An Accommodating Force

ima2652gesIt is, perhaps, more apparent at this time of year how we change ourselves when we are with others. We all do it to one degree or another. But it makes for an interesting process to be more conscious of it in ourselves, because the nature of a spiritual journey is to become someone, and something, of our own choosing and intention, and to build an assembly in ourselves that is not swayed by the world, but rather brings higher energy into the environments we find ourselves in – as a service to the universe. It is our consistency that allows higher things to anchor to our lives, and it is that that provides true change in us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This is a hard dream to pull out in a way because it feels like I’m in a setting where there’s a number of people around, but I’ve gone aside and I’m observing a man. Somehow this man has done something where he knows how to gather up energy and shift things in a situation, almost like levitating the energy. He’s doing something with the energy that he’s taken from the whole room.

It’s not like he’s stealing energy, but he knows how to gather up energy and push it up in some way – and I’ve observed him doing this. He’s even said something to me about it, but then I go apart from him and, unknown to him, I figure out how to do it on my own. And, at some point, I come to him and I reveal what I’ve learned how to do, and he’s a little bit either shocked or surprised that I’ve figured out how to do this.

But then he takes me to another situation. It seems to me like we had to go by boat, and in this situation it’s almost like you have to use this ability to counter other forces which are up above. And I almost feel like he doesn’t expect me to succeed at this because it’s not like I was really trained in how to do this. I had figured it out on my own.

And I can’t figure out if these other forces are kind of trying to defeat me, or if I’m strengthening, or if it’s a way that they want to discourage me from doing this. It’s a part of the dream that’s unclear to me what’s going on at that point. It’s like I’m going out and I’m having to try to counter, or even being subjected to some kind of force – or is he actually trying to enlist me in overcoming something that’s been suppressing things? That’s what’s unclear to me, because I can’t really get a lot of the visual images that well.

John: Yeah, it seems to be the dilemma right now, is that there are things that are happening in the environment around us that seem okay, in terms of the appearance, but they are actually tearing something down by the way they are. And it’s not like you can blame them for being like that; they can’t help but to be like that, but when you’re around that and you adapt yourself in accordance with that, what you tend to do is get pulled down by that. You get dulled or infected by that.

Now what’s causing this to happen, the tendency is to look at what there is and put it on a pedestal. In other words, see it for how it can be more than what it is. In other words, give it more credit than credit is due, and when you do that, and that’s inappropriate, then that takes and impacts the way you’re able to feel yourself because you get lost in this other.

This is a peculiar, strange, in-between state because you’re still carrying something about yourself, but you’re not carrying it so strong that you are shielded from things outside of yourself. And you haven’t let go of it enough so that the things outside of yourself can just be that way, be how they are, and thus you’re not affected, thus you don’t exist.

The dilemma is in trying to hold on and be an accommodating force yourself. You’re being yourself in relationship to all of that, and so you’re affected by that. Everybody in their way, and they all go up to a particular point, and then they go flat. They don’t have something that consistently flows because the illusion, or personality, or mannerism that they carry, that isn’t what it’s about. That’s just a persona or something that they put on.

Now what happens is you look at that personality and you can tend to see through it. You may not realize how you see through it, but you tend to see something more to it. But that doesn’t mean they see something more in terms of themselves. They don’t. They’re just coping with what lies right in front of them.

You might as well assume that the steps upon which that they are coping and carrying on, they’re stuck in those steps. The progress that they make in those regards is very, very minor. But the dilemma is, if you have a human nature that tends to look at what’s going on, so to speak, how they push the energy, the energetic and such, and so you’re actually relating to them in a way that’s more on the other side, more in terms of a greater quality of their being, in which they can do a certain magic, or do certain things, because they have an understanding of this other quality or side of themselves, if you’re looking and relating to that, but they’re not, then you’re going to get pulled down.

Because your ability to relate to that has to do with, as a general rule, you looking at yourself and then you’re looking at yourself in relationship to, like in your case, like a container energy or something in relationship to that. And you can’t function trying to hold something in place that’s an illusion, so you have to function by trying to hold in place something that you see as a higher self, or that which is real.

Well the degree to which you’re functioning by relating to people in terms of how it is that they are, and the manner in which they are, you’re relating to them through your personality, to the degree to which you have your way of being perceived and understood as a personality – and that tears you down because that’s not what life is about. You don’t relate that way. You learn to relate to a person in terms of how they are, or where they’re able to be.

