Taking the Steps

XGSefzDWhenever we see images of youth in dreams, whether a young child, a young animal, or even a young plant, it speaks of something that is in its early stages of awakening, still growing. And, like all things in their early stages, it needs to be protected before it is strong enough to protect itself. On an inner level, that is the development we make in ourselves as we rebalance and incorporate what is newly awakened.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my earliest dream, but my second dream feels like I’m on a planet where it feels like I’m trying to figure out how things work there. And I notice I’m in a room, and it’s got kind of rock walls, and I’m studying some people.

And I notice a little boy, and it feels like this little boy, who’s just past being a toddler but he seems to grow fast, I know he’s kind of a key to something, and I want to kind of have him come over to me and study him more. And it feels like one of the things that I notice is that he doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothes, and then something like a streak of black plastic or something, or rubber, kind of wraps itself around part of his body in some kind of design.

And then it feels like invaders come to the planet, and so I try to stay with the boy. Wherever he runs off to I kind of go, because I know he’s kind of a key to how things will be better. But when I get to a room, one of the invaders grabs the boy and actually shoves him in what might be a furnace.

And then they leave, and a young woman is there and I kind of get her to go over and I help, and we’ve managed to pull the boy out of the furnace, and he’s okay. So now I have this young woman and the boy, and I just know that they’re a key somehow to helping repel the invaders, or something that is about the future. So I’m trying to stay with them, or protect them, or see what will happen there. That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: So, it’s a very interesting way that this dream is working, because the dream starts off and it has you in a place or a planet, and in that place, or planet, is this masculine side that is important, but it needs to be protected. It needs to be protected by virtue of grounding, in other words, something that helps to facilitate it staying okay.

And the thing about this is that quality, that energy, that the boy represents, that aspect of the masculine is important for purposes of how things are able to shift and change. It brings that in. The problem is this energy is intangible in terms of the way it comes in, in other words, in terms of holding its space.

And so it’s up to you to have to figure out how to hold the space for that, so that it can come into its own, or so that it can have then the ability to move around and to come out. And the fact that this is triculating in you also means that what’s triculating is a whole bunch more, you know, and how do you sort it out and take in what you need to take in? Because the dimensionality of things is something that floods the situation.

In other words, it’s as if normal ways of denseness and protection isn’t readily there like it used to be, and that the dream is suggesting, however, that you need to hold your focus and attention upon something in-between, because the other is over the top from you and it creates a confusion that obliterates, even, what this other is about.

It’s as if, for example, on an energetic level you’ve developed a certain groundedness that you’re able to hold onto and utilize to facilitate, and sustain, and maintain something that you have learned to step out with, that enables you then to bump into some things in your consciousness that is new ground. And that you have to have the discernment to know how to ground a particular aspect and, if you don’t ground that particular aspect, the overallness and overwhelmingness of the other will swallow all of it up again, so that you won’t be able to hold onto, or retain, or protect, or maintain anything.

So you have reached the point inside where you have the knowingness of the importance of what is involved, and you are able to catch up with the feeling of that, in terms of this boy, and you have to ground that enough so that that can open up and come out. But with that, you’ve opened the floodgates to this other, and this other can swallow everything up. It can take and affect that so that you never get a chance to pull that out, you never get a chance to make that step.

So it’s an interesting dream because it’s giving you information in terms of how to appreciate the attention that you need to place in the environment around you, in terms of not overreaching, in terms of knowing how to ground something, so that that, in its importance, can come out, in due time, and in a proper way, and not be obliterated.

And so you’re being told inside yourself that you have the responsibility of being able to ground the in-between stuff, and from the in-between base build the other that is over the top, that haunts and tears things away, and will tear away even the in-between stuff and the clarity of that, which you know is important, that you can ground.

So it is showing you timing, it is showing you how to utilize a certain energetic in order to sustain something. Basically, it’s showing you how to shift. In other words, when you suddenly become aware of a whole greater dimension of things, your attention has to be in terms of being able to take it on in the correct piece-meal way.

So what you’re doing in terms of all of this, is you’re able to take a look at what is important in terms of the incremental, small step-by-step approach, how to hold that, and sustain that, and the significance and importance of that, so that what is set in motion, in terms of disturbances or however things get set in motion when something starts shifting, so that the disturbances don’t tear up what is transpiring, and can transpire, as a subtle shift.

So you’re doing it, and you’re doing it in a very specific way. You’re doing it by a type of nature that grounds that, that brings about a grounding of that energetic that you know is important. And you hold that, you hold that. You don’t let that go askew, and that’s how you’re able to facilitate things taking the steps, one by one, as they need to be taken, because that’s how you are able to make something hearable and knowable.

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