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bad-h0A bad hair day can be the stuff of nightmares, but in the dream world it’s used to show, from a different angle, the same dilemma that is being looked at over the course of this night of dreaming: all the ways we tamper with life as it tries to unfold in a natural flow (see Stealing the Breath and Trying to Direct). And in this instance the feeling aspects of this process come into clear definition: our fiddling with the flow puts us right back where we started with nothing gained, and certainly time and effort lost – in terms of our connection to the flow that our systems are trying to keep us aligned with.

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Jeane: Then I go in and I’ve gotten a haircut, but I’m unhappy with the haircut. And this kind of mimics reality with what happened as I have been unhappy with the haircut I got, so I’ve decided to maybe let my hair grow out for awhile.

But in the dream, having decided to let my hair grow out for awhile, I decide to go to at least a new hairdresser and get it trimmed, or shaped. So I go someplace and I go to the new hairdresser, but she’s harried and overwhelmed, and kind of just shoves me in a chair and hollers for someone to come, or shoves someone over to help me. It turns out to be the first person that gave me the haircut I didn’t like in the first place. So I realize I’m just going to have to deal with her, you know.

John: So what this dream is portraying is that, in this dream you’re trying to reorient the way a situation looks, or appears, in terms of the mannerism that it has in relationship to the outer. In other words, it’s like maybe you’ve improved on the first two dreams, or so you think, anyway, that you’ve improved on certain things in terms of realizing that if you subject yourself to a certain sort of mannerism that is too distinguished from the wholeness that you’re a part of, that being off like this takes away your energetic.

You’re meant to be able to flow with what is in the environment around you, and you’re meant to be able to flow in that environment, not necessarily according to the conduct of the circumstances of the environment, but in relationship to something on an inner level of your being that is intertwined with all that there is.

And if you do not find that, then you tend to suffer, or you experience your breath being stolen. And so, you know, you could quickly come to the conclusion, as in the second dream, that perhaps to rectify this you just need to make sure that the environment that you’re in is policed a little better, and that then also takes and puts you in a position of distinguishment from a flow, as if you know better, and that then will lead to a suffering, and a quality, as in the first dream, of your breath not being full.

And in the third dream, instead of being as loud as you were in the first two dreams, you’re attempting to orchestrate or rearrange your consciousness to show more balance in relationship to the whole.

And hair symbolizes a catching up with a certain kind of recognition, in terms of how something is. And in the outer that is an understanding, and on the inner that’s wisdom. And when you develop this kind of understanding that enables you to free flow better in life, or so you think, that, too, creates a definition, and that definition will also limit you in terms of how it is that you’re intertwined.

So it’s as if you’ve really looked at the subject from kind of gross, to in-between, to lesser, but in each instance what you’re looking at is something in which there is an identity that is being contended with. In other words, you may be refining that identity, thinking that it makes things better, but the sensation, and the experience within the dream, is there to show you that that doesn’t work. Isn’t that interesting?

I think that’s been your best set of dreams for quite some time, in that it has a one, two, and three to it. It has the one, which is very, very out of it. A two, which is attempting to try to make it balanced by policing things a bit. And the three, which is attempting to rearrange the appearance of things.

The third way is kind of a design way, if you think about it, but still it’s an attempt to do something that is differentiated from what is, or differentiated to some degree in terms of itself, and that, too, is not something that is going to take you to what you really want from an innerness inside that is intertwined with everything in a natural flow.

So what you went through was a shadow dynamic, in other words, where you came into this environment you more or less did a reconciliation of how it was that you had been feeling before you came down here, and that what you were feeling before you came down here had to do with those three conditions, or approaches, that you were conducting yourself in life in terms of trying to make things better.

And so, when you take and you portray that, and you lay that out, almost as a fessing up in terms of how something has been that’s afflicting you, it’s kind of like the precursor to an excitement to the dawning of a horizon of something anew.

So the reason I knew that you were doing a reconciliation, in terms of how things are, in terms of being able to set one thing aside in order to take on an innerness inside of yourself in a new capacity – is because my first dream did that.

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