A Solid Tree

GeneralIf we look at a tree, we can see that it has, generally, a singular trunk from which it branches out in many directions. And that is a great image for us because, on a spiritual journey, we have to be just as solidly decided, and allow that certainty to guide all our branching out. Because, for the most part, we may think we have decided something, but another part of us may not agree – and can even sabotage our better intentions. So we must let our systems know that we are on this path together, as a oneness, all of us growing toward the same light. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have to say that, in last night’s dreaming, I know that somewhere that I don’t quite remember, there was a tree that was really strong, and that was the nice part of the dreaming very, very early in the evening. There was some tree that gave me a lot of strength, I think, but the rest of the dreaming was exhausting, and I remember it more in little pieces.

And, in one dream, it’s like I go into a house, and in this house they’re putting things together, almost like they’re selling campfire candy, and I’ve gone in to buy some boxes of it. But I get in there, and I start to put some boxes together, and there’s one young guy that takes me aside for a minute or so and we share that we’ve both done Qigong or martial arts, Qigong I think.

And then I’ve gone back, and I’m getting everything wrapped up in two packets, and I realize that the other people there are planning on killing those of us who are taking the candy. But I’m lucky because this guy that’s done martial arts has identified with me, in some way, so he grabs me aside and kind of pushes me out the door with my bundles.

But I feel like I’m on the run a bit, and I go over to a street and now I seem to have someone else with me, but I don’t see who that is real clearly, and I’m trying to get away on this street. But the problem is it’s a city street, and it has a big curve in it that goes up and around a corner and to a stoplight, and the street lines are painted such that you feel like you’re supposed to… I seem to be on a bike of some kind now, like motor scooter or something, I’m supposed to be over to the left. In other words, like I’m supposed to be way over to the left where traffic is.

But there’s a yellow line right against the wall on the right. I don’t trust the people behind me enough to go drive where it feels like you’re supposed to drive traffic, so I’m staying way over on the right because I feel like there’s something behind me that would come up. So I’m staying on the right where it feels like you’re really not supposed to drive, but I don’t feel like it’s safe to drive over in the middle because of big things that might come up behind you because I’m already being chased. And then there’s a little shift in the dream.

John: So the tree that you see is like a seed precursor to show you that the process of accessing that which is hidden within is where your strength is at, but you just see this tree out of context as a firm, solid tree that reflects something balanced and more complete.

And then you have to untwine that to see what is the essence that makes such a tree the tree that it is. And so you find yourself going close to the flame of things, or the campfire, you know putting together these treats that you find, or these qualities, contending with these qualities that you find inside of yourself.

You’ve developed a certain balance, or a key, to be able to do that, because most people their neurosis keeps them from doing that. But, all around you, that is not considered a collective accepted way to approach life, and so those forces around you in the outer, that do not do that for themselves, seek to beat that out of you, or to keep you from proceeding in this particular way.

And so you proceed into life as if you’re pursued, or affected, by the outer aspects – which is yourself, too, but in a more unconscious state – and that creates the image of a thread, or a road, that you have to follow. And you have the caution lines, or the yellow lines, and if you look more closely there are probably orange lines, too.

In other words, both of those denote ways in which you are guided, so to speak, in terms of this process of waking up, which is a step and a path that you have gotten yourself to a certain degree intertwined with, to have gotten to a point where you could sit near the campfire and access this sort of thing, which is alarming to the collective.

But you have to bring all of that ultimately into a oneness, and the oneness includes the other parts of yourself that do not necessarily support such a process. And, as a consequence, that haunts, and chases, and affects you. It’s all part of you getting to be a whole oneness there, the wholeness, or whatever, which is that solid tree.

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