The Right Way of Being

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David Ellis

One of the greatest uplifts that a human can experience is when they do, or people do, the right thing. Whether it’s an act of compassion, or kindness, or not going along with something that is against a person’s principles, that moment resonates in a a life vibrationally. And that’s a vibration that has universal origins, because the universe rewards what is done on behalf of its purposes and design. So when we act in accordance with that, the uplifts are many. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the first meditation dream, I’m in a dire situation kind of scenario in which everyone is going along with it, they’re accepting it. No one would ever consider rocking the boat to something like that. In fact it’s gotten to the point where they don’t even know how. They just endure it.

And so the environment is such that the suffering is pervasive. It’s kind of like the conditions now. Everyone is really kind of suffering over something, but no one knows how to do anything about it. I mean any ideas they have just go in circles.

So the point is reached where it is deemed to be hopeless, in terms of everyone everywhere, hopeless, in other words. This condition has taken hold to such a degree and is so entrenched that no one even thinks of fighting it anywhere.

And then there are two people, and they’re like octaves in myself ,that revolt and it’s kind of a shock because no one ever does that. Society, it’s just kind of like you have to expect and have to accept that society is so beaten down that such a thing is no longer in the ethers, no longer part of one’s way of being. In a collective consciousness way, you’re supposed to just go ahead and accept how it is.

So in seeing such a sacrificial act that is so uncommon, well of course in reacting, taking a position against the status quo of some energetic position that is unheard of, that people just are shocked, it’s a stunning thing. It like puts people in a trance. And the trance ends in the dream I’m not able to tell how long this takes. The world is no longer regarded to be deemed the same.

It just wasn’t an energy that went along with being all dire and beat up, and yet this whole thing, you know now because this dream has progressed itself, and it’s like what I’m now seeing is that whatever this reaction was about changed the world, changed the story of things. The repudiation was such an energetic surprise that, I mean it was just ruled out as a possibility by everybody else, so when it happened its effect just kind of took over. You know, it was just like there was no resistance to it. It had an all pervasive quality in the way that it penetrated the barriers that the outer had set up, that existed in the outer, that was the reflections in the outer that was causing all of this anguish.

So in the next dream, it’s as if we have taken this dream and progressed it forward, and so now that issue is a given. And so now there needs to be some other change that just automatically is part of change – and this is being introduced by the President of the United States as he steps up to hold a public conference. And the reporters that have gathered are all abuzz with the barrage of questions, and their questions are all about what happened in the prior dream, and what that means, where that’s going, whatever. But, you know, that’s already been introduced. That’s already part of life now. Why do you talk about it?

So the President ignores the clamor, because he’s focused upon the next major change that he’s going to be introducing. And no one’s expecting anything like this. They’ve more or less convinced themselves like they’re holding onto the past, and the past is now this change but, because everything keeps unfolding, so they’ve convinced themselves that the past needs to be explained, questioned and whatnot, drilled down, noodled about as if it still doesn’t exist or dictate in a complete capacity or something. But it’s here, it’s done, it’s a done deal.

The President has moved on. The elective consciousness of everything is supposed to have shifted. No more needs to be said in such a regard because that transitioning is complete. So as they clamor in the loudness or restlessness, when the President steps to the mic to say something he generally has to wait for all the clapping and the cheering and the commotion to quiet down.

But this time he just doesn’t wait. He starts his talk to introduce the reason he called the press conference, and what he’s doing is he’s introducing another aspect in the changing story. He starts out saying, as part of the next motif, he starts off saying that this is going to be about the FTC, and the FTC stands for the Federal Trade Commission.

Everyone’s stunned. Nobody even guessed that such a subject could come up, and what’s there to say about that? They’re like completely off guard, and unprepared, and all they can do is try to see what this is about. So the President introduces the change that is now to be taken in pervasively in this area, and it’s such a surprise shift that not only did no one see it coming, but it is easily implemented. There’s no resistance to it. In other words, there’s no opinion about it. I mean it was kind of like such a surprise. Whenever there’s an opinion about things it makes things awkward. So he just presents it, and there’s no opposition to it, and so this becomes the next big thing to sweep through society and change the way things are in terms of going towards the greater need that is required.

The significance is that in each dream, and instance, the reason this change worked, in other words it didn’t get into confliction and whatnot, is because deep down the heart of the world, as carried in the way human beings everywhere embrace something in terms of their breath or fresh air to their heart, it made sense. In other words, it resonated. They may not have looked at it with their mind in which they would have had issues, because people when they think about things always oppose things, and no one likes change, but in this particular case it was something that came in as kind of a heart quality.

So what this means is that there was a knowingness, that what was happening was a right kind of thing even though they never thought of it before. But opposition to such change just evaporated instantaneously because it resonated, it made sense. What was there to question about something when it’s obvious? And because there’s this complete letting go, the story changed overnight.

It’s how it is when a person lets themselves just listen, and listen with their heart, and the feminine is more capable of doing it than the masculine, the feminine always knows whether something is right, even if it isn’t something that she could repeat, or is able to tell, and acknowledge or recognize ordinarily. But she can tell by the way it feels in the body whether something is right – and that was kind of like how this was.

Both of these things that came about, they just felt right because the alternative of the suffering and everything else that existed was something that rubbed the heart wrong, and this just was a shift into a space that left everything free, and open, and balanced, and in flow again – and it could be noted. You didn’t have to understand it. All you had to do was know that this was the right way of being – and you took it in.

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