In the Doorway

DoorwaynaWhen the imagery in dreams turns to the romantic, and seems to be leading to intimate relations between two people, it is easy to want to relate that to our outer life. But from an inner perspective, it is one aspect of our inner selves wooing another aspect. And we can see that it’s an unfolding process: in dreams, as in waking life, things don’t happen all at once. Things need to feel a certain safety before strong connections can be made, and that safety can only be proven and established over time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream, I’m living in a house and it’s evening. It’s kind of a nice house. It’s like a brownstone-type house, with brown wood, and even has a room with a library and all this.

A man has come by that is someone I’ve known as very kind of charismatic man and, at some point, he kisses me and then he wants to make love. But in the outer last night, I had felt like I needed a shower before I went to bed, and that just showed up in the dream. I felt like I needed a shower before I could make love.

So I kind of pulled back, and we go into the bathroom, and I pull across the shower curtain to take a shower and, for some reason, the bathtub’s in two pieces, and my grandmother, my father’s mother, is in there trying to do something with one of the halves of the bath, trying to I guess fix the situation with the shower.

And I get some water on me, and he and I suddenly seem to both be in bathrobes, so I feel a little cleaner, but obviously I can’t take a full shower because the situation with the bathtub hasn’t been fixed yet, because it was a shower that went into a bathtub, and the bathtub’s cut in half.

So I go out suddenly to the front door and he’s fumbling around, too, because he has a bathrobe on now he’s fumbling around to put on some shoes, and some clothes, and it feels like he has to get back to his home. And I’m standing in the doorway watching him do this, and he seems to be talking about something with modern people, and running around, and having children, and his concern about things that are going on like that in the outer.

And I’m standing in the doorway just kind of bemused, actually. It’s not like I’m suddenly feeling any lack that he’s leaving. I can’t decide whether maybe I should go with him. I don’t think I’m going to. I’m kind of in this just really neutral space, a little bit bemused even, amused about something. Listening to him, and it feels like I’m in kind of a listening state right at that moment, just standing there in the doorway. That’s that first dream.

John: Well, it seems like the first dream is a dream in which you’re holding onto something that’s able to open up, but something isn’t quite right in terms of timing.

And yet, at the same time, you’re able to be relaxed with that, you’re able to go along with that, because you know the worth, or the value, of something. In other words, why would you be bemused?

In other words, you have a sense that all is okay, even though something hasn’t come together in a complete way, or a flow way. You know that everything is fine as it is, so it’s almost as if the formula upon which something is to unfold hasn’t been found.

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