In the Grasp

Salvador Dali

So much in the teachings of religions, and spiritual paths, has been about renouncing the world and denying the flesh. That can make it seem out of touch with reality, and not much fun. But it’s not that those things are bad in themselves, just that humans tend to get swallowed up in them and lose the point of their life. So it is much more about why we do things. If we want to be rich and famous to flaunt it in front of others, the universe can’t respond to that. If, instead, our wealth will help us help others, the universe has much energetic support for that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There is a similarity to your dream and mine, but it’s going to take a creative way of perceiving to see it, because in my dream I work at it in terms of polarities, extremes in each polarity, in order to show that there has to be a letting go for an intertwining – or you’re lost in each polarity.

In your particular case, you’re going back and forth and something keeps expanding and expanding. I portray it in terms of how you can get lost in each polarity, and the purpose of each polarity that you get lost in is to show that you have to stop, you have to let go. You don’t get stuck.

To begin with, in the meditation dream, I see myself in this very opulent setting in which my vibrational awareness is in an indulgent state. The reason it is like this is because I’m finding myself in this environment with a person who is maniacal in this manner. In other words, he insists on the opulence. He insists that everything be viewed from a standpoint of opulence. In fact, he’s uncomfortable if it’s not.

So this reaches a point where I feel slimed by it all, in other words, because I’m living in this setting and this setting is unnatural to my way of thinking in terms of the way everyone else lives. In other words, you might say it’s a little bit like Siddhartha, who was born into something and that the outer world is different. And he is living in a situation in which there is a certain opulence, it was like he was protected because even in that setting he was protected from what was in the overall because there was the destiny predicted in which he could take and do great things as a king, and his father and mother, or king and queen apparently, were aware of this and did not want their son to go out into outer life and realize how things are on the other side of all of this, because the way the prediction went is if that were to happen he would give up everything, and he would go into wherever that went, knowing that that was a dimension as well.

And so they wanted to capture him in one setting. You might say they wanted to capture him in their setting of a type of opulence, only in this particular case the opulence that I’m dealing with is a person who holds this opulence almost from a standpoint of indulgence and fear, and he insists that everything go along with that opulence that is around him. And, as long as it does, he can accept that.

And I, in this opulence, of course, am him, but I am seeing myself as the person who is accommodated in this setting that is provided, which at some point means that I feel trapped there, and I realize, in other words, that there is something that compromises my sense of a freedom. In other words, this is like being caught in some sort of strange control that contaminates, blurs how things really are.

And the thing of it is, if I don’t go along with this, as if I am actually accepting the indulgence, in all the ways in which there is this opulence, then I will look like a traitor to him, because he only surrounds himself – and I’m his closest comrade – he only surrounds himself with those who he can trust, and to trust them they have to be and act as if they are like him. And if someone isn’t, it’s just like you see this among tyrants then, they don’t know who to trust and you’re apt to be deemed a threat and killed.

So nothing seems to occur around me that is not lathered with the whim of opulence, which I am expected to drink in. Well, the day arrives, or the time arrives, when I realize that I am beginning to feel repulsed to being in such an indulgence because I cannot stand the delusional fantasy, because it’s like a type of fantasy to be like that, as if that’s how the world is, and that’s how you wanted to shape it.

I cannot stand such a fantasy-like effect; it limits the degree that I can move around, so it has a spellbinding effect. I become so tired of putting up with this and yet, at the same time, I see that there is a fearful amnesia deep within that is both driving this and also keeping me in this condition, which you might say is a type of possessiveness.

So there comes a time when I can’t stand it anymore, which means I can’t pretend anymore. That is when I am seen as having gone off an edge or, in other words, I’m looking around too much.

Well, in the dream the way this occurs is that I come across documents that have my name on them and are part of an action of this domain and, when I ask about them, I am told that those documents aren’t me. In other words, not letting me see the other half of who I am.

Now also what I do that I didn’t write down is, because there’s something so repulsive by this I try to take a shower as if I can wash the whole thing off. It doesn’t quite do the trick because I don’t even control the shower in this opulent setting.

And the reason for the dream is so that I can see the indulgence possessiveness, because I really feel it in the dream, it’s like a real aliveness, the indulgent possessiveness that keeps me from letting go – as I am instead in the grasp of the indulgent behavior. Such behavior tears away at the fabric of the heart. In other words, that’s how you sort the thing out is you have to listen to the heart, and the heart will say, no, there’s more to life than that. And it causes you to want to break free instead of stay in those bounds that are there.

Because if you didn’t have a quality, first of all the breath going back and forth, therefore to all be sorted out with the heart, with the senses and the mind and then this innerness as well, if you didn’t have that going on, you wouldn’t be able to determine one thing from another. And so because I’m able to tell that there is a distinction somewhere that I have to try to break free to get into, I am able then to see myself as behaving in a terrorized way as a result of a subtle cheerfulness.

I mean that’s what’s holding me back. I lose trust. When you’re overwhelmed by things you’re losing a trust and an openheartedness that is essential to being able to take in the wholeness. And when you’re able to take in a wholeness you’re appreciating, and from that you hear and see life within. You can’t when you’re bifurcated. So that’s the first dream.

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