A Responding

2b8corpusWe speak of how our psychologies and defense mechanisms can become veils to our experience of the world and, in this dream, there is literally a veil worn during a dance.  And we can see that the dreamer is struggling to make a connection to something, a connection from the past, even, that has still not been fully realized. And the only way the dreamer is able to participate in the dance is when a veil is used. This tells us that there is still a deep resistance that prevents the freedom of expression. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream it feels like there’s some expression I have that’s related to a song, or a dance, or music, or a movement and, in relationship to this, I’ve gone with some other people to a building that feels somewhat like a museum.

And within this building are some women that are doing this dance, and they feel like Sufis to a degree, something like that, but they’re doing a dance, and again, it’s part of this expression. It’s an expression probably that pulls something together.

And I really want to join in, but initially I’m holding back. And then I see some of them in another room, and I go over and, as I pass by, one woman, young woman, she reminds me by something she says to me, that I have been here about ten years ago, or seen the same group, or dance, or participated in something ten years ago, when she was even younger.

And this reminds me of it; she reminds me of that. And as she does that then I pick up a veil and I cover myself with a veil and kind of join in a dance. In fact, if the veil kind of slips around my eyes, I shift it so that I’m completely covered. But when I’m covered, I can see out through this. It’s really thin silk with a pattern on it. And I can kind of move or twirl with the other dancers.

And it feels like participating in and remembering something, some kind of theme or dance or expression. It feels like a Sufi group to a degree, and it’s linked to the two rooms in the museum where we can do this. Whatever it is that we can even take out and do in another setting, it’s just reconnecting it in a way to learn it, remember it even more strongly.

John: So are you going into the past, or the future?

Jeane: Well, sometimes you go into the past to kind of make something stronger in the present.

John: So you’re dealing with something that’s lost, and you’re trying to bring it into the present.

And it seems like, to begin with, you have a certain sense of something. You’re going inside of yourself to some space that you’re finding, that’s not relatable in the present yet, and so you’re having to go somewhere within in order to reach this and bring it through.

And those that you see around you, that you might expect to have a certain kind of development or consciousness, don’t seem to carry it, so you’re going into another space or depth inside yourself to find it.

The other thing that’s odd about these dreams is that, is it depicting something else? Is it depicting a quality of yourself that is getting somehow removed from life? In other words,  are you developing a consciousness in such a way that the rapport that’s required around you just isn’t there?

Then the question is: why? And, I’m looking at this, too, in my dreams, and wondering what is there that’s missing? In other words, there can be the understanding, there can be a recognition about things, but that, in and of itself, doesn’t change anything. And that everything else seems to be in some sort of stupor. It’s not quite able to catch the memo, which indicates to me that what is missing is a certain kind of consciousness, on my part, that is able to touch others in a way so that they stop whatever it is, and however it is, that they are in the collective – because just because I get it, doesn’t mean that this is in any way, shape, or form translating across to an effect that is needed in terms of the whole.

And even though one takes and recognizes that it’s only in terms of working with the overall in an intertwined way that it’s possible to change a story, or cause something to shift, that it’s not happening. It requires almost a two-way form of dialogue for this to occur. And that isn’t what is happening. In other words, in your dream you can get up to a particular point inside yourself, but you’re not getting the feedback that you need back.

And therefore that’s frustrating, and defeating a purpose, and a focus and of attention. And then you seem to access something that is in need of waking up inside of you, but are you able to bring it into the setting? You can bring it into the setting in terms of your imaginative, but not in reality yet?

So that’s taking something from the future back. That’s awakening something from the future back. When you put the two dreams together there has to be, as a consequence of all of this, there has to be at some point a recognition. There has to be something that causes an appreciation, and a shift, or change. In other words, there needs to be a kind of responding.

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