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triangleYesterday we talked about the nature of a duality, where there’s no real end, there’s only going back and forth – like an argument that no one wins (see A Third Variable). The only way to get out of the back and forth process is to introduce a third thing, preferably a higher thing, like higher purpose. We can make all the arguments we want for this or that economic future, but that’s just moving money from one side to another. A third variable is to use the economic system to support the development and refinement of humans, and the deepening of our understanding of human purpose. Then all the pettiness drops away and we can move forward. This process is the same for us personally, and in intimate relationships, and for the entire world as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it felt like last night I was battling some physical imbalance that was manifesting itself as a fear, or a fear manifesting itself as a physical imbalance, and then I was battling that a lot last night.

In the next dream it’s like you and I have gone in a boat to this place out on the water. There’s other boats parked there; there’s even a place where a boat can get gas there. We get out and we tie up the boat and we go and we do something on the island.

We’re fairly young in this dream. I just don’t remember enough of what we do, because whatever we’re involved in at some point I suddenly get the sense of urgency that we need to leave now. And so I go and I see the waves have come up, and there’s two boats in the water. One actually that I think is our boat at first, has been left running, and I feel like some water is even coming over and getting in it.

So I get in it for a second and turn it off and then step out again. I’m looking at the horizon and see how big the waves are, but I know that even though the waves have gotten big and the ocean, it’s a deep blue ocean and it looks really rough, I know that actually if you go just a short distance what looks like a huge area of the ocean will suddenly drop off right to the land where we go, that is not as far as it looks, but we just need to get over there and you need to hit that drop off at the right point. I remember that from other dreams.

But we do need to go, I have that sense of urgency. But then this man comes and he takes kind of an odd look at me and then he gets into the boat that I had just turned the motor off of and starts it up and leaves. And I realize that one just looked like our boat but it was actually his boat which he left running while he ran in somewhere. But still it’s time for us to go so I go to get you so that we can leave.

John: The going to the island is the image of going into a kind of isolation. And when you go to an island, and when you go into kind of an isolation, you have to contend with things. You can’t shut everything off, because you are an overallness, and so around you there is still things that are aswirl. And you may not have noticed them to be aswirl, until you go into the isolation of yourself.

Many people go into an isolation of themselves, get all contangled and they see nothing but a sadness, or a huge moodiness, and you see people walking around carrying some sort of qualm that they can’t shake – and that’s like the waves or the storm of something. They come to know that because they’ve allowed themselves, they’ve gone to an innerness of themselves, the island of themselves, the depths of themselves to which something like that then is astir.

Now in many instances it’s like that, whether you like it or not, whether a person is just left to their own devices or not, but it can be accentuated when you probe the depths of yourself. It embodies, you know, something that might be a type of wound or whatever. When you discover these wounds, you get closer to these wounds, if you go into any kind of deep introspection, if you go into the island of yourself.

And then when you do see that, then you can get caught up in how it is that you think you need to function, and you can get into the duality of trying to sort that out to try to herky-jerk or imagine, or even get into a quasi panic about things. So when you go into the island of yourself, and you churn this sort of stuff up, it is overwhelming, and so you don’t readily sort that out right away. You have to learn how to let go, in order to keep from getting it all overly mixed up with everything else that’s going on around you.

In other words, when you’re in a mood, or in a tone, or in a mannerism, it colors everything that you have. Things all take on that same sameness. In that condition whatever you do is poor judgement, is not quite seeing it the way it is meant and needs to be seen. You don’t have the clarity.

So what you’re doing in this particular dream is you’re taking and you’re delving into the depths of something before the relief is found. In other words, the prior two images were awkward; it kind of like set the table to something. There was a depth, in those brief little images, of shaking something through like the baby, or the innocence, or the quality of peace and relief again. You may have had to go through the frustration there but it shook through, it came through, it just emerged.

But when that’s not there then it is more like the long dream that you had, where you go through the ups and the downs and the travails of things, and it predominates over your nature and you take and you attempt to understand or sort it out, but the problem that you have is that when you see this sort of thing, when you see the complexity of everything in your environment and it has a hold on you, you’re trying to sort it out in terms of the vibration to which it has a hold on you, which means you’re trying to go from one thing to another. In other words that’s a duality.

And the depth of the first image, the baby, that’s that third quality that just comes in. In other words, when you go to the island of yourself you can get consumed by what comes up, and then in trying to relieve yourself from that you suppressed it in order to function and flow, but then to relieve yourself of it, you then can have all of these ideas of what variables or choices and alternatives and such exist for you to be able to move along – and that actually doesn’t work. It all sounds good, it all looks good, but it’s a doingness, and it’s a quality of still playing in the dynamic of duality. What that longer dream didn’t have that the little short image had was the image shook through the relief. It just came.

