Reaching the Bridge

imag0921esIt’s impossible to know the truth from thousands of years ago, but it certainly seems that in these times a spiritual journey is a very personal matter, like a personal religion. We all have our unique gifts that we must develop and learn to use, and we all have our personal histories (early childhood, education, tragedies, insecurities, etc.) that we need to overcome. And we also have to resist the entrapments of the culture that keeps telling us that we need to be rich and beautiful. Through that labyrinth we make our way back to our true purpose and path, in our own way, yet united with all others who journey toward an alignment to the purposes of the universe itself.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m in an empty house which has a four-legged chair in the center of a room. In other words, nothing else exists, just this chair. And, other than the chair, there is a mouse that was running around there, that I can’t seem to catch.

And so the owner of this place walks through the door, and there seems to be a few others with him, and I point out to him the mouse. And he says, “Kill it.”

So when the attention is now turned by others to go after the mouse, there’s suddenly 8, 9, or 10 mice running around out there. But, different than before, we’re able to catch up with them and kill them, because before I hadn’t been able to get rid of just this one mouse, but now we have no trouble wiping them out.

And what this does is it enables a shift to occur, and I’m able to leave this place. I have some trouble finding my keys but, you know, I have them on me, I just can’t sort out which key is the key I need.

And then from there, you know, it’s like I’m finding the key to a vehicle, but what ends up happening is I end up walking along a beach. And it’s a rocky beach, up and down one rock after another, and there comes a point, before I realize what’s happened, I’ve walked into briny water up to my waist. And it’s like there’s no way to navigate around this swampy area but, fortunately, I’m able to climb up instead of going across, and I end up getting on an overhead bridge.

And that’s where I come across the others that have gathered, in other words, the one’s that come into the room and killed all the mice and whatnot. That’s where they have gotten to. In other words, from there we get ushered to the program.

And the meaning is, the mice are like a neurosis obstacle that, once overcome, it clears something up so that one’s able to proceed. But from here I seem to be able to move about, but there is a struggle to figure out my way along, and to reach a place where there is a bridge to the other side.

So, you know, the way I guess you would conclude it is that the shift has occurred, and going forward is positive and possible, and when I factor in the effect of the other dreams, what is suggested is, although I do not seem to be able to travel along the same path as others on the journey, I ultimately get to where there is a bridge between the inner and the outer.

The dream is indicating that, although I am meant to be on the path, I had to go do things or go about this to get to this place, which held me up awhile, kind of on my own. In other words, I didn’t work necessarily with the group, but with the help of others on the path, you know at the beginning and whatnot where I was stuck, and the teacher who was like the owner of the house, I’m able to find the means to reach the bridge between the inner and the outer.

Jeane: That’s a good dream.

John: Interesting, huh?

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