The Expansive Heart

ty-symbolYes, we think our brain can solve any problem, and that it is the only tool that will get us where we want to go. The brain is a fantastic tool, but it is not the part of us that connects. So when we try and connect to the universe, or make a spiritual journey, using our brain to “understand” more and more what life is really about, we are heading down a dead end street. It is our higher faculties that connect to the universe, and we can deepen those connections by expanding, through the heart, into the everything. Said another way, we need to feel our way to connection, not think our way there. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I remembered more details, but it felt like what I was doing in my dreaming last night is I was going back and forth looking at what your relatives were doing, like I would be on the coast seeing what the relatives kids were doing, and then I’d be back in Montana seeing what they were doing on the ranch, and trying to figure out what was going on with the people they were working with. I don’t remember the details that much because it was more like I was just observing them, trying to figure it out.

John: What did the heart feel like while you were doing that?  Was it exhausting?

Jeane: It was a little exhausting because it felt like I was trying to work too hard at figuring something out. So it was tiring.

John: Yeah, it is exhausting to do that. And when you do that, you tend to be contractive instead of expansive. And the quality of intertwining into a wholeness is an expansive quality, and the contractive quality is reflective of concern, which has to do with a type of pain, generally speaking.

Because just like the soul is compelled by the magnetism of the body to have to be oriented in that regard and, as a consequence, is taken outside of its overallness in the whole, when you contract it’s in keeping with the same kind of effect. And there is a limit then, in terms of what you’re able to perceive. And, of course, the perception comes from a quality of being able to reside, or attain, or maintain the greater oneness or, in other words, the overallness that is more like the at-one-ment of the whole.

And that is in keeping with what is considered the One Mind, and that when you’re contracted from that you take in and confront the sensation of limitation, or sense of limitation, and that causes a quality of pain to exist. It can be anguish, it can be exhausting, it can be experienced in a whole number of different ways, and the key is to determine how one is to experience that.

And the way one has to experience that is from a reference of the expansiveness. But if you have a reference from the contractiveness, as opposed to a reference from the expansiveness, then you tend to develop the mistaken perception that what you were doing was actually creating in some fashion – and it never creates that way, it only creates in the expansiveness. 

In the contractiveness it veils, and works in a way that is contending with a kind of magnetic pressure that is in need of letting go, so that the wholeness can be realized. So it’s an aspect, something like this is an aspect, to understanding what the mind is not – because it is not something that understands in that capacity. The mind understands in the capacity of experiencing a breath that has an intertwinement with the whole, and the essence then is of a oneness. 

Now the dilemma that exists is reaching a point to where you actually experience this sort of thing as a naturalness of your own being. The mental concepts that you have are going to get in the way and cause you to suffer. The projections that you have are going to cause you to misconstrue. That sort of thing comes from the sense of how one reverbs between the contractive and the expansive state, and notices the difference in terms of the heart, because the heart in the expansive state has a natural knowingness that is there.

And the heart in the contractive state learns, from the reflective pain, that the other is what is real. So the watching that occurs is really an observation of the mind, in terms of what the mind isn’t. That is a mind that the heretic would call the ego because it still functions in that way, as opposed to the other which leads to the enlightenment.

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