A Different Way


Okay, in this dream we have a drunken ex-boyfriend, and his wary new girlfriend, and then the ex-boyfriend dies and comes back to life – and that’s not the most interesting part of the dream! What’s really interesting is how the dreamer is handling the relationship between the masculine and the feminine dynamics in the dream – because if someone dies in a dream, the dreamer did it. So what is being erased or annihilated? And, in this case, the death is too severe a reaction, so the masculine aspect has to be brought back into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream. In this dream I’ve gone with some others to a meeting where Ellen’s talking, and it’s a rustic kind of log cabin-type setting. And I go in, and there are a group of us, and some of us even like kind of kneel down on the floor, or bow down at times, and the room gets rather crowded.

And my ex comes in, and he’s with the woman that he’s with, but he’s been drinking so he’s drunk. It’s like I just want to kind of not have anything at all to do with him. You know, I’m kind of staying in the back out of sight, because he came to the whole meeting drunk. Plus, I feel like the lady he’s with doesn’t like me, anyway.

But then he ups and dies, in the middle of whatever we’re doing, and gets carried out. Well, then I feel in a way like I’ve done something wrong, so I feel like I have to leave and go to the little kind of ranch-like place where he and his girlfriend live or woman live. And I go down there, and I observe it first. It’s like I feel like maybe I could’ve done something, and I know she probably doesn’t want me around, but I’m there.

And one of the odd things I notice is that I’m standing near this hose. It’s half white and half turquoise, and as I’m standing there it feels like it turns all to a deep kind of blue turquoise color. And then when I go in the cabin where he and his lady are, she’s still kind of glaring at me, he’s not dead – he actually comes back to life.

But she leaves, so now I feel like I have some responsibility, and it’s a responsibility in a way I don’t really want, but I feel like it’s something Ellen expects of me, and now he is alive, he’s not dead, and I feel like I need to do something to either look after this place a little, or get him back to the meeting.

It’s not like I’m happy about the whole thing at all, but it’s just there’s no one else there to do it anymore, except me, or he’ll have to do it on his own. It’s like I feel like I have to get back to the cabin with Ellen, too.

John: This is a different way for you to dream. Even though you didn’t have any dreams, per se, that showed that you were shifting to a new level, this dream has all the earmarks of a new way, or level, of dreaming.

And, in the past, you dealt with the energy from the standpoint of it having peculiarities, in a masculine-oriented way, in which there was the attraction, or kind of like that whole thing of trying to draw yourself near, or be part of, or it to come to you, or it chasing you, or however it was that was the way this variable inside yourself played itself out.

But you’re not doing that in this dream. And there aren’t any remnants of that in this dream. It’s like you’re now having to contend with it in an interesting different kind of angle way of looking at what is a subtler level of separation.

In other words, the theme of the dreaming is to get to a point where one accepts and intertwines with everything that there is. In other words, you don’t push anything off to one side, you don’t eliminate anything, you don’t kill anything, you don’t try to annihilate what you don’t know how to annihilate.

In other words, the picking up of the octave of that sort of thing, in this dream, has you to begin with having gotten to a point where there is the estrangement from a part of yourself, as you call it the ex-boyfriend or something, and that estrangement has something to do with an aspect of feminine nature energy. And this aspect of feminine nature energy is kind of impacting the quality of the masculine, perhaps even killing it a little bit.

And you don’t mean to do that. Your intent, instead of that being of a magnetic nature like it had been in the past in which you were veiled by the magnetic aspects of things, your nature now is more in terms of trying to heal, or to… Well, I guess heal is the right word. And to be able to do that has something to do with an estrangement that has occurred with regard to an aspect of feminine energy.

And so you find, because you had stepped aside, and allowed something to be shut off a little bit, and thus then there became the peculiarity with this aspect of an additional shadow side. It’s like an additional shadow side. It’s like the masculine is shadow one, and shadow two is like the feminine variable. And so on one hand where you might have had shadow one, the masculine, chasing you, or you were attracted to it or this, that, or the other, now you’re at a point where you have been able to kind of let shadow one, that masculine, go, and yet you still have a responsibility towards that, and a connection to that, that it isn’t just that simple because that is a type of annihilation, or estrangement of yourself, yet in a subtler way or something.

And so, because it’s intertwined, when you have let go of the way in which this part affects you, in terms of magnetic intensities and the variations and variables of that, to where you have been able to become more at ease, because you’re not thrown around by processes of thinking that are totally indulgent in that way. You’ve shifted beyond that kind of indulgence loudness. You’re now looking at the masculine in a quieter mode, and you’re kind of accepting that something looks like it may have been able to move on as a result of another kind of feminine quality orientation.

But what you’re finding is that you can’t take and throw that away from yourself completely because it is part of yourself yet, and that the way that you were inclined to do that had to do with shadow number two, of an aspect of feminine energy, that when there is the separation of the core part of yourself from this subtler, subtler aspect, the masculine that you would like to think has moved on, or believe has moved on or something, and the effect of the inner shadow, or basically shadow number two aspect of feminine, that what you’re really doing is you are killing a part of yourself inadvertently. And you’re doing this with a feminine effect.

And so, in the dream, you are bringing healing energy back into the equation. In other words, healing energy is like taking magnetic energy and putting it into a way so that it doesn’t have the blur, and the density, and the contractive nature, quite as much contractive nature, as the magnetic that you go through, and went through, and dealt with that is more like on a prostitute energy magnetism, like that that leads to a lot of prostitute energy flickerings. This leads to a shutting down, a type of shutting down.

And so where you’re at with it is you’re coming to realize what is important in terms of holding on and maintaining an aspect of this masculine energy that has to be reawakened and kept alive, but then shadow number two seems to be leaving the equation now, so this is even subtler, right? Because it’s shadow number two, and that part has to be taken in, and intertwined, and reached inside of yourself now.

So what’s happened is, even though you didn’t have a dream per se of shifting to a whole new way of having to contend with things, your dream indicates a shift, and I am able to identify that shift because I’ve been provided with dreams inside that show that something has shifted to another way of having to contend with things, a whole new versionality of something, that before couldn’t be dealt with because the grosser and denser aspects had to be sorted out and assimilated first.

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