Raw Energy

e334r2When things are young, they’re not fully conscious, they’re not completely coordinated, and they’re not fully in control of themselves. This runs through all of life, and it is equally true for new aspects within us that are recently connected to or awakened. There will be an awkward phase as we make adjustments to the “new addition” in our lives. Children or young people in dreams speak about a new life or growth in the dreamer, and it requires patience and nurturing to gain its strength.

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Jeane: I just remember some of the dream I was having as I woke up, and in this there’s a little kid, like a toddler, he’s still a baby. He has something going on. He’s kind of a rascally kid, too, but I seem to be able to establish a rapport with him and I’ve taken him to the hospital.

And this nurse and I, it feels like we’ve finally gotten him to release, maybe I used a little hypnosis to do it, too, or talking to him or something. After that happens, then it feels like he has this big release in his diaper, which is what needed to happen, so we get him cleaned up. But now because all of that’s released he has to go home.

Now she and I have some reservations. It’s not like he’s going back to the best of homes. But I realize I can’t keep him, even though he’d want to stay with me, but the best I can think to do is to take this really long route back home. And I take the nurse and him with me, and it’s kind of a fun drive where you get to go around a way, and down a way, and at first she thinks I’m not even taking him home. And I said, “No, this is just… I know his father actually lives somewhere near the end of this route.” Because I realize I can’t actually keep him, and maybe if he’s just having fun with the process it won’t be such a jolt to go back into the home. It’s like the best I can figure out to do.

John: That’s actually a very deep dream. It starts off with the raw side, you know that there’s something about this 1-year-old or whatever that’s going to be a bit of a handful to handle. And it’s just the way he’s designed, and you have to let go to that and what he does is just part of the flow. It’s not like he is doing this consciously, even.

In other words, it’s just part of him being how he needs to be, and you can’t cringe over that. You have to accept that. You have to accept both the raw energy part of him, as well as the part that as you could say is sick or unconscious. And you would like it to be better, you would like everything to be fixed, but all in good time.

In other words, it’s like you may feel that things should be better, and would like to make things better, but you can’t impose this in some sort of expedient way. It’s going to take time, so you have to accept the fact that you have to be patient and maybe drag this thing out over an extended period of time. It’s a little frustrating that it has to be that way because you would like to shake this loose, and shake this free, more quickly, more abruptly, but you kind of know that if you do try to do it too abruptly, that it’s not allowed, it won’t work that way, it’ll cause another problem to happen, it will break the connection – as feeble as it is – that you have, so you go at this very slowly and very gradually in terms of a process.

This is a dream that’s telling the story of yourself. It’s explaining where you’re at, and how you need to relate and be, in relationship to yourself. In other words, you have a certain nature, a raw energy nature, that is actually even in a way kind of cute and humorous. You’re not really responsible for having to be that way. You’re one year old. I mean, you know, who could say that you are to be blamed for being how it is that you are. And then along with that you’ve come in with your inherited illness that causes all of this sort of stuff that you do unconsciously. Who can blame you for that?

All that can happen is that there is the recognition that this can awaken, that you can awaken, and that there is an intent from some place deep inside for this to happen and, yes, there can be some impatience in terms of this, and if it is too overt or too direct it’s going to be too much for you. It’s going to tear something down. So it doesn’t want that to happen, a catastrophe or a break where there’s a disconnect. It has to go at this thing with a lot of carefulness and graciousness, not quickly, extending it out over a period of time, being able to spend time that way knowing that this isn’t getting the job done in the expedient way that it would like to get it done, but it’s as good as it gets.

That’s an interesting dream, isn’t it? Isn’t that a deep dream? It’s not a dream that says, okay, this is how I see myself. It’s kind of a dream that’s like, this is how I’m seen somewhere in terms of like a higher being of self, of which the part of you that’s in life has a lot to shake out yet.

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