Going Beyond

hriginalThe pure scale of the the universe, and its 15 billion years of unfolding, makes it seem pretty unlikely that our lifetime here could really be of importance to the greater scheme of things. But the universe is a single organism itself, and so nothing in its “body” is unimportant. And the human is instrumental in the evolution and liberation of the higher aspects of this “body.” In fact, the success of the universe itself requires that humans play the role we are designed to play, because we bring in consciousness and freedom of choice to a robotic process – a very high purpose. So if we take up our true purpose, we are deeply intertwined with the future of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I seem to be working in some kind of a rehabilitation facility, as a counselor, because all the people on the wards are men, so it feels like a veteran’s facility or something like that.

And we’re kind of in the rehab wing where maybe some people are older, and not that sick, and we also have students that we train on how to work with them. And then over in another part of the grounds might be a hospital where you have people that are getting more urgent care.

And the therapists meet together regularly in this small circle with the people they’re training, and I realize that the woman who’s been the main person training one young lady is retiring, and so I’m kind of observing this student to see where she might work best. And I realize she really hasn’t gotten very much good training because the person was close to retirement age, and wasn’t that interested in it.

And as I follow the student around, I also realize that on the one hand she’s in with a ward of people that are just maybe more aged, or don’t have any major issues going on, so she can’t really do much harm with not a lot of training. On the other hand, she might not be doing a lot of good, either. To my way of thinking, it would be better to be training her maybe with some of the people in the hospital that have acute needs, or are in more stress.

But then as I go back out there, I suddenly realize that I’m only a year away from retirement age and how much can I train her in that amount of time? I don’t know if it’s mandatory retirement or not, so I may just have a limited period of time in which to train her. And so, if that’s the case, where’s the best place to do it? So that seems to be what the first dream is about.

John: Well, the setting is that of trying to sustain and maintain an overall presence, and connectivity, to the environment that you’re intertwined with. In other words, you have a responsibility, or are recognizing a responsibility, in terms of maintaining a linkage in an area in which a greater attention is needed.

Now the dilemma you have, in terms of doing that, is you wonder how that is going to be possible – even though you feel this calling inside of you as kind of an inner unfolding process awakening inside of yourself. You’re wondering how that is going to be possible, because as a human being you’re at a different energetic phase of your life. You’re at a point where, instead of continuing to continue in terms of sustaining and maintaining, and working with upholding and maintaining, that what has been put in place, is going to have to continue on. And that the idea of that happening with you gone is a concern.

What this does is it creates this flashback inside of myself, in which, I believe, as an aspect of intertwining, that a person recognizes themselves to be more and more of an affinity to an energetic, or an awakened aliveness, that is of a nonphysical nature. And that the awakening of this, the recognition of this, there is in that something that defies the perspective of how it is we perceive things to unfold.

In other words, we see things as unfolding in terms of gaining a certain understanding, or clarity, or consciousness, acting on that understanding in some sort of capacity, and that capacity then proceeds to project from our center of awareness into the environment, into the surroundings. And, after some given point in time, we fade out and that supposedly continues.

That’s I guess what we have to tell ourselves in kind of a Spaghetti Western way, that that is meaningful, and therefore it continues on. But, in the dream, you’re wondering, okay, this is what has to be, or needs to be, you’re retiring, you’re letting go, something has been started, it’s trying to maintain or uphold a certain effect in life, more is needed. How is this possible?

And from the mental standpoint of looking at yourself, you’re retiring, physically speaking, but what I am coming to recognize and realize that that is part of the illusion, that when you set something up energetically you’re intertwined with that which you set up energetically. The fact that we see ourselves as separate, and have used this separate energetic way of identification we therefore have a physical world, and a body, and all of that that moves around in it, acting as if it has to function independent from the whole.

And that when we break the illusion, and find that we’re intertwined, then how we are as an intertwinement has a life that goes beyond time and space, that lives on without us having to see ourselves as having some sort of piece of the action, or effect that is important. That we, as an illusion like that, cannot actually really do anything. We are instead intended and meant to catch up with the fact that we go beyond that.