Now what happens is there comes a time when you have a sight where you can see something that has a higher potentiality, and you cannot help but defer to the higher potentiality. Now what’s happened there is you have this quality that’s awakening and emerging inside of yourself, and then you come and you relate to somebody and there is this development inside of yourself that’s got a – and we all have it, this is where everybody gets duped – it’s like there’s a race of energy or rush of energy. How do you contain and hold onto that energy so you don’t just dissipate it in a flash?

So what happens is the pattern that keeps repeating is, let’s say if you have good empathic skills, you kind of tend to adopt the perspective of the other person. And you can even get yourself somewhat lost in that, in terms of holding that perspective, I mean shape-shifting even, to coordinate that perspective, or to work with that perspective to make a flow happen that wouldn’t happen otherwise because that person is carrying some certain heavy nuances that get in the way.

It’s what a teacher does. A teacher takes and adopts, or takes over, or takes on a trait of a particular student and with that relieved they then float better. They then can have better insights. They then can take on something and be filled. That’s how the teaching process kind of works.

Now what happens if you find yourself doing that, and you’re doing it around people that are stuck, that are set, that when they fall back on their own devices, and their own ways, they fall back onto a pattern and a habituation that’s all choked off again. And you have gotten yourself overly indulged in their personal nature, or well being, and you get pulled down, too.

See, the thing is this is, where you get the mixed signals because you know that everything is connected, everything is a oneness, and whatever is going on with someone else you can kind of understand. You come from an energy that can take and grasp that, that can speed up into that, and therefore you can alleviate something by your presence.

But, at the same time, you’re having to absorb like a vacuum cleaner how it is that they are. You don’t notice necessarily that you’re doing that. You’re kind of glad to meet them and you’re okay with doing that because you have this reservoir of energy that you’ve developed on an inner level of yourself, so to speak the other side, the higher-self of your being, and so you’re able to float with that.

That’s why the essence of a consciousness exists best in a silence, in a quietness, in a place that holds itself in a way so that those that it meets don’t find reason to have to sort something out in relationship to you because everyone is lost, they’re all scattered, and they’re doing their best to try to put things together, and they’re doing their best to try to be comfortable in their own skin. And to the degree to which they’re not able to do that you, if you get too close, have to contend with those reverberations.

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Creating a Contrast

rubik-fig9In this dream imagery we have a wonderful example of how the unconscious uses things we know from everyday life to tell us a story. And in this story we have an effort to make coffee – to release something from its confined state. And we have cats and dogs with their different natures, and we have water and milk with their different natures. And each of these elements holds a certain energetic essence that we can understand and relate to, which is how all dream images are used in the effort of our higher systems to speak to us in ways that we already understand. In fact, each person dreams in their own vocabulary of references and meanings. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a dream in which I seem to be working in a somewhat confined, felt almost like underground, space, or at least a confined space with other people. It felt like there was an overseer somewhere.

It’s like we were assembling all the ingredients for something. It might have been something as simple as coffee, but we only had the dry ingredients. And there would be times when we would try to introduce a wet ingredient, but milk didn’t work. And if cats came around the whole process didn’t work at all.

But if dogs came around, it didn’t seem to make a difference. But mainly there were two things I was doing, one was I was trying to find a way we could assemble and introduce at some point a wet ingredient, and that was just not getting it right yet, although if you had a wet ingredient water was going to work better than milk at this point in time.

And the other thing that seemed to be going on is, on another level, I seemed to be searching for someone that I used to know. It was a woman that had actually been in a relationship with another woman I knew, and I could find the one woman, but I couldn’t locate what had happened to her friend.

So I was just struggling to try to get the whole process to work at all, once you introduced the final ingredients, or something, or how you could do that. And so it was like the two themes kind of got intertwined. But that was about all I could remember from it.

John: Well, what’s striking here is, cats didn’t work in the scenario because cats are precocious, and dogs are considered the friend. In other words, the dog takes and relates to what you want or need as your friend. It supports you. But cats are precocious; you have to win them over.

And water works better than milk. Water again is more general. Milk is more specific. Water is colorless. Has a more translucent, colorless quality to it. Milk has a distinction in which there’s an effect. Milk is often associated with a type of purity effect, but it’s a designed purity effect. Water doesn’t have any of that to it. It leaves everything as is. It’s more of an invisible overallness.

