Invoking Change

uyy6Here we are, in this universe, on a planet that provides everything we need, and it’s easy to think that we can just use up everything and then, as some are planning, to go to the next planet and use that up. But really we are designed to give back to the universe, with the acts and intentions of our lives, if we choose to do so (that’s the reason for freedom of choice – we’re not slaves). If we do choose to give back, then there are responsibilities that need to be taken on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seem to remember more of the tail end of my dream and, in this dream, at this point I think it’s you and I are living in this apartment, and it belongs to a landlady, that lives in one of the rooms up above I think. And when we’ve gone in the apartment, it’s like I suddenly notice some water coming down through a grate from up above.

And I look up above and the washing machine is going above, because I can kind of see through the grate, and some water is spraying down. And then that makes me aware that we have to be careful because there’s something in our unit where the water can go off also, and it means we also have to go over and talk to the landlady about it.

We can actually look at this grate and see what’s in part of the apartment above us. I can peer between two levels and I can see the water coming down, and see what the problem is, and I can also see that there’s probably a problem somewhere with the water in our unit, but I don’t remember specifically what that is.

So I kind of note about that because we have to go talk to the landlady about it, and we go out and, as we’re out and about and we’re planning an event, what had started out to be like a party or an event suddenly you’re turning it into a wedding. But you want it to take place at midnight, and you found someone to marry us that I think is Turkish or something, and I’m not even sure this is all legit, but suddenly I’m having to act as though it is, so I’m having to go get a dress.

And then I’m suddenly already wearing the dress, and we go into a dinner party and I think an ex-boyfriend of mine is there, some women are there. It feels like they’ve been involved in a play and it was the last night of the play, but we went over and grabbed one of them from the party because we needed them to set up some things for the wedding. And they were going around coordinating things. We had to go by the Health Department and get some test that they were going to coordinate.

I’m just still trying to figure out that this is real or not, because originally it was just going to be a party. And then I realize because I’ve been wearing the dress, now I have to clean it, so I’m trying to figure out how to get that done. And how do we coordinate all these people? But we have help from people around us. It’s just that we’re having to move pretty fast because it’s going to be the next night at midnight – and suddenly that involves to me like a lot of things that keep you busy every second, because we seem to be walking from one space to another, or from one person to another, as we handle all of this and are setting it up for the next night.

John: So what you’re doing in your dream is, as a scenario or seed thought, you’re sorting out a little bit of what happened at the dream group, in which kind of a deeper theme of the dream group was that you can get caught up in what you see, or in an indulgence, in terms of not necessarily being consumed by the general usual limitations in the outer.

And this is shown to begin with by you being able to see that something is amiss because you are actually able to peer up and realize that, coming down as if being able to peer through the levels of things, that coming down is a problem that’s going to be touching the place where you are at. The ability to do something like that comes with a price, and a consequence, and in your dream you’re shown that this causes you to have to take on a greater dynamic of things going on around you.

You know when you’re really dense and kind of really caught up in some sort of trance, amnesia, you just kind of motate about, but when all of a sudden something quickens you find yourself drawn into having to contend with things that normally you don’t have the energy for, that would stay repressed.

And so this dream is causing you to have to denote what is it that is important for you to be placing your energy so that you continue to honor the process of the waking up. In other words, the waking up is like the wedding. It’s like a marrying of a quality of your being. And now all of that invokes something so much more.

In other words, you can’t just continue to stay out of sight and pretend to be stupid yet. That only works when you actually are numb, and you have suddenly gotten to the point where you can see more. You can see things on the other side, other levels, and as a result that invokes change.

That’s kind of the theme of the dream wasn’t it? You might say last night at the dream group what was being questioned is, okay, there is this going on on the inner, but is that something… you know, let’s not forget manifestation and how one has to stay grounded here? And also let’s be sure that one doesn’t get caught up in this other, get lost in the other. That’s kind of the theme. In your case you took that and then you tweaked it from the standpoint, okay, one comes to have an awareness and ability to see on other levels, which means then that one has a responsibility in terms of how to conduct themselves. You don’t have it when you’re amnesic.

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