A Degree of Recognition

univ_1920We often speak about connecting to higher energies as the ways and means of making a spiritual journey. And  part of that has to do with the intelligence and guidance that comes with higher connections – that’s how we make progress into the unknown. But that’s describing a one-way process. As we go further we begin to understand the importance of our responsibility, or our ability to respond. Because guidance is one aspect of connection, but another is the ability to respond to the urgings of what the universe is asking of us – and to be able to bring that into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream I seem to be a young woman that’s gone to the house, to be in a house with a man that I’m, with his parents, and there’s other people. It’s a rather large estate, and I’m doing something specific there, but at some point it’s like he doesn’t quite get it, and because he doesn’t quite get it, I feel like I have to leave. And I go into another room, and it’s winter.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to survive because it’s out in the country, and I have to leave, and I’ll be walking through winter weather. But I’m putting on a coat and mittens, and not even looking at him because he’s come into the room and he doesn’t seem to quite understand this.

And his parents really don’t want me to leave, but it feels like because he can’t get something that I’m going to have to leave, or stop doing what I was doing and leave, and I’m just really kind of heartbroken over it. And that’s the first dream.

John: I’m looking at this, too, sort of thing. It’s as if something is not able to get what it needs to get, or understand, in a responsive way, an attentive way, in relationship to how the outer needs to change. Or does the outer need to change? Because maybe it’s all a big illusion to think that the outer changes. Maybe the only thing that changes is that we change, and because we’re intertwined, the other automatically happens.

Well anyway, that’s not what I’m seeing happening, however, in the dream, and so that means that something is missing in how things need to unfold. In other words, it’s like you have reached some sort of recognition, and understanding, and consciousness inside of yourself, but consciousness that you’re reaching inside of yourself isn’t intertwining into life.

So I guess that’s what your dream is kind of reporting, and I seem to be going through the same kind of reactions, myself, in that a certain kind of responsiveness isn’t happening. Where the difference is I look at it in terms of trying to be more reactive, and I look at it as being calmer.

In other words, nothing works. Everything seems to stay in some sort of collective staleness. And the strange thing is that in order for something to properly emerge, it needs to rise up. In other words, the world around needs to start picking up a certain degree of recognition, to go along with what is waking up – or otherwise the problem continues.

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Inner Rescue

64aBeyond whatever career we may be involved in, it certainly seems that we all have certain roles to play in our lives, and in the lives of those we interact with. Sometimes that means we bounce from situation to situation finding people to support us in our journey, or it could mean we are the person who is usually in support of the journeys of others. All these roles are equally important for the unfolding of the whole, if we remember our natural role has to do with our greater purpose in life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I kind of approach it from the standpoint that in the contanglement of things, it’s like I still am defending a threshold, and by threshold means that I see a… there’s a house, I’ve stepped out of the house into the porch, or front area. And then there’s a person who’s approaching that’s trying to come into the house, and I’m boxing and fighting this person.

And at the same time I know that what this person has to offer is important, and so what I have to do because I know that it’s important and that I shouldn’t keep fighting it, is I take a punch and I go down kind of prudently. And this action is kind of a common sense and simplicity that I need to do, in other words, not continuing to act like I’m safeguarding some threshold. In other words, by doing this I’m stepping out of the way, which is not what a person generally does when they’re trying to understand and figure things out – because it’s not for me to grasp. I just needed to step out of the way because that is what is needed.

So that’s like information as to how to contend with something, and then comes a long dream in terms of why I have to contend with this. In other words, this is about something yet. Stepping aside is still about something yet to be.

In this dream, which is still a meditation dream, it is my responsibility to make sure that a building complex that is dedicated to the well being of more or less wayward women is a safe place for them to stay. And basically they get balanced there, in terms of the needs at the time.

So, in the dream, my initial role is to be attentive to how it is that they’re able to be there in order to get stabilized so that they can take another step back into life, because as they are here for a period of time, the ones that don’t have a huge burden of responsibility yet, and just need to get a little beyond the weight of things that they carry, which means that they need to find their own freedom inside, or true independence, and when they do they ultimately go out on their own.

