Point of Balance

Balanced RocksWhen something is new to us, whether it’s a new idea, a new relationship, or a new energetic connection, it takes time for us to be able to hold it in us, for it to become grounded and a part of our life going forward. Once we feel that state of grounding in us, we can offer what we have come to back into the world; then we are ready to share it with others. Before that point, we still feel unsure, or unsteady, with what we have because, in a way, it’s not really “ours” yet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: When I had a coughing spell this morning I lost a lot of my dreams, but the dream I didn’t lose, and I think the dreams I was working on trying to heal something, or I was working with something I was having a lot of trouble with, getting it to shift.

In the dream I remember there’s a house on stilts. I guess water goes down below or something, and I’m doing two things in that house. At one point I’m working on healing someone. It’s a man who’s wearing kind of robes, and initially the robes are black. And even though I don’t know if I can accomplish the healing, whatever I do the robes turn to white.

And then the other thing I’m doing is I’m trying to prepare rooms for company that’s coming. And a lot of the company are like great aunts, and my grandmother, and my mother, and I’m trying to find enough room for everybody and where they can sleep.

The home at that point even has a reception desk with a lady that is in charge of who’s handing out the rooms, and I’m trying to remember what furniture’s in certain rooms so I can tell if there’s enough room, if there’s space there for I think my grandmother or someone to sleep.

That seems to be my focus at that point. But I didn’t remember a lot of the dreams.

John: So the dream has two parts. One is where you find yourself in a situation in which you’re required to work with something, and ground it, or bring it to a point of balance. And this, initially, has to do with something that is with an aspect of your masculine that, when you catch up with it and ground it, it leads to a very high and complete consciousness.

And then from there you’re able to then take and effectuate this, in terms of others in your life. In other words the pattern is essentially the same, that things are ungrounded in terms of how it is that they need to be, and that you’re able as a nature, as a quality of energy, to cause things to awaken, to drop whatever it is that’s the predominate barrier.

And, initially, you’re having to deal with something that’s too negative and making it clear, making it white. And once you’ve figured out and have accomplished that, then you basically see yourself being able to repeat, or to follow up, on this process with others.

The theme of the dreaming was how to bring inner into outer and, in your case, you were grounding something in order to establish the basis for a connection, so that the connection would be complete. And be able to hold the way so that something can be grounded.

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