So you kind of have to figure out how those two uses of energy apply. A cat that is precocious is more raw energy than a dog that subordinates, and is your friend, and goes along with however it is that it’s trained to be. A cat, you can’t abuse a cat or it’ll go wild, more raw energy.

And milk, in relationship to water, milk I suppose can be a belief, or spiritual quality, when water leaves everything in its overallness. It doesn’t try to distinguish or anything. So water works better than milk, and dogs work better than cats.

And so this is all done in relationship to trying to jumpstart yourself, in other words, to try to heighten something, to speed something up. And so you’re not yet able to figure out how to make it fluid, so you’re settling with just trying to get the components together for something that can then take a step forward or be speeded up.

And, energetically, you’re looking at a conduciveness, so the conduciveness you’re looking at you’re not able to get it to flow. It’s almost like you know part of it, but you’re still sorting out the other part. In other words, in my opinion, I think you’re right that water works better than milk because water is neutral, and something that’s neutral doesn’t go off and perhaps go into any kind of tangential way, even if that tangential way leads to a greater purity or something, it leaves everything alone. It’s neutral.

And when it comes to speeding something up, you have to have a neutral approach or otherwise you’re going to disturb. You have to be very neutral in your nature or you’ll disturb, you’ll impose. But when it comes to cats and dogs, yes, you can be friendly, but you can also be precocious. If you’re friendly you can make yourself more acceptable and you can get closer to the situation, but do you limit yourself in some way by doing that?

And yet a cat can’t get necessarily closer to the situation unless it’s on its own terms. It is a raw energy that has to be pacified. That’s a tougher call because, in the short run, the friendly energy works better. It leads to more openness and helps facilitate the free flow. However, the cat energy is an interesting energy in that it is actually more contractive because it is pushing off, and yet when it is able to let go it has a more soothing, rather than obedient, effect upon things. It can have a more soothing effect. It purrs and everything. It gets into a nice lilt.

A dog always stays at a point of attention in a subservient way. A cat, when it’s in its raw energy state, is more precocious, and then when it chooses to intertwine it can let go and go into this interesting purring state that’s very, very soothing. So in the long run if you can work with the raw energy, the cat energy, you can accomplish more.

And so what you’re trying to do is you’re working with this in terms of the schematic of speeding something up – in order to see. So you’re using the comparison between a cat and a dog and water and milk. Now water’s more important to the overall, for coffee, and for releasing what’s necessary to be released, for purposes of something working as an aspect that speeds things up. And if you’re just doing this in a literal way, you can do it faster with dog energy, with friendly energy. But if you’re trying to do this to a greater depth, and you’re trying to have a greater depth with it you would need more of the cat energy, the raw energy that gets to a purring which reaches the soothing quality state.

So in the long run it’s better if this opens up before it seals, or becomes effectuated, in your nature. It’s better if you can open up to the cat energy in the process, along with the water. In the short run, for expediency purposes, the other works and the cat energy and the water can appear to oppose each other, initially. In the long run however this leads to something that’s a better end result.

Well, you’re not there with that better end result, and there is something about the friendliness of the dog that must bother you in some capacity because you’re not doing it. You’re still trying to figure out the best way of doing it. A cat energy is going to enjoy a dark area better than a dog energy. Yes, you would need the dog energy to try to get close enough, to create a friendly enough atmosphere, to figure out what the components needed to be to be put together.

But in terms of the actual release of the energy, of the qualities of something that speeded something up and can facilitate a greater seeing, the cat energy would then come into play. You would have to use both. So that means in terms of the water you’d have to actually use both, too, because the milk’s going to be important in the end, like a cream, to finish the coffee.

So you’re going to need water to begin with, you’re going to need dog energy to begin with, but then for the depth you’re going to need the cat and the milk. And in terms of the expediency of something, if you try to do it with just dog and water you can only go to a certain depth, to a certain point. To go to a greater depth you need to utilize the milk and the cat.

Some part of you knows that, or you wouldn’t have created that contrast to try to unfold. You created that contrast in order to better understand an intertwining – because everything is correlated, and when you live in a dense outer world you tend to look at this looking like that, and that looking like that, and you don’t necessarily see the correlations. And therefore you keep things distinct, and then as part of a process of an energetic release that is all pervasive in things, it has to be an energetic that’s composed out of everything in the environment. It can’t be an energetic that goes back and forth.

