In the Neighborhood

gsomConnecting to higher essences and energies is not unlike the game we play as children where, as we near something, we are said to be getting “warmer.” It is our intentions and our repetitions – if they are universally, rather than personally, motivated – that will draw higher energies to us, and from there it is our refinement of those connections, as we try “this” to see if it works, and we try “that.” In this way we woo the unseen relationship, and become a safety for it in our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this dream, it’s evening. I’m with a group of people on a lawn and we’re listening to a speaker, a man, and after the speaker stops talking we walk in this kind of zigzag pattern as we’re starting to leave. And someone hands me a paper bag which is like a meal. Oh, wait a minute, there’s a part of this dream right before this.

Right before this it felt like I was in an infirmary, where you go when you’re sick, and I have to get some medicine. And the person that’s going to give me the medicine, there’s a couple of people that are there, but you don’t take it like you do normally. You put it in a tube and, when you take it out of the tube, you have to take it out a certain way and ingest it a certain way. So they have to explain all of that to me.

And it feels like after all that happened that I’ve gone to the hillside to listen to the speaker and as the crowd is breaking up after the speaker, we’re leaving and kind of walking in a zigzag pattern, and someone comes and hands me a paper bag with our meal in it, lunch or sandwich or something.

And then we go over to a house, and it’s a house that the speaker and his wife live in; they’re both there. And we’re supposed to go up and talk, but we have to leave our food. We can’t take our food up to the room where the speaker’s talking, so we have to leave it somewhere else in the house – and we can’t eat yet.

It’s like a wooden house with several floors to it and, again, we seem to move in a little bit of a zigzag pattern, and we go up and we’re going up and into a room where the speaker’s talking and also his wife seems to direct things a bit on where you go.

There’s a lot of people there and it’s a little confusing exactly what the order is, and then when it’s time to go I realize I’ve left my food somewhere. I have to go back and find the paper bag I was given. But then you don’t want to be taking it into the wrong area of the house, you know it’s l was like trying to figure out what the rules are, and at the same time I seemed to be running into people that I knew from the past.

I know one of them that was kind of… her husband’s excited about something, but she’s sad about the same thing. They give me something they’ve made, but she’s looking a little bruised or something, and I don’t really have time to find out what’s going on because there’s always a kind of zigzag movement and things just keep moving all the time.

And then I’m not sure that I can get my food, and I’ve actually gone over, for some reason the speaker had taken off his shoes and they were next to an area, and I have put my feet in his shoes for a minute. And his wife is standing there, and it’s like I’m trying to see what size shoes he has or something, and then I kind of take them off. And then she’s showing me where I go to get the food, or where I go to leave.

That’s about all I can remember of the dream. It was hard to remember because there were a lot of people and there was all this zigzag motion going on all the time, from one level to the next.

John: It’s an interesting dream from the standpoint that it is proceeding to portray what’s involved in trying to catch up with the inner light within, or the consciousness of it all, that exists even though we are veiled from it in the outer.

And that was the theme of the evening was about the fact that there is this, what I call four-pointed star, that you can’t see, and that with that being the vibe of this sort of thing in the atmosphere of existence, you are taking and going through a type of, you call it zigzagging, but it’s a type of spinning to try to sort out where you’re at in relationship to this underlying schematic.

And you do that by checking out whatever it is that you need to take in. That’s the process of going into the infirmary. You assimilate in proximity to it by even trying, and examining, the shoes of how that essence is carried.

And the rest of the dream is the journey that you see yourself on, or a quest. It’s kind of like a quest for the holy grail with inside of yourself, and you are in the neighborhood of that, in that you are pursuing the sense of what it is that is essential to your being.

And so your dream is portraying where you’re at, or how you’re feeling yourself, in relationship to this underlying overallness, or oneness, that is everywhere. It’s as if there’s just some little subtle thing that is blocking it from being recognized and seen, in terms of its overall, all-pervasive presence. So you are zooming in, so to speak, in terms of following a thread or a vibration to intertwine with that.

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