have your dad around. And you’re taking a look and seeing how you can handle all of it with a certain poise and balance.

So you might say that dream could have a symbolic effect in terms of tweaking you to then look at something in a greater overallness, instead of the aspect of fear getting in the way which is more of a quality that affects the masculine. It affects the feminine, too, but the theme of your dreaming wasn’t surrounded or involved in the aspect of fear. It was involved in the aspect of letting go in a capacity to take on a greater wholeness.

In other words, you didn’t just take on a greater wholeness because that was suddenly what was in front of you, and so you didn’t just do it obligingly. You did it in every aspect, in other words, as the overallness changed you adapted the changes of what occurred there. And, in this particular case, that was exemplified by how your perspective was in relationship to the laundry. Isn’t that interesting?

You dreamt it in a Kundalini way, the Kundalini on the other side. You didn’t dream it in a Kundalini in terms of the magnetism on this side. Your dream took and hi-graded it more, which is interesting. In other words, you dreamt the feminine principle in its greatest degree, which is a concern for things, or the taking in of a greater wholeness.

The feminine nature that is not very well developed gets into the magnetic thing that has a lot of tension because it’s orientation is so limited to such few things that even though it can have a wonderful appearance of a quality to it, it’s not very inclusive. It’s more defined in its dynamic. So your dream was more in keeping to a principle of consciousness as it unfolds outside of the denseness of limitations.

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