A Greater Vista

ima0222gesIn this imagery we have quite a few major symbols, such as making jewelry, finding keys, having an attraction to another person, and an airplane. And in following the dream analysis it shows beautifully how all those elements are strung together by the unconscious to show an inner process. In other words, these symbols are not speaking of a love interest in real life, or of a new craft project. It is an inner unfoldment of awakening, and when the personal responsibility is taken, the new key in this case, new possibilities open up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my dream, I’m a young woman who, when I first see myself in the dream I’m at some kind of an event with a guy and several other people looking at some jewelry pieces because I make jewelry. And these are gemstones and stuff that I collect.

It’s like I’m just starting out. There’s a man I’m with that I’m somewhat interested in, and I live in a community of people that make jewelry, but there’s one woman in particular that’s really good at it and she has a key to the door of the residence where we all live. There’s some kind of complicated system where we have to wait for her because she’s the only one with a key to the door, or she does something with the key where we can locate it, except that no one can locate the key right now.

The next scene I see, somehow I’ve located my own key to the door. It’s the primary key to the front door, and then I have a secondary key, and in the process of finding my own key to the door I’ve also begun my own collection of precious stones and jewelry, and some pieces that I’ve made. And much more than I would’ve collected if I had just relied on her to always have the key to the front door.

And I’m kind of excited to show this to this man that I’m interested in who’s coming over, that was in the first scene, and when I run into some roommates at the door they’re upset with me that I have a key and I didn’t go with the old system where everyone waited for her to show up, or for her to show us where the key was.

Meanwhile I’m kind of interested in a date with the man, and I know they don’t like it that I found my own key, but that’s just kind of how it was as far as I’m concerned. It means I’ve got this whole jewelry collection now. I’m rather excited to show him, and then when she comes I show her my collection, and there’s one piece I had made that was a little bit too elaborate and large but she shows me that I can actually trim it down, and just take like a third or a half of it, and I’ve got a really interesting kind of piece that’s been woven with beads and precious stones. And she’s fine that I had figured out how to get a key because it led to me having this collection.

Plus now the gentleman comes that I’m interested in and he’s going to spend the night with me, and I take him into a room, but my room has this window that just looks out on this wonderful scene. I mean the whole wall is a window and it looks out, and there’s kind of water and trees and lush greenery and sky, and the bed goes right up against the window.

I take him over to the bed, but then I look up and some guys I know have come on some kind of an aircraft or whatever that’s parked right outside the window, and they’re doing some kind of pantomime. I don’t know what they’re trying to show, but they’re trying to show something, and I think that’s at the point that the woman teacher had shown up and we went aside into the other room for a moment and she’d show me how to cut back the jewelry.

And then I go back out to the room with the bed, and the guys in the craft are going to fly away now, and I feel like I can go to bed then with the man that I had met in the first scene. I think that was the whole dream. There may have been something I left out, but I’ll see if I can recall it.

John: The basic theme is that your nature, or something that’s part of your general makeup, is involved with a process of shaping something in life. However, you are inclined to recognize that this is done in a… in other words, you’re not shaking it out in full responsibility. You’re going along recognizing or acknowledging yourself to be part of a group process unfoldment, in which the energy is slowed down in that there’s a type of dependency that exists in terms of reliance on something in which there is an otherness that’s showing you and guiding you.

The dream progresses to where this has to become something that you recognize for yourself, in other words, not dependent upon going through the motions of following the guidance of something else, someone else. And when you recognize it for yourself, it’s like having the key then to a clarity that is a naturalness in your nature, that you’re inclined to only take on in a supportive way rather than in a direct way.

So when you become more direct in terms of what you are able and meant to design, and shape, you jar the energetic ethers in that you are no longer able to be seen in a subservient capacity. The dynamic behind that furthers a type of insightfulness that enables you to be able to relate to life more magnetically.

In other words, you’re able to bring about yourself a greater awakening from which, then, the potentiality of where that can fly or go to remains to be seen. You’re caught then, in the end, with two dynamics. When something like this opens up it quickens a shift inside of you, such that you’re then caught with two dynamics. There’s a dynamic in terms of using the awakened process that is like the masculine clarity to sort new vistas, or to use that to establish a greater grounding for purposes of holding a space.

Which is right? I don’t know. Because you do have the image of a possibility in terms of flying somewhere, soaring somewhere, a greater vista of something that is at hand for you. Or you have the possibility of holding onto an energetic connective space. In the dream you choose to hold onto the energetic magnetic space, which is kind of a rooted, sealed capacity, that you can’t say that there’s anything necessarily wrong with it, but what is the other about? In other words, that’s just left hanging. What is that about as a potentiality?

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