Well you have to kind of go through that racket. That racket is kind of the expansive contractive variable upon which you take and go at things in the human body, as the physical condition, but somehow or another to actually get to a result that has the peace, the quiet, the wholeness to it, there has to be this third element that comes into the equation and diffuses all of that, and leads to a direct knowingness of how something needs to be.

And you’re not going to find that in trying to take the 30, 40 variables and play eenie, meenie, miney, moe, fumbling through and try to pick the best of that. You’re going to find that when suddenly a part of yourself finds the calmness, knows and sensates. It’s almost like it echoes in the bones or something like that, and you know it when you feel it, and when it hits you.

At some point you shifted away from all those variables to a letting go, and in the letting go you could feel the peace. All of this is a precursor to getting to the point to where you’re able to recognize the vibration of an energy shaping itself, and you’re not willing to admit that you understand that, and so it comes across for purposes of trying to describe it, as if there are three variables, as if there is the expansive, and the contractive, which means, you know, the polarity of things that have to sort itself out, that keep us in the duality. And then there’s this third intangible thing that just shows up out of the blue, just as a means that jars or interrupts and shifts, causes something to shift.

That’s how one tends to image it in terms of perhaps a dream, but when you take out all of that, which is a type of illusion itself, when you take all of that out, you find that deeper underneath all of that is a dialogue, and it’s a dialogue that exists in terms of the vibration of the animate and inanimate objects knowing what it needs, and that you need to stop the flux in order to hear that. And when you hear that, it is such a relief.

Until you hear that, if you look at yourself closely you can feel the clamor, a clamor that you don’t like, and when that other comes it restores peace, and that’s the element of soul, that’s the soul quality that permeates through everything. And the clamor and whatnot is us caught in a dynamic in which what is going on around us is a denseness that has us trying to sort things out in either an expansive or contractive way.

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07c4The nature of a duality, our planet for example – two genders, on and off, hot and cold, up and down, wet and dry – is that it can only go back and forth, switching from one position or state to the other. That works fine for cyclical things like seasons, but humans are more than just cyclical, we’re here to make progress. So each of us can be the third thing amidst all the dualities. We can see that two political parties create an endless tug of war over the same ground. Progress is made, and development is made, when we introduce something new into the duality, elevating it and moving it forward. That’s one reason why the triangle is a sacred symbol. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’ll give you glimpses of dreams and a little bit of a theme. In one glimpse, it’s almost like I’m hitting something, almost like a tube, a cardboard tube or something like that, and out pops maybe a miniature kid, or person. You know, like you have to jar it, you have to jar the tube. A little kid, I mean a tiny kid, you know, like a miniature kid or two.

And there’s another scene where I’m in some kind of a factory and I’m trying to get to where you put the cardboard box… break them down and put them away. And they haul them away on a cart.

And then I’m trying to go to other areas in the factory and find my way around yet. Those are the dreams that I don’t remember that much of; then they led into a dream…

John: Those two dreams are kind of like how I dream. In other words, it’s like you’re having to shake something through, like you’re jarring a tube, and out of the tube pops a baby.

It’s like there’s an intangible side of yourself; you have a sense of it. It’s not a side of yourself that gets caught up in the outer dynamic of the expansive and contractiveness of things. And so typically it’s dormant, or typically it’s out of sight rather, and therefore, yeah, it could be dormant.

It’s as if the frustration, or the way that you have to jar things, the way you have to go through things where you have to be compelled to have to feel the pressure of this, and the conditions of that, and the dilemma of this, and the awkwardness of that, there is something about that that if you’re able to stop and let go you can hear, and find the peace of something.

And the peace of something that can come through all of the frou-hah of the dynamic of manifestation, that which comes through, the baby represents the peace. It’s the peace of things. And peace is not possible if you don’t have a mixing effect that’s going on where something like that has to come in as a relief.

I see it in my dreams as a third variable, that the expansive and contractive, the outer conditions are always going at it, and at what point in time can you let go of that? And the whole indulgence and fascination of it for this other?

You see it as something that emerges, that is just there, and that there is a frustration when you know it needs to be clearer. In other words, the feminine can feel in her nature something that embodies what is important as a wholeness, the divine feature inside of her, or however, and waits even, or can get contangled in a scenario. It will do things, anything, though, to cause it to kind of awaken or shift through. So you have this in the banging on the tube, and out pops a baby – and what was the other one?

