The Veil of Time

stuOne of the fundamental ideas about dream images is that we are all the characters in our dreams: male and female, young and old – even the animals are an aspect of us. They are symbolic representations of energetic threads within, and our unconscious splits them out, and clothes them representatively, so we can witness their interaction – shown to us by flow, or resistance to flow, by a smooth journey, or a huge ordeal. Sometimes issues are resolved (we find a flow), and sometimes our inner resistance makes the situation worse (something or someone needs to chase us). Then they are all returned to our unconscious, in whatever state they get to, and await the next opportunity to communicate with us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the early part of the night it just felt like I dreamt about my nephew and other people that were sorting out things at my dad’s house. And so I don’t remember much about that. I had trouble sleeping.

And then I had a dream where it feels like I’m going between one house and another, and I have a dog with me, a little Dachshund. When I walk the dog and I take the dog back to the first house, it’s like I want to let it go, but then I realize there’s this old man that’s kind of crawled into the space where the dog would be in the house where I would’ve let it go, so I can’t let the dog go.

And so then I’m kind of taking the dog around the yard and into another room, and meanwhile it seems to have gotten itself halfway stuck in a big paper cup of some kind. So I think the dog is just playing with that, but then I realize, you know, I can’t quite seem to get it to go run or play where it wants to, so then I pull the cup off it and I realize that there was still tea in the cup, and the dog had tea all over them, that they had actually been stuck. I thought they were just playing.

And so now I have to go like dry the dog off so I can let it go play. The old man was up at the house, you know. There was a lady there, too, but, you know, it’s like I had gone down to another area with the dog because I was trying to get the dog exercise and let it run.

John: You’re dangling on the outside of how the intertwining works.

First of all you started off with your nephew, at your dad’s house. And you’re just watching that. Now, that watching that is from afar. What if you were to take the afar, and take out the transcending of time and space, and put in its place a you that is also outside of time?

Because actually, in the dream, you are outside of time, but your perception is still limited. You’re still keeping the veil in place of time. If you revealed the veil of time, then you would be your nephew, and you would be your dad, and there would be no watching. There would just be something unfolding as a continuous, never-dying aliveness.

And then this gap, or like level, of time comes up again in the other dream in which you have this older man, okay. So it doesn’t matter whether there’s a relationship or not, other than the fact that this older man is a part of yourself – but you’re caught up in the friend, the dog, and the dog is stuck in an illusion, a paper cup, and the attentions of all of that never comes together.

The old man is somewhere else, and you, in a particular mannerism of the way you are carrying yourself, have to contend with an energetic vibration that has to sort something out. You know, there’s the tea, there’s the cup, there’s all of that sort of stuff reflective of a way of being, a way that you are being. But the old man was nowhere in the equation; he’s somewhere else.

What’s wrong with that picture is that it doesn’t have to be that way. The old man, you, the tea, the cup, the dog, all are vibrationally intertwined, so vibrationally intertwined that there isn’t any separate distinction to be denoted.

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