Taking the Plunge

A perfect dive, circa 1975.  (Photo by Ed Lacey/Popperfoto/Getty Images)Here’s another interesting example that shows how the journey we take with our dreams during the night is connected, and the images evolve like a story – with the outcome of the story depending on how we respond to each scene in the dream. The first image shows the dreamer accepting something that he can’t really see. That acceptance leads to him eating a new food, a food with an aliveness to it. And that aliveness enables him to be sprinkled with water from a dive into the unconscious (into a pool). Each step takes the dreamer forward. Yet, if the response in the first dream was resistance rather than acceptance, the next images would have been completely different. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John:  In my dreams they’re very, very clear actually, in what they’re pointing out. And, of course, this is done through a sequence of dreams, and each dream makes the thing clearer and clearer.

It starts off a little vague, because in the meditation dream I realize that life is more dynamic, and vistas open up, when I go along with and I accept the guidance of a person that I know I can trust. This is a person whose face I don’t see in the dream, yet anyway, but I know to be a masculine presence who is introducing the change, or is part of the change.

But even though what I see is there, it isn’t at this point in time something that is unfamiliar to me. It’s not familiar to me, either, so it’s something that I am inclined, though, to go along with. And because I don’t reject the process, and go ahead and give the unfoldment a chance, I come to recognize and realize that this awakens me to a more expansive position, or set of possibilities.

The meaning is, the dream is pointing out that when I quit controlling the conditions around me and follow an expansiveness of the heart, I awaken. What I am coming to know is that I am able to embrace within more of the overall than I realized was possible. I am normally not a person who’s up for change. However, because the new vibration there carries an awakened expansiveness of the heart, I am finding myself to be more joyfully creative. There seems to be something to this as my heart is anxious to see what this new expansiveness reveals.

So then there’s a repeat dream in which I am looking at a new food that I am told has some organisms in it, but this is what you have whenever you are dealing with the natural. I am told in advance so I won’t be too reactive. In other words, the food there isn’t quite too my usual expectations. In other words, I’m used to having things in my food.

So I recall seeing something a little peculiar; I just recall I have a memory of that. It didn’t stop me in terms of partaking of the food because I was aware that this could be so, in other words, told in advance of what to expect. And so I was able to let go of what would normally be a concern and accept the food as is.

As I’m looking yet now again at the food, it’s a little bit like a dessert because the food has a white topping on it. And, as I look more closely, I see what looks to be a bug in it. I stick a pin-like object down there and extract what is either a small spider, or a fly, and to my surprise it’s still alive. In other words, it’s just not sitting there dormant or something because it looked dormant.

So I yell out to you to come and see what I have found, more curious than anything about what your reaction will be because you hate those kinds of things. To me it’s not that big of deal because I’ve come to kind of accept that there could be stuff in this, but I’m always surprised when I see it, too. Or, in other words, I’m not all that concerned because I was told at the beginning to expect some organisms that are part of this food.

So the meaning is: there is a curiosity and excitement at having found this new food that has another aliveness about it.

In the next dream I’m in a room waiting for an event to happen. I’m sitting in the back. I’m not feeling ready yet to check in. I’m kind of in the back row, and people are gathering, and it doesn’t look like anything is quite ready to happen. So I’m not paying attention to where I need to be sitting, and each seat has a birth date on it. And so you go and you sit where your birth date is at. That’s where you’re supposed to sit, and I’m sitting in the back row. I finally decide it’s time to move up to sit where I belong.

I’m standing in the row trying to make out where my seat is, because there’s all kinds of people sitting in this row. I do not see the seat that has my birth date on it, so I ask someone who is sitting in this area, perhaps in my seat, and she says, “Oh, am I sitting in your seat?” In exploring this further, she says, “I believe this…”,  meaning those who are in this area that were sitting in seats here, and she mentions the place where they were taken from this area.

And suddenly she gets up, along with others in this adjacent area, as they proceed out to wherever it is that they have to go. So I’m not sure what to do. Do I follow? I forgot kind of where she said they went.

And then suddenly the dream shifts, and I’m in an open stand area that is next to a diving pool. Okay, what this looks like is like sitting in a stadium, where you have stadium seats, only it’s a small stadium, and it’s out in the open. And then to the left there’s a very small barricade and on the other side of that is a pool, a diving pool.

And so suddenly, from the diving pool area, a guy jumps off the diving board and makes one of the nicest dives I’ve ever seen in terms of the entry into the water.

And I comment to the person next to me what a wonderful dive it was, you know, and it’s kind of amazing that that small splash, as small as it was, as fate would have it, it even sprinkled some droplets of water on me – even though it was a perfect dive. I mean so it was a surprise that I got hit by those small droplets after such a wonderful, almost no splash dive.

So as I look across at the diving pool area, I see this guy’s girlfriend moving in position to do a dive. I comment to the friend next to me that I bet she is as good as he is in terms of being a wonderful diver.

The meaning of this is, this is a guidance dream providing me with more information in terms of an evolvement. And, as things evolve, I observe that this takes into account a plunge into things in order to awaken anew; plunge into the water, or into the unconscious, or a plunge in some fashion in order to awaken anew. And it’s an intended plunge; it’s something that one knows how to do, that one’s equipped to do.

And from the prior dreams, I have a better idea what this is about. I was okay in those dreams in accepting the unfoldment therein, and partaking of what was offered. The message in the prior dream referred to consciousness. And the deeper meaning is, I believe that I have gotten involved in an aliveness that seeks to make its presence felt in life in a newly awakened way. My challenge is to pay attention to how it is that this is meant to unfold.

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