A Natural Receptivity

57566ca6621ccIt happens so often in life: we feel strongly that something has to be a certain way, and we lose ourselves in trying to make it so. As in this dream image, someone trying to race around the back of a bus to get a seat, without any consideration for the unfolding situation. And it also happens that, when something unexpected occurs and we flow with it, we often have an interesting an meaningful experience. When we let go of our view of events, we begin to let life in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the more specific of things, which starts with my meditation dream, I see myself jockeying for position as I’m waiting at a bus stop. In other words, I’m attempting to catch what I would kind of portray as like a type of Greyhound cross-country bus.

And so I’m waiting at this bus stop, and there’s a whole bunch of us waiting at this particular bus stop and, when it arrives, one has to get a seat on this bus. Well, my impression is I guess I don’t realize that there’s more going on. It’s as if I guess I must expect this bus just to arrive just for us or something, because when the bus arrives, still in my jockeying around mode of projection, I see myself racing around the back of the bus instead of everyone going around the front and getting on, thinking I can get around faster that way and therefore get ahead of others and get to the door, and get in, and get a particular seat that I have in my mind’s eye, that I want.

But I’m functioning with a projected outer demeanor, instead of an inner all-inclusiveness. And this becomes evident because it never crosses my mind that the bus isn’t just for us, it goes everywhere, it’s cross country.

And so when I get on the bus, there are only two seats available on this bus. It’s packed, and suddenly there I am with others that have all launched onto this bus. Maybe the first two got seats, middle seats or whatever, not the best. In other words, it’s not going to be as comfortable and as imaginative as I thought it was going to be, and there we are standing in the aisles and we need to get off.

So, in other words, it’s not until I recognize the nature of what the bus of life really is, am I able to break my imbalanced way and realize the status of things, in terms of my perceptions, that I have come to know, I’m just not seeing it all. I’m just seeing what I want to see.

So, still being caught in the trance, I turn to another person who’s in the aisle with me, complaining, saying, “Why didn’t they just inform us in advance so we wouldn’t go off with our false hope clamoring?”

And then another person who understands that this clamoring and this throwing of one’s self around energetically in an outer limited way is delusional, indicates that they should know better. In other words, this is a bus stop in which people are always going to be gathered to get on the bus, and if it’s full it’s full, they’re just setting themselves up. And that there are other bus stops to go to in which there aren’t people just hanging out trying to get on it, and if the bus is full the bus is full, but you don’t go take and get yourself all whipped into some sort of mannerism.

And so this person points out that there are actually two of these stops not far away, and even the furthest one, which isn’t that far, is still in the same county, in other words still in the same domain of things. And, when I wake up, I realize that I would’ve avoided the waiting and the projected clamoring within, but that wouldn’t have changed the outcome. In other words, I would’ve just let go of a certain imaginative, however. In other words, those other bus stops were after this bus stop, and so if the bus is full when it gets to those bus stops unless people get off or something, unless there is some other kind of free flow, there’s not going to be a way of getting on then, either. But at least you don’t get caught in all of the struggling and striving as if that’s what’s real.

In other words, what this dream is pointing to, as a suggestion, is a demeanor that is more balanced in terms of how things are. In other words, they’re not as they appear, and if you settle back you’ll come to know that you need to take care of a knowingness that you have within, that is all-inclusive in everything that there is. In other words, it touches the predestined way of it all in other words.

And the meaning is, as I ponder the meaning of clamoring to go home, and have to relate to this conceptualization that I have that if I don’t clamor, and struggle, and play act, and try to maintain this and jockey that then I’m going to miss out on an opportunity. I reach a point where some part of myself notices this, but this isn’t how it works. And to think that it works, limits you; you never really had a chance.

So when I get energetically hyperventilated, in terms of outer identification, I act out of clutchy desperation. There is no sense, there is no balance, there is no intertwining, just an attention that becomes skewered, irrational, and erratic instead of all-inclusive, all-knowing.

And that part inside of ourselves is a whole other dimension. The dimension in the outer is always going to be trying to establish its positioning, or placement, as if it can do so uniquely.

So as I settle back to ponder the dream’s meaning, and the frenzy I see myself in, a person comes up and asks if I am okay, and there’s like a person that’s trying to wake me up, in other words, to let me know that the indulgence qualm, or mood, or mannerism that I’m walking around with is some sort of strange trance. And it’s like they’re going to try to kiss me to snap me out of it, which is an image in which there is a change of demeanor and perception, in terms of what is real, as opposed to my self-imposed importance.

In other words, it’s an attempt to cause me to shift to a receptivity, a natural receptivity, that is outside of appearances. I mean it’s a quality of vibration, as opposed to the time and physical elements of things. But when I am the way I am, in other words in some sort of bifurcated mannerism, and I’m going around with this pent up intensity, I’m not able to come to know what is really going on, and I’m unable to realize that everything is almost like predestined and predetermined, part of a Divine Will.

That how it’s meant to be, or how it is in the overall, is not something that has to do with a bus stop here and a bus stop there. And that the journey is a journey in terms of a letting go, and a quality in terms of how one feels everything about themselves as an open demeanor, which means everything is as it’s meant to be and that there really isn’t anything going on, and that the appearances in the outer and whatnot, that we buy into, keep us in a habitual delusionality of the outer. And we put a pressure on ourself as a consequence of this.

So when we go around pent up like this, we’re cutting ourself off of the inner free flow. And the intertwined listening center that’s like another level of ourselves, instead of the attention that comes from an illusionary outer. There is an intertwined inner listening center in which you’re able to denote what is destined and is.

And when you do that, of course, that’s the wholeness, that’s the energetic, and as described in your dream, that’s what lives on, that’s what never dies. The dropping of the physical can happen, and when that happens then there is something like this that’s more revealable and this is how we’re meant to be. We’re meant to be in this.

It only makes sense from an all-inclusive innerness that is a vibration that permeates all that there is, because it is all that there is, there is no deviation. There’s only a oneness, in terms of that, or in terms of the Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, the mind is not a mind that’s this, that, and the other. The mind is something that includes it all, that takes in it all. There is no bifurcation, and that’s the wholeness, that the at-one-ment.

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