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weird dreamSomeday, someone will find this post because they Googled: “my mother’s head was cut off in a dream.” And that could give a person an awful feeling when they awaken. But as we can see in this example, there are symbolisms at play that reveal a deeper story than just the startling image. And part of the reason our unconscious will use such an unsettling image is to make us take notice of what is being communicated, by saying, in effect: the normal assumptions no longer apply, and need to be reconsidered. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my earliest dream, the only piece of it I remember is it felt like in the dream I had a mother that I seem to want to do things with, and she was being controlled by two different sides.

So one side, I think, identified as something like the Chinese, and however they controlled her was really unacceptable to me. And then, on the other side, was you, and the people you were with, and what you had done is you had cut my mother’s head off and put it back in some way, that had to do with how you controlled her, but I could work with that better than I could work with what the other side did.

John: The theme of the dreams last night had to do with catching up with the perception in which there is a quality of beingness that one is able to recognize, or wake up, and notice. The dilemma that currently exists, in terms of outer existence, is that there seems to be an aliveness everywhere you look, and so the tendency is to take everything that’s going on around you and give it present day importance – meaning that however it is has a direct effect upon how you see yourself.

And the dilemma with that is this impacts the focus and attention, if that’s the right word. In other words, it affects the beingness, or knowingness, in terms of how it is that something actually is in terms of how it reveals itself.

It’s actually been part of the themeing for yesterday, as well as last night, in other words, the night before. It’s also been part of that themeing, but it presented itself slightly differently in that what was seen, then, was a sense of how something in a whole other way or level different from how it is that a person is accustomed to conducting themselves, how it is that that something else is coming through.

And the only way that you can say that it comes through is that there is a shift. There’s a shift into a kind of a knowingness. And yet there is an importance, in terms of the physical, from a standpoint that the heartfulness of things, the mercy, the sincerity, the compassion or whatever you want to call it, is accentuated in the duplicity – if one can find it. And the degree to which one hones themselves to finding it, is the degree to which one establishes kind of a way of being that they consider a manner, or means, upon which to conduct themselves in manifestation amongst the myriad of things.

That reaches a level of heartfulness, and that’s important, and that seems to be associating with manifestation and, with the whole other levels in terms of what’s really going on, you adopt a type of knowingness. And so you have to integrate the knowingness to the heartfulness – in order for there to be a wholeness. In other words, that’s how you take in everything that there is, both on this side, and on the other side, or sides, or however you’d say it.

So what you have done is you have created an image in which you have something that is one way. How do you see your mother’s head to be in this?

Jeane: Well, it’s like at first the Chinese are controlling her in some way.

John: Yeah, first you see it as something that’s affected by things that you can’t understand. It’s foreign to you, and things are always going to be foreign to a person when they are trying to figure out the way in terms of an overall puzzle, in terms of the myriad of things.

Jeane: And then you had like cut off her head and reattached it.

John: And the second thing is when something is succinct, in other words, culminates into something that just is, that isn’t washed out by all of the complexities of all the foreign issues that have to be kind of sorted out, or that one thinks and has been caught up in having to sort out, which diffuses one’s energy. When it gets to a point where all of that comes to an end, and that something constellates in a way that’s anew, may not make sense how it constellates and what is anew, but it does constellate in the something that’s anew and, when it does, even though that may put us through the paces in terms of conceptualizations that we would like to hold onto, that keep us going around and around, we have to drop that.

And when we drop that you’re going to be kind of stunned, but that’s just how it is. The secret to recognizing that there is a meaningfulness, in the dream, is the degree to which you feel a kind of resolution, or groundedness, or solidity in terms of the two images.

In other words, the one has all kinds of things that are foreign to you that keeps your energy dispersed, and this has something that may even be hard for you to accept, and to some degree repulsive, but it’s rooted, it’s grounded, it’s a solidification. And so when you’re comparing the two states that you find that this state that is more solidified, that’s more absolute in its way or mannerism, holds your attention more than something that’s caught in all of this foreign myriad way.

And the peculiarity of the dreaming last night, was what it’s like to have to experience going from where we’re accustomed to looking at this, that, and the other, to no longer being able to do that because something has just been switched, or changed, and we have to look at things in a more concretized, set way, more black-and-white way, not all of the variances in between.

