A Proper Perspective

Wang Ming

We don’t usually consider how we “give” ourselves away. But we do, we give ourselves away to situations at work, we give ourselves away in relationships between family, friends, and lovers. We give ourselves away to the pressures of the culture and our local environment – even through social media. And what this means is that we compromise what we stand for, or strive to uphold, in ourselves. To make a spiritual journey, we must stop giving ourselves away to things because it is fundamental to personal development that we become a safety for the universe, and that begins with providing a safety for ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember little glimpses of last night’s dreams. It’s like they disappear really fast when I look at them, or try to remember them.

In one of them, I seem to have gone with a group of people to a building. In the back of the building you can go out and I think there’s horse racing going on. In the front of the building, or the first room, where I’m with some other people I think there’s some food being served.

And I look down and I notice that I have a little mouse with me, very tiny. I think it’s a mouse, anyway it’s something. And you know maybe some people would give it away or something, but I realize that it’s so tiny that even if it has to go to the bathroom it makes such a tiny mess I can just wrap a little tissue paper around it and put it in my pocket.

So it feels like because of that I’m kind of keeping it with me. It’s really cute. And then I’m going up to the counter and it feels like I get something at the counter, and then I go into the back room where I think that’s where you can kind of go out to the horse races, or place a bet on the horse races. And that’s all I remember from that first dream.

John: So what do you think the mouse is?

Jeane: I don’t know. It was awfully cute.

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with taking and recognizing that there’s more to how we are than we are inclined to think, or believe. And that the inclination is to take things that are happening around you and just respond as if that’s what it’s all about, in other words, literally speaking, but everything that happens around and about you has a deeper meaning to it in terms of how it is, and who it is, you are. And that if you take something too literally, you’re going to miss that treasure of yourself.

And so the dream throws you into kind of a collective, in which you have the eating, and the horse racing, and all of the activities going on, but it’s indicating that you can be okay in that. Other people cannot necessarily be okay in that; they lose themselves to that whole process. But you have carefully taken into account an ability… well, like the symbol of a mouse is scrutiny. You have that quality to where you can be involved in all of that, and not lose yourself, and you can be involved in all of that and hold onto yourself.

Now the deeper schematic behind all of that is that something has gotten lost. I mean you have the horse racing, and the eating, and all of this stuff going on, the whole collective going on, I should say the whole unspoken question, is something is missing? And that would be true if you reacted, and you dealt only with that which is going on in the collective around you.

But you have the means to sort, and understand, and take it into a proper account because you have this capacity that you have not given away, that you carry as a depth inside of yourself. And so you keep things in the proper perspective.

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