The soul is not independent, it’s a world soul. The light is not independent, it’s a universal light in all that there is, and that when we come to know that, then we are in flow with what always has been and will be, in terms of the awakened aliveness behind it all. In other words, we then are in the mode that is intertwined with everything, and so we’re intertwined with the creator of it all. We are the creator, but that’s not how we see ourselves. We see ourself as some sort of chip off the block at best, that is out there trying to noodle along doing its best, and has its concerns and anxieties in terms of running out of time, and running out of physical energy of our outer beingness, and things that are delusional in terms of how life is meant to be seen, or not seen, experienced, and more than experienced in terms of the all-inclusive beingness, how things are as an all-inclusive beingness.

As an all-inclusive beingness there is nothing to contend with. There is nothing to be concerned about. There is actually nothing going on. When there is the distinction that’s trying to run its play or act separately, that’s when you have the hoopla.

And so your dream is just describing the setting. It’s not saying what to do about the setting. It’s just saying that the setting, when perceived in an outer capacity way, can lead to a certain kind of unfulfilled sadness. And somehow deep down you know that it’s got to be more than that, and somewhere deep down inside of yourself you know that it is more than that, but you can’t prove that, and you can’t point that out in an outer capacity way. And that it is only from this innerness, and this knowingness inside of an intertwined innerness, that you come to know the difference.

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In the Game

downloadSometimes it’s very settling to understand how to read the images in our dreams, because when a dream has terrorists trying to blow a place up, a young girl being found dead, and the game of baseball, it could be easily mistaken for stress or insanity and leave a person upset all day. Images such as these are called “loud” dreams because they intend to grab our attention, because of how important the message is to us, not as a way to scare us. Haven’t we ever raised our voice to make a point? So it is in our unconscious process, where we can be shown the status of our current struggle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream last night. In this dream, again I’m an adolescent girl. I’m with a group of other adolescent girls and boys, and we seem to be underground in kind of a cave-like area under a city, and we’re there because we seem be being tutored by a group of terrorists who are actually planning on bombing something at some point, we think. And, of course, unbeknownst to the terrorists, most or all of us are actually trying to figure out what their target is so that we can either stop it or report it.

Now one girl, she kind of sees on something kind of the side of a red sign, or a picture of a red sign, that’s like in a field or something, so that she’s beginning to put together the information and finding out what the target is.

And they take us one day to actually watch a baseball game, in a nice suburb where we can actually get there. We can get to a room kind of under the stands from our cave structure. And we can see the baseball game being played by a bunch of adolescents. And part of me figures out that that baseball field is probably the target that they’re going to blow up.

And a lot of doctors’ kids kind of are playing baseball there. It’s an upscale place, and then I go back in the cave structure and I find that this one girl that had figured out where the target was and was going to report everybody, I find her body hidden behind some rocks, in a cavern, dead. I know she figured it out, and they must’ve figured out she was going to report it.

So then I’m thinking that I have to figure out now how to get the information out, because I’m pretty sure where the target is, but I’m thinking, especially since she’s dead, maybe for me I’ll try it by one of the boys who’s a terrorist likes me, maybe I can get him to take me out on a date or something, you know, like I can get access to the outside so I can report it. Anyway, that’s all. Then I started waking up.

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night is gaining access to an unfoldment, from within, of what you are able or meant to catch up with in terms of a kind of inner Book of Life or destiny that’s already kind of laid out, or intertwined, within.

And the fact that they are like terrorists, and such, means that it still is this inner process that’s still something that is deemed or considered to be kind of foreign from you. In other words, you haven’t quite fully grasped what that’s meant to be about. And, of course, if you did, you probably then wouldn’t have to be going through the awakening process. You would then  probably be out of here – like the little girl that was found dead.

