The Great Flux

ff1A word we often hear in spiritual journeys is surrender. And it seems quite a hard thing to actually do. Yet if we look at everything else in the world, we see that it is very rare to find anything which doesn’t act together in a larger context, whether it is a tree in the forest, or an animal in a herd, or a bee in a hive. All living things act toward the purpose of their design – with others of their design. Just because we, as humans, have become disconnected from our greater purpose doesn’t mean we don’t have one. Yet we are different from every other living thing: we have freedom of choice. That means we need to “choose” to be a part of the greater unfolding, which we can’t do unless we surrender our personal view of our life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This dream isn’t terribly clear to me, but it feels like I’m like in my 20s or something. I’ve gone to a town. Initially when I go to town I seem to be going to some different group meetings, like large groups of people standing around listening to a speaker or something, and then everybody stays in this hotel.

And I have a roommate, a woman, that I room with. It’s almost like we share this really large bed, that she’s at one end of the bed and I’m at the other. The hotel that we stay at has levels, and a lot of the levels slant when you go from one level to the other, like it’ll have a slanting walkway and there might even be an open balcony up above where you can sit, and you look down, and you’ll see this slanting level between one level and another level.

And there’s people all over the place. They may be sitting, and they’ve laid papers down on the floor, and they also have an unusual kind of food system where it feels like there’s lots of places where you can just sit down and there’ll be a counter there, and then they have a certain way that they serve food including turkey and trimmings, so you can get it fairly inexpensively even though it looks like an expensive hotel.

Initially I’m rooming just with the woman, and then it feels like the next relationship shows up and he is across the room, and I keep having the feeling I’m supposed to get back with him, but I seem to be remaining on my side of the room. And we also always seem to have papers that we’re studying, like we’re all studying something there.

And the initial groups that I went to on the street, like some of them were speaking another language, they might be from other countries, and then there’s all this moving between levels, and between the room, and going back out to a meeting. And at one point I know I’m supposed to be working on this relationship with someone in my past, but then I suddenly realize that he’s leaving and we haven’t really done anything to connect because he’s finished whatever course he’s on already.

I’ve gone out in the other room. I run into my roommate and another friend of ours. Somebody walks by and they pick up a paper that was at my feet that I was going to study, they just pick it up and they drop it down so I can see that it goes down to another level. I need to go get it, but I’m not sure how you get to that level. I go down to one floor and I realize that that’s where some people are sitting. I see the food system.

I’m going over one way kind of close to a counter looking for an entrance to that next level that goes up in between the two levels, and the security guard pulls me to the side, and then I realize he thought that I was going over to that side because apparently there were some gold things stacked up on the table and he’s supposed to be keeping people away from that.

Then we look at each other and we both kind of laugh, because he realizes I wasn’t interested in any of that. I’m just looking for an entrance to this in-between level so that I can recover the paper. At the same time another woman comes at some point, and I realize that she’s asking me about some man, and I realize he’s a man that I’ve seen at one of the meetings, but I don’t recall him real clearly. And she’s trying to match-make on some level, and she may even be right.

And then there’s another man I’m trying to track down, so the whole dream is like that. It’s just like all these different levels, and trying to find my way around, and connect with certain people.

The interesting thing about that dream, actually, is that whereas the dream on certain ways was confusing, after it was over it kind of led me to a certain way of breathing, and trying to go back within myself to a time when I had a certain experience of wholeness, like before times that were confusing, or before certain thought forms got formed, you know, that maybe even bothered me lately. It’s almost like really getting the value of going back and tuning into a time when you feel more whole, and trying to work that out. And that seemed to be what the dream led me to do.

John: Without the detail, meaning without the dynamics, the melodrama of the effect, you just dreamt of what it’s like when the established order of things suddenly is altered and changed, which means basically all the levels come together, which essentially means that the man made structure of things can no longer predominate. That what is intended has been unable to flow because there has been restrictions, you know, there’s been controls based upon man made powers in nature, that that has been obliterated, or has gone away, that something has happened.

The protection so to speak, you might even say it like that, the protection that had been in place to keep the levels separate, and to keep everything kind of in some sort of copasetic way that enabled man to go about doing things in terms of an orderliness, because things were kept separate, or there was the duality. Or, in other words, there was the difference in consciousness and wholeness.

In other words, the wholeness hadn’t come in in terms of the awareness in which everything is here when it’s invoked. It hadn’t come in yet, or it had been kept separate, but in your dream it was no longer kept separate. It had suddenly flooded into the scene, and so the means upon which, or the manner upon which, things now appeared, and the world that you found yourself in, was a world that you could no longer sort out with the mind and the senses anymore like you were accustomed to getting away with before.

And so you couldn’t turn your attention to this prerogative or that prerogative on a personal level, because you didn’t have anything that you could nail down and concretize as established, as within a degree of control, because everything was in play, everything was in flux.

There wasn’t the segregated portion of this, and the segregated portion of that, upon which you could weaponize your way of approaching things. No matter how hard you try to establish, or to recognize, or to acknowledge, or to take in, or to try to shape this and that, or to get this, that, or something else to be, wasn’t possible because the barriers had been so removed that the flux of the wholeness of life was so great that you couldn’t find a personal context upon which to work. You can’t find the personal context upon which to work because in the wholeness there is no such thing. Everything is there in its dynamic, in its complete, full dynamic.

You dreamt this in kind of the safe confines of a dream, but if you were to actually experience it like that it could drive a person mad, or insane, because we’re accustomed to having to have an established order around us. Even if it’s a lie, at least it’s an order of semblance that we can accept to lean on.

But when you pull all of that out, and you have the whole thing as one great big cosmic flux, and the individual can’t find themselves in terms of control, or power, or way of feeling themselves, when a human being gets to a point where they can’t quite make that work, and they’re used to that working, that can be very maddening.

And yet what you’re dreaming is a situation in which the rug has been pulled out from under everything that does exist, and everything that you had relied upon, and everything that you had expected; in other words, all of the attempts that you make to do this, that, or the other don’t go anywhere because there is no room for the personal motif anymore, not in the great flux of the wholeness.

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