The Story of Self

Top-10-eWe are born into this world for a purpose, and that purpose has to do with the capabilities of our human design. Yet before we have a chance to awaken to that potential, we are educated to be a part of the culture. We are not designed to fit in here, on planet Earth, we are born here to learn how to fit into the universe. So, for ourselves and others, we make our spiritual journey as an example of the true possibility for a human life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I’m continuing to have trouble pulling out my dreams, but I seem to be more alert in them, so that at least I’m pulling out a scene or two.

I know that my dream when I woke up about 2:00 in the morning, I was at an airport. I almost feel like I’m a criminal or someone in this dream, and I’m on a plane on the tarmac. And there are people going back and forth, like between the plane and the airport, and going into the airport.

But it’s like I’m trying to do something to either distract, or blind, or get by authorities to get in the airport with a certain amount of energy, or a certain amount of something, but it’s like I have to do some kind of hoodwinking to do that. But it’s working with energy lines in a way when you do that, so that I can get in the airport and have more time as well.

And I’m trying to pull that off, and I’m not sure I do. But I’m trying.

John: The theme of the dreaming has to do with what is intended, or meant, to evolve or to come through, in terms of an awareness, a consciousness, that you’re able to have in life – or in manifestation.

How you’re to have that is not directed or explained in the dream. Instead, what the dream is just doing is looking at the amnesic condition. And I guess that kind of is interesting in terms of that being a good way for the feminine to function in terms of the overall. The masculine is always going to have to try to figure out the details of it, but for the feminine, you just are trying to figure out how to cover this overall space

And so in the dream, you’re seeing the distance, or what is involved to switch, or the changes, the adjustments that you have to make in order to be able to bring that across into the present, to go from the plane or tarmac into where everybody is at. In other words, how do you make that anew?

For you it’s about that transition. It’s kind of like saying that you’ve come here, meaning the plane, or whatever the quality is, like a soul coming down and taking on a physical body. I mean when you come here you’re kind of aloof or removed yet because you haven’t figured out how to intertwine, or to blend, or how to be.

The reason why the dream is saying it that way is that if you take and come from the tarmac to where they’re at, and figure out how to be in relationship to how they are, to adjust according to how they are, which is what everybody is trying to do, that that’s not quite right. Instead you have to come across in such a way so that how they all are… you’ve invisiblized yourself, but the activity and presence that they have is still somehow or another quickened, or enlivened, because you’re able to take it in to the heart.

In other words, you don’t take and go across from the tarmac to where they’re at having to figure out where they’re all coming from. In the dream you are recognizing that this is going to be awkward for you to come off the tarmac and have to make the accommodations and adjustments to relate to those who are inside the building. That means you’re going to have to have a certain persona, you’re going to have to have a certain demeanor, you’re going to have to make that work in relationship to how everybody else is. In other words, you’ve got to come down to their conditionality, their collective mannerism, so that you are able to be an acceptable component in that conditioned mannerism.

What the dream is saying is that the way you do that is you, instead of getting into the indulgence, of how you have to shift or change to bring that across, which means that involves having to play in a world of duality and see what is different over there so that you can then comport, instead you hold that empty space that you’re meant to have. In other words, your soul yet hasn’t taken in the conditions of the place. You are to hold that virginity, or that divinity, of yourself because you haven’t gone to the effort to incorporate or intertwine yourself with them and then therefore it be acceptable in the eyes of them.

Instead what you’ve figured out how to do is hold a quality, or to carry a quality, of emptiness in terms of yourself so that as you come into the hall you are natural to how they are. In other words, you’re natural to the higher self of their own being, and you’re natural to the higher self of the beingness of all that there is because you’re not there, and therefore they can be inside of you. In other words, they can see themselves better. You become a person by which others are able to see something.

Now you’re not the type of person that thinks that others can see by virtue of what it is, how it is, that you have to be. No, you don’t exist in that sense. The whole game of life is about something needing to see itself, and so it has to see itself in manifestation. Well it can’t see itself in manifestation if the manifestation goes around sucking it up and acting like a big shot. For something to be able to see itself in manifestation it has to become empty. It has to die before it dies. It has to take itself out of the equation to quit the dialogue, the internal dialogue, to stop the story of self.

And then everything else that’s going on, that still has the story of self or this, that, or the other, can get glimpses when it needs to, as it needs to, as it’s capable of doing, as it is in the progression to the emptiness, it can get that because you’re not pushing off, you’re not creating barriers. And so it can actually partake a bit of the essence, and it does that by being in your heart, and your heart can take on all that there is.

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