In other words, this is a domain in which there is a waking up process that occurs, and we have to sort all of that out in relationship to an amnesia and neuroses that we have, that veil this from being obvious. And so you’re going through the motions: things that need to happen for you to come to grips and grasp what is meant to be are occurring.

In other words, a baseball game is the outer portrayal of life. I mean baseball is considered the American pastime or something. I mean it has a very significant meaning in terms of its portrayed importance in terms of the American way, so you’re taken into the outer. You’re shown all of this; that’s why the outer is considered the greater teacher because, as you’re going through this however it is that you feel yourself, or however it is that you’re reacting about things that are happening around you, those reactions, those mannerisms, those kinds of reverberations that you go through, they all play out in the outer around you.

And, if you are awakened, you know what that is about, what the meaningfulness of that is. And so you have this whole process. I mean you are trying to catch up with some hidden inner depth of what’s meant to be, that you know is important to the overall life. You have your notions in the dream on how this can be done. You have certain mannerisms that you’ve adopted to try to do that.

One is you have this contrast inside of yourself between how it is that you see yourself and how that is, as an effect, that is attempting to do something, because you still see yourself as separate in some capacity, you see that then, as a terrorist, or a danger. In other words, you haven’t yet figured out how to accept all that there is as being you.

So you’re trying to sort that sort of thing out. That’s one aspect that we all go through, and we noodle around and adapt our way of functioning in relationship to an outer that has its seeming contrast. And then you have the approach inside yourself where you take and you throw yourself into the game. In other words, you kind of go along with what is done, what is unfolding, and you try to go along in two different ways.

The first way is kind of like accepting that this sort of thing has something to reveal, has its notion, and so you go into the game of life, which is the baseball game, and therein lies a great opportunity to come to grips with what is really real. Well, that’s kind of like coming into the physical body and having to go through and live a lifetime in this kind of an existence – that’s the game of life. We’re living it, and are we going to, in terms of living this game of life, come to understand what it is that’s really real.

And then there is kind of the side note where you will go along with pretending that you’re part of all of this that’s unfolding, that it is all kind of an act job, or an illusion. You’re willing to go along with that in order to see something behind it all, in which case now you’re acting like you can understand and figure this out from the standpoint of carrying a certain consciousness, or wit, or intelligence that’s unique and separate from the whole.

And so you go along with the whole, as you sit there and figure that by going along with the whole, and being observant, that you’re going to figure out what it is all about that way. At no point do you point out what would be kind of a fourth process, or step, in which you come to know yourself as just something that’s intertwined with everything that’s going on. And when you are able to fully embody and embrace that, then there is no mystery, there is no need to discover anything, and that’s when you kind of die before you die, which is one of the things that makes me ponder and wonder about the gal that is found… Where was she found, behind a what?

Jeane: It’s almost like in a cave-like area, into another cave.

John: Yeah, that’s where she found the hidden of the hidden. You know, it was all with inside of herself. And so the whole dance and whatnot kind of came to an end. When it comes to an end, she’s died before she died. In other words, it’s like a depiction of not having to maintain the hoopla anymore because she had gotten to where she needed to get. She had come to recognize.

Now that’s kind of a haphazard way of trying to portray something, because that’s just kind of a quiet rendition that happens off to one side. You don’t put a whole lot of significance in that. In fact, you act like it’s all the more important to try to find out something that she must have stumbled upon, that you still need to stumble upon, in your separate capacity of sorting things out.

Instead of realizing that, for her to have gotten it, means that all of this then lost its hoopla, its song and dance, and therefore it was game over. As opposed to still thinking that one has to untwine what is happening, as if it has a separate capacity, instead of it all being completely intertwined.

The theme of the dreaming has to do with playing with the Book of Life, and so what is there that you’re meant to catch up with? And so this is your storyline of how it is that you’re trying to catch up with what is meant to be caught up with, in terms of a consciousness, that is the all pervasive you.