Jeane: There was cardboard that had to be broken down and put away somewhere. People hauled them off.

John: Yeah, yeah. So, you have to take the energetic of that as a quality of doingness, and hear the silence behind that. In other words, you’ve got this in front of you, like you say cardboard, basically something that’s just a… it’s just a mixing pot of things, it’s just a raw energy of things, and you have to work through that to find that shifted element in which there’s a letting go and a peace.

In other words to where it doesn’t keep you all contangled, to which it, so to speak, sorts itself out. Now you don’t describe it in as much detail. You just describe it as an overall sensation, but the detail of it is to contend with that cardboard you have to use the only two tools that exist in a dense manifestation: you have to look at it in an expansive way, and a contractive way, and then somehow or another there’s that third variable that comes in, and is the relief. Because otherwise you can get all indulged and overwhelmed.

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401When a fly gets caught in a spider web, the spider doesn’t necessarily know that it has caught a meal, it just registers that something about the “natural state” of the whole of the web has been affected – and so it goes out to investigate and bring its world, its web, back to its best state. It should be the same for us, because we have that kind of sensitivity to energies around us, yet we have, as a general rule, shut ourselves off from registering the subtle changes around us. When we finally do notice, we have a huge issue to deal with rather than a small problem. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: And in the second dream, which seems to me like it repeats a couple times, too, I’ve gone to another planet with some other people, some guys. And on the other planet the guys get into kind of like a battle with the people there, over something that they’re trying to maybe take possession of, or be in charge of, or something like that.

And what I would say is that maybe the battle takes place in a limited area where the guys are kind of going up and down in one area, and the battle seems to happen just in this limited space.

And I finally go in, probably about the second time I’m dreaming this, and I kind of suddenly stop them all, and have this lecture with the guys, because I’ve gone out in a sense, in another energy way, onto the planet – and I’ve looked at the structure there. And I’ve seen that the houses are very nice houses, but they’re identical, and there might be some houses and then there’s vast plains, and there’s little huts or something.

And I realize it’s a very agricultural society, and maybe even a little nomadic, but they don’t even have schools there. And the guys that I’m with have come and they’ve been trying to battle over something there that, in a sense, is part of a hierarchy that doesn’t even exist there.

And so I’m lecturing them about that all of a sudden, or bawling them out about it, because it’s almost like they’ve introduced some concept about something they’re fighting over that’s like almost even a concept that doesn’t even exist on that planet. That planet just flows in a certain way, and it’s different.

So I’m kind of telling them they can’t do that. I’ve made them stop fighting, and they can’t do that there because I realize it’s something that doesn’t even really exist there. So that was that dream.

John: So what’s happened is that the dream that had you being able to go back and forth and this and that and the other, to understand something that you took to be like the Middle East, or in other words, another part of the overallness of life.

In this second dream you tune into that better, and you’re able to realize that what it is that you’re able to see that’s in these places and whatnot is something that it’s part of a flow, it is unfolding as a flow, it lies before you as what is going on – but it doesn’t properly or fully take into account all of the vibrations of life that it needs to take in, before this conflictual thing, whatever it might be, it needs to realize something of a greater balance is possible as an aspect.

In other words, you going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, you have come to understand a kind of cadence about life. And so when there is this conflict and whatnot you know that it is something that’s a disorder in the wholeness, and you’re able to more or less say, you know, this just shouldn’t be because there is this overallness.

Differences need to exist for catalytic purposes, but this other has gotten to a point where there isn’t the catalytic purpose, there’s just the all out pell mell which takes one outside of the hint and the recognition of the consciousness that’s all pervasive.

So you’re trying to cause them to realize, and you’re trying to cause a part of yourself, you’re saying to a part of yourself that everything is just a quiet stillness with some depth therein, that awakens for you so that you can travel about at your leisure. You don’t necessarily have to do anything. It’s just that you can just be fortunate to coexist – meaning that you are taking in an overall dynamic that sees a bigger picture, from having gone back and forth as much as you have, to know that the kind of friction or awkwardness that you see doesn’t belong, doesn’t need to be there, isn’t part of the wholeness that you’ve caught up with, and grasped, and maintained in kind of a concentrated containment way.

So that’s interesting that your dream quality has you taking on a bigger dimension. First of all surprised that you could be thrown into this idea of having to travel like this, that is a bit of a surprise to you, only to find out that the dimension that lies therein, that you take on, has to be pulled together in relationship to a greater whole. You’re seeing these aspects within the whole, in other words, that you now are threading, so to speak, you know pointing out that they can’t be this way, or can’t be that way.

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