And that more set way in your dream, in terms of your symbolism, shows that everything is let go of, it all dies. There no longer are all these Chinese things, so to speak. There is just a point where it all sum totals to this sort of thing to a particular result. Whether one likes it or not, that’s the result. It’s kind of a peculiar dream because all of it was swirling like that. It was like a swirl last night.

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w_nesIt’s been said that to make a spiritual journey is to learn to live according to the rules of the universe, rather that according to human-made rules. And the same applies to understanding our dreams. In this dream image, we see a group of people taking credit for something they didn’t create. In our created culture, that’s against the rules. But our dreams aren’t viewing things from that perspective, they’re showing us how we separate ourselves from the wholeness of things, from the quilt of life, and separate ourselves even within our own selves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream it has some shifts in it. In this dream I’m in a long, low building, almost like a school building in a way, in terms of how it’s built, lots of rooms but a couple different levels.

And I’m there because there’s going to be a fundraiser, and there’s going to be an auctioning off of some quilts that some women have made. And I’m helping to finish the quilts because, when you make quilts, usually you sew them together and then they put some batting or something in them, but they have to be finished by the two sides being tied together, or stitched together. That’s sometimes done my hand, so I’m helping finish the quilts so they’ll be ready for auction.

There’s one woman’s quilts in particular that I’m finishing. She has a series of quilts, and some of them are going to get completed by the time of the auction, and some won’t be done but we’ll take them in anyway. At one point I leave the room where I’ve been working, or where they’re going to be auctioned, and I’ve gone down to a bathroom – and this is almost like a school building that’s got a long bathroom with a series of stalls, and several women and I have gone down. But the lights aren’t on in the room.

And so when I go into a bathroom stall I can’t tell whether it’s plugged up, or it’s flushed, or what the scene is, and I can tell other people are having the same problem. So I kind of reach out to flush the toilet, hoping that it’s not going to flood, because I can’t see what the situation is. And I try to get the light on my cell phone to work; I know I have a flashlight attachment somewhere, but it won’t seem to work in this room, either. But I think somebody says something reassuring, and I realize we just have to move on.

And I go from that room into the room where the woman who made my quilts is and there are still some quilts she’s putting together there. And then the other odd thing in that room is there’s this bat flying around, and it’s quite a large bat, and it’s landed on the person next to me and she wants me to feed the bat. The bat spreads its wings out and stuff, but I keep trying to avoid the bat because I find it kind of scary. And she keeps trying to show me that it’s actually quite harmless, even though it has these sharp teeth and stuff.

Even though it’s landing on the person next to me, or on the quilt next to me, still I find it pretty intimidating even though they keep showing me how they feed it. I don’t seem to want to touch the bat.

And then it’s time to go into sell the quilts, even though they’re not completely done. I help her carry them in, and some people who have finished the quilts it’s like they present the quilts as though they’re their own, but I want the quilts presented so it’s clear that people know that she made them. I think that’s where the dream ends.

John: For a while there I thought you were advancing the theme beyond, into a place where I never advanced it, which means a recognition of a connection that goes along with being able to hold onto a place that is in keeping with something that is naturally opening up as part of your being, that you’re born with.

In other words, the way I likened the difference is the difference, it’s the difference between following a principle of a good righteous person, who follows their heart, and adheres to what they have come to understand based upon the outer and their understanding of the outer. And they don’t have much of a depth of an understanding of the inner, but they can develop pretty good principles, and then they come from an aspect of their heart.

And that can lead up to a particular kind of development that only can go so far, but at some point it can be cracked or broken, in terms of the heart, and then something will compromise. That’s the limitation of that kind of consciousness.

And then there’s the kind of consciousness that you were describing, that the judges had. Now you didn’t describe the first consciousness, but the consciousness that the judges have, in your first dream, was the type of consciousness where it was natural to them. It was kind of like they were born with it. Others still struggled, but they had what it took imbedded in their nature and so they could manifest something that could affect life.

