The Other Direction

white-arrow-direction1If we believe that we are in changing times, with new energies making the shift, it makes sense to consider that new times might require that we process things differently. Normally we observe the world, we have an inner process about it, and then we react, or respond to it. We do this all day long. But the conscious way is to extend ourselves out, energetically, to become sensitized to the connections we have to everything. In that way we can understand the responsibility we have toward others for what we think and do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The reason why it’s hard to remember dreams is that the perspective has shifted.

In other words, for the longest, longest, longest time a person is inclined to see themselves in terms of how they understand another person. In other words, you’re always looking out to try to figure out what’s going on, like you’re looking and saying, okay, well this is what’s going on with your dad and whatnot, and whatever you see going on with your dad, that rubs off and affects you.

And so you act almost in a self-conscious way, in a personal way, you know, as you have to take that into account. And when you function like that, that takes away your light, that takes away the connection in terms of consciousness, light being a form of carrying information that is a consciousness.

And how we’ve been dreaming so far is we’ve been seeing something building, in other words not quite able to say this other directly yet because we’ve been seeing it in bits and pieces, and now all of a sudden you’ve got to quit seeing what I just described. You’ve got to quit having to see it that way because, by seeing it that way, you’re keeping it in the personal. And it’s as if something has shifted, and by continuing to see it that way it causes you then to lose the ability to hold onto the meaningfulness of what’s going on.

Before when you saw it that way, you had shadow dynamics and stuff like that, that helped facilitate your ability to kind of get it the way you’re supposed to get it. And of course you came to understand that you are everything in a dream, and by you being everything, or I should say everything in the dream being you and you being everything in the dream, that being who you really are, in other words, it’s all included inside, by you getting it, by you coming to get it that way, then you open up the aliveness.

But when you look again and project it out as to what’s going on in the outer, what’s going on in terms of some event in the outer, and you’re trying to perceive and make sense out of it from the outer, to bring that back to an independent you, you know, a separate you, then you kill the light. So your light intensifies when you come to see yourself in another person. In other words, the “die before you die” has to do with being able to see yourself in another person. If you’re continually going around seeing yourself in yourself, or seeing what’s going on outwardly and bringing it back and relating it to yourself as if that’s giving you clues or hints to understand something, and you go unconsciously that way, that’s the feeling of seeking, that’s the feeling of seeking, that’s the feeling of reaching out as if that causes the consciousness to grow.

What causes the consciousness to grow is you being able to, for example, see others as being inside of you. I didn’t quite say that right. In other words, another person doesn’t see themselves separately. They come to see themselves by seeing what’s inside of them in terms of someone else. So, you come to understand things in terms of how your dad sees himself inside of you, and your dad understands you in terms of how you see yourself inside of him.

This is so hard to say. In other words, it’s so easy to keep repeating it in the opposite direction. It’s so hard to flip it, to twist it and go the other direction. It’s so hard to say it in the other direction because in manifestation we do the same thing over and over and over again. We take and we look out and we see what’s going on around us, and we adjust ourselves accordingly. And when we do that we’re taking then what clarity we have inside, we’re throwing it out into the outer, and we’re killing the light by doing it that way.

We’ve got to flip that around, and go the other way around. We have to go outside of ourselves in terms of us being just an empty vessel that has a consciousness. It’s almost like trying to spin your fingers in two directions simultaneously. You can’t do that. And yet, somehow or another, you have to do that, and that’s what heightens consciousness. Anyway, I’m having trouble saying it. This is what makes it difficult to dream, is we have to figure out how to do this now.

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