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Creating Definition

bad-h0A bad hair day can be the stuff of nightmares, but in the dream world it’s used to show, from a different angle, the same dilemma that is being looked at over the course of this night of dreaming: all the ways we tamper with life as it tries to unfold in a natural flow (see Stealing the Breath and Trying to Direct). And in this instance the feeling aspects of this process come into clear definition: our fiddling with the flow puts us right back where we started with nothing gained, and certainly time and effort lost – in terms of our connection to the flow that our systems are trying to keep us aligned with.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

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Jeane: Then I go in and I’ve gotten a haircut, but I’m unhappy with the haircut. And this kind of mimics reality with what happened as I have been unhappy with the haircut I got, so I’ve decided to maybe let my hair grow out for awhile.

But in the dream, having decided to let my hair grow out for awhile, I decide to go to at least a new hairdresser and get it trimmed, or shaped. So I go someplace and I go to the new hairdresser, but she’s harried and overwhelmed, and kind of just shoves me in a chair and hollers for someone to come, or shoves someone over to help me. It turns out to be the first person that gave me the haircut I didn’t like in the first place. So I realize I’m just going to have to deal with her, you know.

John: So what this dream is portraying is that, in this dream you’re trying to reorient the way a situation looks, or appears, in terms of the mannerism that it has in relationship to the outer. In other words, it’s like maybe you’ve improved on the first two dreams, or so you think, anyway, that you’ve improved on certain things in terms of realizing that if you subject yourself to a certain sort of mannerism that is too distinguished from the wholeness that you’re a part of, that being off like this takes away your energetic.

You’re meant to be able to flow with what is in the environment around you, and you’re meant to be able to flow in that environment, not necessarily according to the conduct of the circumstances of the environment, but in relationship to something on an inner level of your being that is intertwined with all that there is.

And if you do not find that, then you tend to suffer, or you experience your breath being stolen. And so, you know, you could quickly come to the conclusion, as in the second dream, that perhaps to rectify this you just need to make sure that the environment that you’re in is policed a little better, and that then also takes and puts you in a position of distinguishment from a flow, as if you know better, and that then will lead to a suffering, and a quality, as in the first dream, of your breath not being full.

And in the third dream, instead of being as loud as you were in the first two dreams, you’re attempting to orchestrate or rearrange your consciousness to show more balance in relationship to the whole.

And hair symbolizes a catching up with a certain kind of recognition, in terms of how something is. And in the outer that is an understanding, and on the inner that’s wisdom. And when you develop this kind of understanding that enables you to free flow better in life, or so you think, that, too, creates a definition, and that definition will also limit you in terms of how it is that you’re intertwined.

So it’s as if you’ve really looked at the subject from kind of gross, to in-between, to lesser, but in each instance what you’re looking at is something in which there is an identity that is being contended with. In other words, you may be refining that identity, thinking that it makes things better, but the sensation, and the experience within the dream, is there to show you that that doesn’t work. Isn’t that interesting?

I think that’s been your best set of dreams for quite some time, in that it has a one, two, and three to it. It has the one, which is very, very out of it. A two, which is attempting to try to make it balanced by policing things a bit. And the three, which is attempting to rearrange the appearance of things.

The third way is kind of a design way, if you think about it, but still it’s an attempt to do something that is differentiated from what is, or differentiated to some degree in terms of itself, and that, too, is not something that is going to take you to what you really want from an innerness inside that is intertwined with everything in a natural flow.

So what you went through was a shadow dynamic, in other words, where you came into this environment you more or less did a reconciliation of how it was that you had been feeling before you came down here, and that what you were feeling before you came down here had to do with those three conditions, or approaches, that you were conducting yourself in life in terms of trying to make things better.

And so, when you take and you portray that, and you lay that out, almost as a fessing up in terms of how something has been that’s afflicting you, it’s kind of like the precursor to an excitement to the dawning of a horizon of something anew.

So the reason I knew that you were doing a reconciliation, in terms of how things are, in terms of being able to set one thing aside in order to take on an innerness inside of yourself in a new capacity – is because my first dream did that.