Picking Up Speed

Flying 1Here is an interesting view of the relationship between our inner and outer lives in a dream. This image begins with a look at an aspect of the interior life of the dreamer: it’s a big space, and it’s made of stone, and it has a guard at the door. Yet there is something youthful there as well, something not fully grown, or realized, that needs her help. And when the two of them are able to get free of the locked up interior, she is able to fly. And when other aspects of the dreamer are still entangled, she is even able to land safely. When we adapt ourselves to what is awakening within us, soft landings are possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember about the first dream is I seem to be in a large stone building, and there’s a doorman, or almost like a guard at the door of this building, and so people have to go by him to come in and out.

And there’s some girl that’s somewhat adolescent, maybe more than one of them, that come to me. I don’t know why. I mean I don’t remember what I do. I just remember it feels like when the girl comes to me I must be doing something with her, because when she goes back out in the world, or sometimes she goes to a movie, I remember there was a movie in this film. And other times it feels like there’s some questions about whether or not she needs to take medication.

And when I go out in the world it feels like I do go into another building where they’re showing a movie, but I go into the restaurant and not to the movie. And I’m waiting for my sister and someone else to come out of the movie.

And then it feels like the girl comes, and it feels like maybe she needs to take medication but some people don’t approve of her taking meditation, and when I go out into the world with her away from the buildings suddenly I’m kind of flying through the air. And I go way up high, and when I go way up high and there’s like stone and water down below, there’s some kind of… it almost looks like a thick rope that has come up in the air, and a guy and somebody else have gotten a little tangled up in it so they can’t fly through the air.

So when I’m flying then there’s a structure up in the air where some other guys that were flying maybe got tangled up and it pulled them down, and I feel like I might fall down, too. You could maybe fall down as far as the water – but I seem to just kind of float down. And I can see one of the guys is semi-unconscious kind of caught up, tangled up.

It feels like I kind of have gotten down now where I’m near the water, so I want to go over near the land. It feels like I want to sort out whether or not the girl needs to take medication or not, whether I can get her medications. Even though I thought I might crash or get tangled up like the guys did, I didn’t. I seem to go back to the land.

And other than that, in that dream, I just remember being in a restaurant waiting for some people to come out of a movie so I could go where I was going next. Those are the only pieces I remember. It was just odd dreaming.

John: What you’re dreaming is about something opening up. In other words, something is speeding up, or something is opening up, in that you go from something that’s like inside, in which it’s an inside in which there’s something still being worked on in terms of yourself.

In other words, that part of yourself on the inside is still needing to be healed or something. And then when you open up, when you expand, when you probe out, when you go out you speed up and then there’s still the sense of the part of yourself that is remiss or something – but it’s more like an inflection, or a memory, as opposed to a predicament.

You know what that kind of image and flow reminds me of is that a person, when they feel themselves, they notice that they have their insecurities, and they have their personality, and they have their mannerisms, which are encapsulated in a kind of expression or ego. And then when you speed up or get out of the set scenario, and you go out into the flux of things, in order to be okay in the flux of things you have to speed up.

And in the speeding up you don’t completely lose track over certain characteristics, but the characteristics are more like a shadow in the background, in other words, or an ego in the background, or a personality or a mannerism in the background, that kind of doesn’t have the same effect because you’ve now taken off.

So the speeding up enables something to be able to be relieved, in terms of what would have been an unfoldment if there hadn’t been such a change. I guess the sense of the speeding up, or of something changing, or shifting to where something opens up more, was a bit of a theme of the dream.

Your dream is including this whole sense of a type of speeding up as an answer, or as a resolution, in other words not sitting in some sort of heaviness or weightiness about it all, but there’s something that has to take a step that picks up speed.

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