So, when you started on the next dream, it looked to me like you were going to be showing how much that means to be able to be like that, in terms of functionality in life, because you started off dealing with the quilt, and the quilt is a matrix of things, a design of things. And initially it was like you were going to intertwine these various quilts together, ways of sewing them together. And it looked like you were doing the process, and then once this was done this was just going to be released out into life, made available to life.

But then, somewhere along the line, it kind of got to the point where you didn’t quite really recognize this as something of yourself. Others who were working on the quilts, that did get them done, saw these quilts as theirs, meaning they didn’t disassociate and create it as something outside of themselves. They saw this as inside of themselves, but you didn’t quite see this as something that was part of yourself. You still felt that it had to do with a glorification, or qualification, of something else that was the main designer of the quilt – and that that’s where the credit needed to go, or something, and therefore that kind of deflection kept you from quite finishing the quilts, quite finishing what needed to be released into life.

And the reason is also provided in the dream, when you shifted and went into an area where you couldn’t flush a toilet, or do something without creating some other kind of condition, because you couldn’t quite see what you were doing. It didn’t quite come through. And because it didn’t quite come through, when you were in the quilt room it was like that battiness was still flying around. And those who understood what they were doing, and were able to put all of this together as themselves, and twine it together, were in the oneness in such a way so that they could then release that into the outer for all to enjoy and behold.

But, in your particular case, you still had to contend with something that was a little awry, or the bat, the battiness of things. And of course you were shown the reason why there is a battiness of things, in that you didn’t quite figure out how to access the means upon which to see what it was that was going on. You had it inside of you.

You, in the first dream, were amongst judges that were born with it and that this trait is a trait that you’re closing in on, but haven’t necessarily found. In other words, you have your predilections or something that keep you from quite making the quilt intertwined with other quilts, released to the outer, as an expression of yourself yet. You still haven’t quite made that step, but you do see that going on, which means that you’re in the process of that step because you do see completed quilts being made. But then you see the aspect of something that’s wayward, that’s got some little uneasiness connected to it, that’s associated with not quite being able to get some inflection to light up. You’re not quite able to turn the light on in the bathroom, and are unsure that what you’re doing isn’t going to create a big mess, if you’re not careful, because you can’t quite see what’s what.

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Businessman in the middle of the maze. Challenge conceptsThe great simplicity, and the greatest secret, is that we humans are born on a planet to train ourselves to be useful to the purposes of the universe. We come here to learn, and we are meant to graduate from this nursery school and then begin our life elsewhere – according to what we have done here. But if we put all our effort into succeeding here, most of those skills don’t apply at the universal level; so we, in a sense, won’t graduate. We are free to choose our path and focus, but only our higher purpose is important and useful to the everything that is going on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I just seem to be studying something out, and I’m kind of looking at the judges on The Voice except, in my dream, I think there’s five instead of four. And they’re all in one kind of long, low building, and I’m just studying out and realizing that even if these particular people lost everything, that they knew how to rebuild it because they had built their careers on their own from the beginning. And so I just seem to be studying that out in the first dream. That’s my focus there.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming has to do with being able to identify some part, a part, of one’s inner beingness that has a connection, or access, to a freedom and a way of being that is natural to the soul.

In other words, most people who are still trying to sort things out in the outer, and still kind of caught in the waywardness of separation, and having to contend with trying to do the best they can in terms of a world of complexity, and multiplicity, and all of that that they struggle with and contend with, the impression to that type of person, or the impression to those in the collective, is that it’s a hard row, and it’s a struggle to get out from the maze of it all.

And yet, when they do, the idea is that you’re getting out of the maze kind of by good fortune or something. However, what you’re seeing is that when you bring yourself up and connect yourself to a quality of completeness, which is the four judges, four represents a symbol of completeness, you recognize that in that setting of kind of an overview of a knowingness that extends beyond having to sort things out, that there is the natural quality imbedded within your being that it just doesn’t matter what goes on in the outer. You’re going to be able to be just fine.

What matters in the outer, matters for those who think that the outer is important. But when you have recognized the outer isn’t important, and have recognized something inside that is important, then you can lose everything in the outer, or it doesn’t matter what necessarily happens in the outer, because you have found the proper place upon which to rest with your quality of inner recognition, or sense of self, in other words, but sense of a higher self.

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