The Stickiness of Things

863024We’re born here on the planet, and every event we experience either creates a psychology (usually in the first encounters with events or situations), or adds to one or more of them. That’s what we call the baggage of life. And there’s no question that these things that stick to us slow us down, and limit our freedoms of expression and of emotion. Mostly we see this as a fact of life, but if we really understood that we come here to learn how to be in the universe, we wouldn’t take everything that happens to us so personally – we’d have an elevated perspective. The more personally we take life, the more will stick to us during this journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember the last part of my dream, and I seem to be in a space where there’s like a mat that runs down the center of the floor. And there’s a person at the head of the mat that’s kind of directing things.

As you come to the mat there’s like this sticky substance that has one end that can go on the mat, and it comes up in the air about two feet, and then it sticks to you. And you’re kind of learning how to navigate being stuck to that substance.

And then there’s some relatives that come and they want to go past us. They’re glad to come visit because they want to go past us and they get to go into a rodeo, or race course, that I guess we own, free. They do that, but when they come back by us they have to learn how to negotiate the mat with the sticky substance that you stick to yourself, and you’re a foot or so above the ground, and then you have to figure out how to move around with that.

But one of the people with the band of relatives gets violently ill right away, so I have to get that cleaned up – by throwing up right before he gets to the mat. I’m figuring we have to figure out how to clean that up, and then we have to figure out how to get the rest of the relatives by, plus I’m still learning how to navigate this whole mat thing.

Then I realize they just kind of want to come and have a freebie for the racehorses, or the rodeo, or whatever that’s going on, but that seems okay, a whole bunch of them, because my focus is more on like how to learn how to navigate on the mat. That’s about all I remember of that dream.

John: The mat, and the stickiness of the mat, that represents the denseness in manifestation. In other words, when you’re in manifestation your responsibilities here in manifestation, and that’s what you have to contend with, and that’s all that you know, or work with, or it’s what you take on as your challenge, then you have to contend and learn how to navigate the stickiness of the awkwardness of things as they exist on this plane only.

However, your dream is showing that you have a greater breadth to your nature than just that. In other words, you have something that comes in, like the soul coming into life, and when it hits this dense plane it can get sick, or amnesic and, you know, it can lose it.

In other words, you’re sitting right in the nits and grits of things, in terms of manifestation, and so you’re able to help something that comes into manifestation because your focus is on figuring out how to navigate the stickiness of things. And so when something comes in, that part of yourself that comes in can get sick and can lose it. However, if that part of yourself, or the relatives inside of you, so to speak, can be conducted into life, they then can go and enjoy, and open up to, and come to appreciate – and the relatives represent the expanded side of yourself – they can come to appreciate what’s more going on here, or the rodeo of things.

It’s interesting that you call it a rodeo, not one’s first rodeo. A rodeo has all kinds of significance in terms of a sense of freedom that opens up in terms of one learning how to do things. And so then you learn that by going into the depths of yourself, so to speak, and you learn then how to overcome the stickiness of things in the outer by having gone into and probed the depths of yourself to find that whole dimension.

And that whole dimension then corresponds to going back home. So, in other words, the relatives that can come out of the rodeo go back in, and through, and let go of the stickiness, go beyond the stickiness of manifestation per se, and go home.

It’s an interesting way of actually describing how the breath works, but doing it on what almost appears to be like a lateral east/west level, where something from the east can come in, can get sick when it hits the schematic of the physical because it can be too much for it, and it could throw up and whatnot, and somehow or another your attention is just in accommodating things that come from the east in, or come from the west back, and go to the east home.

In other words, you don’t portray the image of north/south so much as you portray it almost like an east/west motion where something comes to the area, gets sick, or can come to the area, you can assist it in navigating the stickiness of things, it can then go to the rodeo, in other words learn to open up and be free in terms of how it is in life in manifestation, in other words, not be just immersed in the density of things, so it can then experience so much more.

And then in experiencing so much more transcend all the way back, you know, and the key is in understanding and coping with the purpose, and the intent, of manifestation, and its stickiness and its denseness in terms of this whole schematic of free-flow between a type of beginning, which is a coming in where you could get sick, and a type of end within the realizing of the heaven on Earth, which means that you can enjoy and come to appreciate the greater whole here, the rodeo of it all.

And then, at the same time, the beginning and the end are one and the same. But the key to understanding that, and the key to grasping that, is when you realize how to overcome all of the stickiness of things and are able to show all parts of yourself how to be in relationship to that so that it can enjoy and appreciate this whole greater dimension of east to here, to west to here, to east, in other words like a breath, in other words, with nothing sticking. Isn’t that interesting?

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