But when they come, because they have issues, and complexities, and such, to begin with they come in a weakened or dependent way, and my responsibility, in terms of my primary focus, is to help them see themselves, find themselves or, in other words, this is a type of inner rescuing.

Okay, that’s how it starts, and then the more independent, or the ones that are able to set things aside, they have now moved on. And the women that are left are those that keep more to themselves. I haven’t looked in on them in a long time. They sit in kind of a wing of this huge building that I have off to one side. Many of the others that have come with a certain sense and bravado of their nature have caught up with themselves and moved on, but in this section of the building complex, it’s reserved for the more middle-aged women who have had a tougher time of things.

By middle aged means that they’ve been through certain knocks in life and whatnot, and so I’ve learned to shrink a little more, or basically condense, contract a little more. So, on the surface they could appear harder to help. It’s not unusual for one of them to be taking care of a child even. I mean they could have had all kinds of things going on in their life. And these women seem to be an aspect in life, in and of themselves, and they tend to bond in their way in terms of this way of being.

Today, as I look out over the complex, it pleases me to note first of all that most of the young adult women have moved on, and that I just have those that have come together, have contracted, and that have been through life, have suffered certain bruises, and I recognize that out of that comes some sort of newness in life.

So as I proceed to go and take a look at the sound I hear, to make sure everything is okay what I am doing is digging deep within to see how it is that I need to be in terms of what there is there. It has been awhile since I have had to adjust my demeanor to take in more of this kind of unfoldment energetic that I’m required to oversee. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

So the meaning is, the dream is indicating that my role is still that of supporting an unfoldment process that takes into account an energetic that is not able to step out independently on its own into life, yet.

The reason is because this aspect is charged with the responsibility of bringing into the world what had been repressed, as bringing forth from that to an awakening, or at least the nurturing of that even if it is couched in a kind of repressed state. And that what I am providing is kind of a place for this to evolve. This is not an energetic capable of standing on its own, this is an energetic that comes into life with something anew that is quietly nurtured in an inner atmosphere, and it’s kind of a hidden inner atmosphere because it’s contracted.

The deeper meaning is, I am healing a wound in life from within. In other words, that’s what the contractive state in one’s being does. And, in doing so, what is to emerge into life is able to be more open and free. The reason why it’s able to be more open and free is one is doing in the contractive aspect of things, is they’re coming to find out the limitations of that. And in my dream it emerges through almost a fairly painful contractive state, compressed. That which is freer jumps back out into life, but that which is compressed is having to bring forth something anew.

Now, what’s interesting is this is kind of like new information because that which is compressed, that is compressed for a reason because it has something new to bring forth, works with the future. That’s what’s interesting about this. And that which gets its act together in a freshness that just needs a reprieve in order to catch its breath again, still works with the present. And that future, of course, is the child.

And so the key is where am I in relationship to this? My responsibility is to provide the backbone that facilitates this way of reawakening. I’m still trying to catch up with my role in terms of how I move about and look to try to understand what is taking place in this place.

So in the dream what stands out is the attentiveness I have to understanding the need and figuring out how to proceed. So this is an unfoldment dream, explaining to me why I am the way I am in terms of my attention. I am meant to provide the setting for a new awakening which is meant to steadily emerge. This is a responsibility I didn’t realize I had.

So what this dream is doing is it’s kind of giving me information of how it is, why it is, that I function the way I function, because if you think about it it’s kind of insane. And yet the outer is creating a picture of something. It’s not creating a picture that I would create or design on my own, I just seem to be falling into it one step at a time. And so the dream is portraying that what I have to do is I have to step aside of the way things are right now, the way they go up and down and around and about. I need to step aside from that, and put myself into a position in which I facilitate something that is yet to be.

