Wash and Rinse

d59fdIn our last post, we had the image of healing through working with the breath (see Everything is Breathing). In these follow-up dreams, we can see that the dreamer hasn’t quite reached that level of synchronicity – of being able to breathe with the universe. So there is work to be done, and we see that unfold in the form of washing and rinsing, which is the way we progress on a spiritual path because it doesn’t happen all at once. We take one thing, wash it through our processes, and rinse it in our consciousness, and then move on to the next aspect that we need to deal with. In this way, we clean, and let go of, what we no longer need. Then we repeat. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then, as the dream continues, first I go into a room where a boy is. He’s been kind of attracted because I have a suitcase there and I’ve put different things in it, including some attractive undergarments and stuff, so it’s just a kind of thing an adolescent boy is a little attracted to looking at. Maybe I’ve even arranged it that way, so that he’s pulled into the room more.

But then I leave there, and I go with a man who’s my age, and we go to the house of a friend of his, And his parents are there, and it’s a pretty elaborate house. And I start looking around, and I go to this outdoor area where they have a maid, and there are dishes to be washed, and I kind of figure out how you wash dishes in this kind of unusual sink they have. But I have to kind of wash them first and then set them aside to rinse them in another area.

And after I’ve done that, it’s like I go into a covered area, and the guy that lives there is a little bit ahead of me and the other guy’s by my side, and I look at my hands, and it feels like there’s like almost like rail tracks and cars that run through this area, and we’re walking across it.

And I go over and I find a place to hang something that’s almost like a chain that’s mixed with reins that I’ve untangled, and I find a place to hang it where it just looks natural. I’ve gotten them all untangled and I hang them up in a way where they look like they’ve always been there, like they just belong there, the way I’ve hung these chains up now they’re all in reins. They’re all untangled.

And then I turn and I see the guy that I’m with has another bunch of reins that are all tangled up, you know, that he’s going to hand me so I can untangle those. Anyway, that’s when I wake up.

John: Well the secret to this dream, the principle image in this dream, has to do with the rinsing, because the washing, or the introduction of something, is masculine, and you’re doing it as the feminine. And the rinsing is the feminine part.

Because the washing and rinsing, as an energetic, is part of an unfoldment. It’s not much different than the other part that repeats, in which you’re sorting out the reins, right? And the reins represent a kind of peculiar entanglement that has to be sorted out.

So, from the first dream, the earlier dream, you’re meant to come to recognize that you’re just part of a process that is already breathing, and that you are a component in that wholeness. And yet, in that dream, you’re still acting like there is something to be segregated, or delved into.

In the second dream, in that regard, you’re kind of repeating the first dream, except there isn’t an entanglement. That entanglement just exists in your mind. There is just the washing and sorting out, washing and rinsing, or the purifying, the cleaning, the polishing that has to do with the way something is coming into life, is unfolding. I was almost looking at that as kind of a second dream of which…

Jeane: It was tied to the first dream and it seems like when he handed me the second batch of reins to untangle, I realized that I shouldn’t think about teaching a class in the breath. Somehow that showed me I shouldn’t do that, but I don’t know what the connection was in a way.

John: I guess you could say that would be more information on the first dream, in that you’re meant to be sitting with the situation. So the first dream still has you pondering, and not readily recognizing, that you’re part of the breath of the whole.

And in the second dream you’re settling back, you’re meant to settle back, and wash and rinse, but you don’t quite get through. You don’t quite get it. In other words, you realize that you can’t be teaching, but you’re still caught in the entanglement, all the reins and stuff that are every which way. You’re still caught in the entanglement. And so if you’re still caught in the entanglement, how does that feel – you’re kind of groping, huh?

You know that you can’t be teaching because there’s an entanglement. Which means what, you should just be observing or taking it in as a wholeness, as a oneness? And yet you’re still trying to be active.

Jeane: Well, it gives me that pause. It makes me pause and stop, you know, wakes you up a little.

John: And the part of you that’s doing the washing is still active, and the part that’s doing the rinsing is still settled back somehow, hasn’t quite embraced that, and that part that’s still doing the washing is still that part that’s pondering whether it needs to do the teaching, is still the part that is dealing with having to sort out all the reins.

And the part that is the breath, that’s in the wholeness, is the part that does the rinsing, and would be the part that would exist if you didn’t have to feel you had to grope to sort something out. Very complicated. It’s like three dreams. Each gives kind of a component of information.

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