A Certain Pressure

233-When we think of destiny, we might believe that, if we have one, the world will unfold just so because that’s the way it’s meant to be. And that may happen to some, for a number of different reasons, but for most reaching a destiny means that we must rise up to it. In others words, we may have the innate potential, but we still have to do the work that will enable us to fulfill it. Great musicians may be born with talent, but they still have to learn to play the instrument and do scales repetitiously. This applies to any destiny we may choose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I lost my first dream that I had in the middle of the night. In the second dream, it’s like I’m in the city and some people that I used to know are in town and one of them, a woman seminar leader, has a lot of people that have come to take a weekend seminar with her.

And she’s going to do some breathing practices with them, and she suddenly has come to me and asked me to assist. And I go over to the building where she’s at to assist, and I suddenly realize that rather than just assist she’s given me a whole very crowded room full of people who I’ll be in charge during this whole exercise, take them through a whole cycle of working with their breath and releasing something.

Some of them are experienced, and some of them are new to this, and it’s really a crowded room. It’ll be quite a lot to do. I do that, then there’s a break, and I’ve gone down outside the building and there’s a man there. And I’m in a relationship, I don’t know whether it’s you or some other man, he’s in the background, but when I go down at the break there’s a man there that’s always kind of intrigued me that used to work with this woman, and I knew him. And he wants me to go with him to his place.

And I’m kind of undecided because I’ve always been attracted to him, but the timing seems a little off. I wonder if I should go back to the room and kind of ground, or be in charge of the sharing, and yet when the people come back to the room, and yet I’ve been kind of tossed that responsibility without really being explained what it was. And it really belonged on the woman who had asked me to assist.

And at the same time, in the back of mind also, is I’m aware that there’s a man, and his wife, who’s an author there in town and I may want to connect with them also. And I glance over and I see the woman that had invited me to assist kind of getting into something that almost looks like a canoe with someone else. And then I’m also looking at the man that I’m with, this new man that I knew in the past that wants me to go to his place with him.

And I realize that several of the things that he could have participated in recently he hasn’t participated in because what he had been doing hadn’t worked out and he’s broke right now. And I’m kind of asking him what he’s going to do about that and it seems that he used to DJ and he can always get a job doing that again, but he had been postponing it. And I’m still kind of in between with where I want to go and what I want to do, or even who I want to be with, and in the midst of all this being somewhat in between, I find out he’s also interested in meeting with this author. And I see that I can also go around the city at night and kind of explore it.

But in the midst of all this I’m undecided yet about what to do, so I suddenly find myself at my childhood home upstairs at night, and this guy and other people are downstairs. My sister is around upstairs with me, and there’s just a little bucket of steaming water, actually, that is what one bathes with upstairs. And I’ve gone over next to a curtain and realized that all of the water has gone a little cold. The steam from it has stayed, and that was refreshing. That was all I kind of needed was just the steam. I didn’t need the whole bucket of water.

Somehow that helps me kind of clarify so I have a better idea of what I’m going to do next. That’s when I wake up.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with a designed destiny. And what is designed may have variables in it that one has some options with, but it is also quite designed and preordained.

So, in the first part of the dream, what you’re doing is going through some exercises that awaken your consciousness, so that you can determine how you fit in to the schematic of life. So these are like breathing exercises or, in other words, that’s how you have it visualized in the dream, to point out that in doing this sort of thing as a first step of a process towards catching up with who you are, you awaken to note that you are meant to plug in into a schematic, or the person, and such, in a particular way. That is what has been established for you.

And that the situation that you’re plugging into may not be as it appears, in that the conditions can lead to a disaster, or a going broke, which is meant to heighten a recognition and realization that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible, and further a process that involves the meeting with an author, in other words, towards getting something out that needs to be created.

And that the dipsy-doodle ups and downs that one has to go through in order to unfold according to the destiny that is before one, well, it just has the built-in characteristics that it has, that’s like a type of steam or pressure, so that something as designed will occur.

And you’ve got to ride the waves, whatever they might be, that are important towards keeping a certain focus and attention on how you’re meant to be, in terms of a destiny, and if it takes that pressure that’s just how it is. If it takes a certain pressure, that’s just how it is. That’s how destiny works, I guess.

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