Master of Illusion

Rob Gonsalves

If the world around us is an illusion, as many spiritual paths suggest, who is the master of that illusion? That would be our ego, the part of us that takes everything personally (“Why does it always rain when I…”). The ego itself is useful to our journey, but our cultural and social upbringing has taught us that the meaning of our life will play out in the arenas of our career and family, which solidifies the illusion. What is the illusion? Well, in part, the illusion is our belief that this planetary life is the most important thing, when it can be just the beginning for us of something much more important – if we choose the universal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The example that’s used in the dream is that I used to be able to carve out of wood the most amazing designs. In the dream, suddenly that ability eludes me. I have a faint memory of it, but I’ve forgotten, kind of.

So I go over to an area where there’s a younger student who is excited about a design he has carved on his piece of wood. It’s a big piece of wood kind of like a statue, and you make designs, and you draw things on it, you know you shape it into an image, a better image.

I point out to him that what he is seeing, and what he is enthralled about, is coming from his limited personal perspective, and though this is fine for now, the time will come when a more in depth meaningfulness is going to be needed. But, of course, he’s in an area where it’s like a step back area, where things are still in a gestation period, or something. Well, I’ve stepped into this gestation period when I have deep, deep within a greater sense of how something is to be designed.

To advise the student of life – to say this is in other words, now – I had to come from an inner place down into this place in manifestation, a place where the ego predominates and becomes the master we serve instead of the higher self.

And this is shown as this progresses, because as I am making my comments the boss comes into the area. Immediately, I am self-conscious because I know I’m out of place and I need to be where the inner creative flows through me, not where my options involve juggling a mind/sense orientation. I am embarrassed. It is as if I know that if I am here I’m forsaking something somewhere else.

In other words, there’s going to be consequences. That’s what it’s like when you get self-conscious. So I try to hide myself with a sheet, but it’s a veil attempt and I know it’s a veil attempt because I’m caught – and I know deep down that trying to distinguish myself, you know, to try to hide in other words, is not going to go anywhere.

The boss comes over, touches my third eye for several seconds before proceeding with his general inspection. I’m suddenly seeing within, no words were expressed, and what I’m seeing is, if I do not snap out of this waywardness and start creating the inner into outer purpose and flow, that there are going to be reverberations. I am shown that which I care for will suffer.

In other words, we’re involved in things in the outer and, in our doingness, when it needs to be something more, what you’re doing and trying to shape doesn’t actually come together then, it suffers, that which you care about will suffer. This is like a warning to the mind/senses and corresponding ego, that is in the way, that much, much more is expected and I had better get with it.

And so another way of portraying this as a kind of meaning is that a dense person sees duality and, in doing so, is thrown around by the ego. The ego is a master that keeps a person in an illusionary condition of coping in life as if everything lies upon their shoulders. The master of illusion loses its way when we awaken to the inner self, which is the plane of the soul. This is who we really are, and we know this when we access the soul, which serves all of manifestation.

In doing so, we are awakening to the plane of the soul in a way that enables us to serve the higher self, and the more we are able to reside in this oneness, the closer we are to inner guidance.

The dream points out that when we are afflicted, and spin off on our own, that we are serving the ego, which is a shadow dynamic that exists in an illusory wayward capacity. I am shown the distinction so that I will know that I am not a who, or what. I am an inner predominant, overall oneness heartbeat to all there is. That’s this first dream. Sometimes the dreams are pretty good at night, huh?

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