A Side Issue

communicateIf we could sum up the history of the human race thus far, it would be hard to sum it up more concisely than to state: they put almost all their time and effort into unimportant things. And that’s a problem, because we’ll only progress at the things we put our focus on (think: money, military, sex, etc). Said another way, we humans don’t spend enough time trying to understand what we are, why we are designed the way we are designed, and what our lives should really be used for. And, even if one doesn’t believe in the universe having a higher purpose, shouldn’t humans devise a purpose for themselves that’s better than what we currently see? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so the dream is a dream in which it’s very much similar to the second part of your dream in which you have all of the various aspects. You even have the play or whatever it is that’s the central piece, that’s the overall, and then you have all of the various component pieces. And they all are significant in their own way, but they don’t go anywhere without the central play and that’s how this is.

In the dream, I start off where I take apart various saws that had been assembled, thinking I could use the blades only in a better capacity. The saws that were of different sizes that were put together, and there four of them, cost $70 apiece to creatively assemble. And so I’m realizing a lot of value is getting lost by having to strip something back.

And then I come to realize that the setting I’m in is I am actually a person who has been hired to take a product that the family has established, and this is like a particular family of which I am to live with, or I’m taken into the family, and what this family has produced is a whole number of things that have won awards, mostly books and stuff that have won multiple awards in terms of the amazing qualities of what they depict. And so I’m hired to try to facilitate this coming across better. In other words, it’s one thing to get the recognition in the select circles, but it’s another thing to disseminate it.

So to start off with, just to kind of go at this slowly, I take a product of a lesser stature, one of the books that wasn’t considered that serious of a subject matter, and yet this is one of the various books but it’s not one that won any awards.

Well, I take this one and I attempt to mount it as if in a permanent display, so I drive a nail through the book in an attempt to permanently mount it on a display stand, but I can’t get the nail to go into the stand properly. And the nail keeps bending, and I’m holding it, and pounding it, and it’s just very, very strange.

And I look at this and I’m thinking this nail’s a cheap nail that’s bending, and I hold it with my fingers to keep it from bending, continuing to try to hit it. And even the top cap of it breaks off. So the whole thing is ridiculous.

And then a member of the family comes over and says, “Yes, there is all of this other, and why display this item when there are all these other books that have won all kinds of recognition and awards in terms of the subject matter of what they bring out?”

So I take the nail out and I realize that I had driven it through the pages even, which is again ridiculous, because even if this lesser whimsical book was important to read, how can you do that if you drive the nail through the book. And so I was fortunate however, and no one seemed to pay much attention to that awkwardness. No one was upset. I guess they figured I just didn’t quite understand or get it, you know the fact that I was looking in a way that wasn’t paying attention to that which could be integrated more fully, in terms of an overall acceptance, because it had already been recognized to be important.

And so they take me over to where everything that was created by this family, to which I am now part of the family, but it’s my role to get it out there, or to market it, for them, and among the creative products there was a chess set they have for sale for over $700. And so they’ve shown me all this stuff and then here we go to a secondary item like a chess set that was created kind of as a whimsical thing again, and I look at the chess set and say, “You know, I can buy a chess set like this from an antique mall for $200.”

So even after the fiasco that I had been in, in which I had taken some crazy item and was actually beating it up by putting the nail through the center of it, they didn’t seem to be phased at all by what had occurred before and they were interested in my input. And so then a whole discussion ensues as to how to integrate the point that I made that this is priced at $700, and you can buy it for $200, and someone mentions that this is new and so that should matter. And in the end, as I’m waking up, I’m saying, “Can you make a profit if you were to sell it for $500 and, if it’s a slow mover, then we don’t ever do this again.”

So what is going on? The dream is indicating that I am part of a large overall family, it’s a family but it needs to take what it has opened up and reached to which there is a high recognition in terms of something on an inner level of society, and that needs to be disseminated into the whole.

And, in the dream, I have not yet found the way in which that is best accomplished – which means I’m not dwelling properly upon what is the dynamic, the overriding and overall dynamic. And so to highlight the fact, first I immobilize that which has been done, you know pounding a nail in something that’s fortunately insignificant.

So I’m looking at the wrong thing, and then actually going into a denseness with that – and that’s the book – plus, I’m also taking apart the means originally devised for splitting things into finished products, taking the saw and just taking the whole caricature of the saw that’s various sizes to be able to do various kinds of cuts. I’m taking that off, so I just have the various sized blades. So everything is in a state of a kind of flip-flopping and, eventually, I am shown what needs to excel, that needs to be held in high esteem, in terms of the world. And instead of sticking on a side issue, to instead look at this which stands out.

The meaning is, that which is most important to the overall of life, deemed by life to be most important, is not presented in a way for all to see, appreciate, and enjoy. The amazing creativity lies dormant. It is established with the family, but needs to reach beyond that and into society. Society has already acknowledged that it’s important, but doesn’t have the means to fully take it in.

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