Creating Space

AnwwwnOne way to think about a spiritual journey is: surrender your personal life and gain the whole universe. And it works that way because when we are only concerned with everything happening according to “our” plans, it disconnects us – energetically – from universal processes. As we let go of the personal view of things, we begin to reconnect and, as we progress, those connections reach further and further into the wholeness of life. That is the difference between the average person and a highly developed life: the developed life is intertwined with universal processes and intelligence. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dream I had it was like I was traveling with someone else – I can’t even see them clearly. There might be more than one person.

We’re traveling in a world that is underneath another world, like it’s inside a world. And it’s covered with snow and, at one point, we figure out how to punch through and lift up some snow and rock and things and it creates more space, which gives us almost like another world to travel in.

But, after a while, that world begins to feel confining, too, and then I’m expressing the desire to punch through and create more space to travel more, to repeat the process. I know that in some ways you get this circular space that you punch up and through, and it’s like you move the snow and the rock and you move it up further, and you have more space, and you have another world to travel through again.

And so I’m needing to do that process again. There’s always movement going on, but even though you have many layers above you, on another level it’s a little peaceful, too, and there’s snow, and there’s rock, and there’s a sense of traveling.

John: What you’re describing is just the aspect of being in an overall, in which the aliveness of your being is associated with, and identifies with, how that is as an overall wholeness.

In other words, where I might dream something like that in terms of how the dynamic works, you’re dreaming it in terms of yourself being kind of in a wholeness in which you’re connected, and embodied, even, and so you’re having to examine the spatiality that you have in this engulfing effect.

And, of course, that’s the image, and then the question is, why is it engulfing like that? Well, it’s engulfing like that just because you don’t see yourself as separate so much. You see yourself as able to intertwine, or correlate, into that. And when you’re able to basically invisiblize your presence that takes and makes everything seem like it’s in a duality, then you realize that you have an effect upon the outer.

And in your particular case the effect upon the outer that you have is that to be intertwined with all of that, you are able to move around in it. You have motion within all of that, and that is true. When a human being gets to the point where they no longer hold onto their personal identity that keeps everything separate, they then are connected, or intertwined, or are part of the whole amoeba structure, so to speak, of manifestation.

And that the quality of a human being being the Crown of Creation is that they can move around in all of that, that they can affect that, that there is a relatability that they can have in relationship to manifestation, as opposed to it being something that is separate and viewed in a duality. And that a human being, as the Crown in its proper role, carves out, or moves around within that wholeness, within that oneness.

Yeah, it’s an enjoyable dream because you’re part of the wholeness, and a oneness. And what you’re doing is, in moving around it’s a quality of wholeness-making. To dream this is a dynamic that has to do with looking at the peculiarities of it, the particulars.

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