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Wash and Rinse

d59fdIn our last post, we had the image of healing through working with the breath (see Everything is Breathing). In these follow-up dreams, we can see that the dreamer hasn’t quite reached that level of synchronicity – of being able to breathe with the universe. So there is work to be done, and we see that unfold in the form of washing and rinsing, which is the way we progress on a spiritual path because it doesn’t happen all at once. We take one thing, wash it through our processes, and rinse it in our consciousness, and then move on to the next aspect that we need to deal with. In this way, we clean, and let go of, what we no longer need. Then we repeat. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then, as the dream continues, first I go into a room where a boy is. He’s been kind of attracted because I have a suitcase there and I’ve put different things in it, including some attractive undergarments and stuff, so it’s just a kind of thing an adolescent boy is a little attracted to looking at. Maybe I’ve even arranged it that way, so that he’s pulled into the room more.

But then I leave there, and I go with a man who’s my age, and we go to the house of a friend of his, And his parents are there, and it’s a pretty elaborate house. And I start looking around, and I go to this outdoor area where they have a maid, and there are dishes to be washed, and I kind of figure out how you wash dishes in this kind of unusual sink they have. But I have to kind of wash them first and then set them aside to rinse them in another area.

And after I’ve done that, it’s like I go into a covered area, and the guy that lives there is a little bit ahead of me and the other guy’s by my side, and I look at my hands, and it feels like there’s like almost like rail tracks and cars that run through this area, and we’re walking across it.

And I go over and I find a place to hang something that’s almost like a chain that’s mixed with reins that I’ve untangled, and I find a place to hang it where it just looks natural. I’ve gotten them all untangled and I hang them up in a way where they look like they’ve always been there, like they just belong there, the way I’ve hung these chains up now they’re all in reins. They’re all untangled.

And then I turn and I see the guy that I’m with has another bunch of reins that are all tangled up, you know, that he’s going to hand me so I can untangle those. Anyway, that’s when I wake up.

John: Well the secret to this dream, the principle image in this dream, has to do with the rinsing, because the washing, or the introduction of something, is masculine, and you’re doing it as the feminine. And the rinsing is the feminine part.

Because the washing and rinsing, as an energetic, is part of an unfoldment. It’s not much different than the other part that repeats, in which you’re sorting out the reins, right? And the reins represent a kind of peculiar entanglement that has to be sorted out.

So, from the first dream, the earlier dream, you’re meant to come to recognize that you’re just part of a process that is already breathing, and that you are a component in that wholeness. And yet, in that dream, you’re still acting like there is something to be segregated, or delved into.

In the second dream, in that regard, you’re kind of repeating the first dream, except there isn’t an entanglement. That entanglement just exists in your mind. There is just the washing and sorting out, washing and rinsing, or the purifying, the cleaning, the polishing that has to do with the way something is coming into life, is unfolding. I was almost looking at that as kind of a second dream of which…

Jeane: It was tied to the first dream and it seems like when he handed me the second batch of reins to untangle, I realized that I shouldn’t think about teaching a class in the breath. Somehow that showed me I shouldn’t do that, but I don’t know what the connection was in a way.

John: I guess you could say that would be more information on the first dream, in that you’re meant to be sitting with the situation. So the first dream still has you pondering, and not readily recognizing, that you’re part of the breath of the whole.

And in the second dream you’re settling back, you’re meant to settle back, and wash and rinse, but you don’t quite get through. You don’t quite get it. In other words, you realize that you can’t be teaching, but you’re still caught in the entanglement, all the reins and stuff that are every which way. You’re still caught in the entanglement. And so if you’re still caught in the entanglement, how does that feel – you’re kind of groping, huh?

You know that you can’t be teaching because there’s an entanglement. Which means what, you should just be observing or taking it in as a wholeness, as a oneness? And yet you’re still trying to be active.

Jeane: Well, it gives me that pause. It makes me pause and stop, you know, wakes you up a little.

John: And the part of you that’s doing the washing is still active, and the part that’s doing the rinsing is still settled back somehow, hasn’t quite embraced that, and that part that’s still doing the washing is still that part that’s pondering whether it needs to do the teaching, is still the part that is dealing with having to sort out all the reins.

And the part that is the breath, that’s in the wholeness, is the part that does the rinsing, and would be the part that would exist if you didn’t have to feel you had to grope to sort something out. Very complicated. It’s like three dreams. Each gives kind of a component of information.

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