Out of Sight

IMG_4125As we have seen many times before, to be chased in a dream is a signal that an inner connection is trying to be made, but that we have resistance to it. The greater our resistance, the more intense the chase becomes. That’s why it’s said that, if we could have just a bit of awareness in a dream, we should allow ourselves to be caught. Yet if universal purposes are trying to get our attention, and to catch up with our inner lives, if we are too obsessed with our personal issues we will become invisible to what is universal and the connections won’t be made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dreaming had to do with opening up a breath to things, and how you open up that breath, how you come to know that there is more going on than just the appearances in the physical, and that there is a way of going into that and realizing a whole other vista.

So in the meditation dream, I am pursued by a person and, to start off with, my image of stickiness is reduced to a kind of… instead of calling it a stickiness, which is your feeling of the presence of the overall, and until you overcome it and are no longer affected by the comings and goings of things in the overall with the senses, and the mind, and ego and all of that.

In other words, the feminine works more in an overall sense of how she feels things, and the masculine tends to work with it in terms of specific aspects that affect things. And so in the dream, the specific aspect that’s affecting me comes across as an image of being pursued by a person who’s intent upon destroying me. And just like the stickiness, can keep one repressed, and confused, and dense, and amnesic, and destroyed.

The pressure of things, you know, having to do this, and that, or the other, or having to contend and having to separate this from that, that also can come across as an image of being pursued by something that’s intended as a vibrational aspect that’s intent upon destroying you.

And so in this dream I stay just ahead of the pursuer, and I’m actually able to hide from the pursuer always just out of sight, and reach. Well, I come to a place where I’m told by another person that I’m safe if I stay here. In other words, it’s like he’ll look after me or something, or protect me in some fashion. So I’m able to be covered up by a blanket in a way that’s like hidden then, from whatever it is that is trying to oppress, or pursue, or catch up with me.

And in doing that, it’s like I become kind of like inert and frozen, so to speak. It’s as if I’ve gone into something dense in manifestation or, in other words, it’s like I’ve regressed and slowed down my state of being. In other words, I’m just an object that’s covered up with a blanket now, having accepted the fact that I’m okay being here.

So the person, being the pursuer, comes to where this area is at and comes directly to where I’m at – but he doesn’t recognize that I’m what he’s trying to pursue. He assumes that what is there is just some inner object; he even puts his feet up on it, or upon me. He even moves me about, not realizing that I am what he seeks. The surprise of him suddenly figuring out what is going on would be intense, yet he never figures it out.

At one point I’m even slid or moved off into another room, and the proprietor who agreed to keep me hidden and protected is now anxious for me to leave. In other words, it’s like all of a sudden what if something had woken up, then what? It’s as if the pressure is too much for him, so he flicks coffee beans. In other words, when this other guy isn’t looking and I’m kind of in between a doorway now or something, in another room, he flicks coffee beans over in my direction; in other words, as if I would eat the coffee beans and be able to go on my way.

The meaning of this is, and what’s going on here is, the dream starts out with me feeling I am separate from the energetics in the outer. So if you feel you’re separate from the energetics in the outer, then the outer is always pursuing, or affecting, you in some manner, because that just isn’t so that you’re separate, and so you’re haunted by the effects that you have to maintain to keep up the appearance of being separate.

Eventually I succumb to the realization that I am protected and have nothing to fear by the surroundings that are me. This results in a closeness, which means that something condenses, you know becomes static, that’s suddenly there, you’re consumed by it but, in a way, you’re still kind of energetically separate because there’s still the other.

And so to break this motif, I have to be speeded up. That’s where the coffee beans come in. So to be speeded up is disconcerting because I would prefer, you know because one’s lazy and everything, to be out of sight and out of mind. But I realize that the amnesia has to come to an end, and the concept that I am pursued by outside forces won’t ever change if I remain dense, and veiled, by my physical nature.

To rectify the illusion, the action of all of this, you know the awakening process, the consciousness in all of this, is that of being speeded up so I can see, and take in, all parts of myself in an intertwined and harmless way.

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