In Negotiation

69-alphaNegotiation is a huge part of our daily interaction – with others and with ourselves. And that implies that we have an outcome in mind, or can foresee the direction that we want things to go. And we are always trying to turn things in our favor – to make them more to our liking. But, of course, the universe doesn’t work that way, and letting go doesn’t work that way, and being in the flow is not that way. So negotiation is a sign that we are not letting go to the flow of the universe – we still have resistance to where it is going. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the dream that I remember I’m going to be flying to England, but I have to take a bus to the airport. It feels like there’s different buses that run at different times, so I take an early bus but I take that bus because I want to stop along the way and do some things.

So when the bus is stopped, and maybe other people are having lunch, I go out and I know that there’s a Native American store in this little place where it stops. Maybe I want to go there and get a feather or something. But the difficulty I have is the timing. If I go and go to the store, then maybe the people will leave on the bus, so I might have to get somebody to watch my bag, or take it, or something because I really want to do that, but then will I get the timing to catch the bus again? Or will I have to find a later bus that will be coming by and going to the airport, too?

So it feels like I’m struggling with working out the timing but it seems important to me to make that stop to go to the Native American store or gallery or whatever it was. I think I wanted a feather.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re working on the pace, in other words, the degree to which something goes faster or slower.

In an emptiness it just is, but when there’s still kind of a signature note or presence about one’s self, then there are differentiations. And the differentiations grab your attention so that it’s like a type of negotiating, you know, where you’re trying to identify this a little, in relationship to that. And this is a dilemma in the expansion/contraction energies because in expansion/contraction energy there is the predominate sensation of there being a pace and, therefore, a quality of time.

And if you’re able to let go of the need to direct or steer something, you know, which comes about as a consequence of being and having to always sift with expansion and contraction, as opposed to just letting go of all gravity of things, and being in the stillness or empty space of it all, but as long as there still is that aspect that’s going on inside of one’s self, you’re constantly having to contend with the differentiations.

And the contending with that involves having to get the dynamic down according to your predilection, which is a type of negotiating. And so you’re always dealing then with time and speed as defining forces in which you’re identifying things.

Timing and speed actually kind of work different in terms of sensation. People who are more concerned about timing tend to be more involved in some definitional attachment of themselves that’s louder. And a person who is contending with speed is actually taking a bit more of a step in terms of trying to let go of the involvement of things. In other words, they are learning how to recognize the distinctions because different levels of speed affect different levels of sight. And you’re coming to note the difference as this being more of a quality towards opening up.

So when you’re contending with time, and especially when you’re contending with it from the standpoint that you’re constantly making decisions in relationship to definitions that has to do with what you feel is important or that you have to do, those decisions that take you from being able to hear, or to go still, or to stop is, in one way of looking at consciousness, would be considered as a kind of traveling away from God.

And the working with elements of speed, in which you’re coming to notice the distinctions of things and how different flows affect how you sensate, or feel, about things in terms of sight and perception is more in the genre of traveling towards God. But both of those, both of those, are still elements that are outside of the stillness. See, that’s an interesting dream. See, that’s a dream that shows what you’re working on.

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