And, of course, there are qualities of things like the milk that gets ingested and turned into a product, a byproduct of all of that, which has healing capacities, nurturing capacities. In other words, you have to work with all of the components, some that are just generic like water, and then others that are refined like milk.

And a human being needs to find acceptance in order to function, which is a dog energy, but comes to realize that there is something so much more that can be found in a more soothing way, even though it may not look like it, when you work with the precociousness of a raw energy like a cat. So you’re sorting out animal energy, which is an interesting feature of the feminine nature.

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A Loud “No”

Stuck5We can find ourselves in a flow, but when we come upon others who are fixed in their ways, we can be thrown off balance and out of our flow. And it’s an important challenge because, unless we hide on a mountain top, we will always be around people and situations that can stifle our ability to be in, or stay in, a flow. In fact, if we can learn to maintain our inner location, we might just enable what is stuck, that is around us, to find its flow again. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I don’t remember any of my dreams, except one I had real early this morning. In that dream, there’s some people that have come over to the house where I’m staying. It’s a house that has a yard and a special area behind it that’s outdoors, it’s pretty.

And one of the people that had visited us is a wizard of some kind, and at first it seemed okay, and maybe we even went and saw what his house looked like. But then when I came back home he had sent a little gift over. And we look in the box, myself and whoever’s with me, and we realize that really he’s enchanted this box, that’s different gifts.

And whatever it is I open it up, and it’s like we’re really kind of angry about it. I pick up a couple of things in the box. There’s two tiny water nymphs. They’re only about like an inch high, but they’re water nymphs and I take them and I put them in the water. And there were two other little beings that are almost like little fairies or something, and I let them go.

But anything else in the box, because the wizard had contaminated it, we just stomped and tossed away, even if we were uncertain about it, because whatever his energy was you didn’t want it in your area. We just tossed it all down at little place. So that was all I dreamt.

John: What we had to go through yesterday was something that tends to cover up a flow. In other words, we were dealing with projections, spell projections. I mean that’s the way I would say it in kind of a blunt, attitudinal way.

And so what you dreamt was, you had a box right? And the contents or whatever was in the box… A box is a box right? You don’t want to get into the contents of the box.

In other words, you have your subtle access that normally enables you to break outside of your container, in other words, able to take on the box of things, and the boxiness of things in the outer. And so you’re in process of trying to untangle that.

But the dilemma you have is at this point in time as you look around you don’t want anything that you’re going to find. When you get to a point that’s like that, in terms of how it is that you’re affected by things in the outer, it is kind of a disease oriented mood or tone or something. And so your higher nature has to break through all of that.

And the problem with something like that is it can destroy your ability to dream, because the loudness of the boxiness, of the denseness of something, even though you have your subtle water nymphs and such that are part of your overall nature. In other words, you have developed a degree of conscious dexterity that works under ordinary circumstances. Now you’re suddenly under a set of circumstances in which there is this problem that’s in the way, that undermines.

And when it undermines, I’ll explain to you what this does, what the energy is doing, that causes you to not be able to hold, or catch, or sustain a flow anymore, a flow that just goes and goes and goes to who knows what depth, is that the “no” is being shouted so loudly around you. It’s the denial, the no, the strong attempt to hold on, that’s being shouted so loudly.

it really tears something down when you can’t have a dialogue. And so what you have to do is you have to cause it to shift. Well the effort of doing that over and over and over again tears you down, and you need that Kundalini force energy not to be doing stuff like that, but for traveling inside to depths inside yourself.

What’s interesting is yesterday was a good day to get an example of all of the ways in which a person gets too speeded up, or gets something or another, and the whole thing gets goofy.

And so the whole point is I’m mentioning this only to point out that what this does is it puts a spell, so to speak, a vibrational spell into the ethers of the environment that one lives in, so that the fluidity and the dexterity and the motion of one’s inner being, and the awakening that one is experiencing, and the way that one is rolling and rolling in the energetic of a motion, gets stifled. And when it gets stifled all those attempts to smack, and to smack, and to smack, and to smack – you’re dulling yourself.

And so then when you’re trying to meditate or are asleep, this stuff is still noodling. It’s noodling. It’s noodling. In other words, it’s like standing at a plate and you’ve swung and you’ve missed, and you swung and you missed, like in baseball, and you swung and you missed. You know at some point in time it rubs off on you. It tears you down, and that’s what is the scenario that we’re in.

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