Under Gravity

hqdefsaaultEverything in the universe began in the realms of invisible energy. And everything in the universe is journeying back to that state, with one important difference: at the end, the universe will have all the knowledge and intelligence gathered in the process. We like to think that God and creation don’t have anything to learn, but if that were true, there wouldn’t be a need for the process at all. And, of course, we humans play an absolutely critical and important roll in this unfolding, which we are trying to re-awaken in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t dream much. I had like kind of more of an odd dream, where it felt like you had picked out some health insurance and next week you are going to be switching to another health insurance. So it felt like I was just looking at the differences between the two health insurance, or that one kicked in, in another week, and what you might be going to do differently. And I just don’t remember details of it, because it just seemed to all be about your insurance.

John: Well, you’re using insurance as a metaphor for an effect that exists upon a person’s overall nature, or beingness. And, in the physical plane, everything has an effect. In this particular case, the day-to-day is affected by whether or not you have insurance, and then there’s this kind of insurance, and that kind of insurance. What you learn from a dream like that is that, just like gravity, you can’t do away with it, so to speak, in a symbolism way of looking at things. You have to have some degree of security, or way of coping, in terms of existing in this loci.

In other words, insurance is something that people have. They also have houses, and cars, and all kinds of things to contend with, and you presented it as something in the day-to-day, and by presenting it in the day-to-day you’re looking at the distinctions between one coverage versus another. You’re going back and forth, and what a dream like that does is it points out that you’re always carrying something. It doesn’t matter what kind of insurance one gets. The fact that one has to have the effect, and there has to be some sort of effect in terms of this loci, the plane of manifestation has this.

And because there is this effect, which I denoted as gravity or magnetism, I went directly to magnetism, and then magnetism to the understanding this is how energetics work, and that they’re bounded in some fashion by the nature of the loci, and that everything then is a question of degree. You can have subtler degrees of magnetism, and greater degrees of magnetism, and in the greatest degree of density, of gravity, you can have complete bizarre ignorance.

And then in ways of getting subtler and subtler, in relationship to its effect, you can make the veils seem less extreme or, in other words, function as if in a better widget of one’s self. But there’s no escaping the plane of manifestation when you’re here. In other words, there’s no escaping the fact that it is going to have its effect. Whether you like it or not it, is that way.

In other words, the central theme of this sort of thing is that light is different than sound, and that in sound you have physical objects, because the world was created out of sound, and thus when you have physical objects you have gravity. And the effect of gravity creates the sensation in which you have duality, or sorting out. And that the plane of light is something that lets go of that and works in a different octave. It would be something that from the perception of science, it would be something outside and incomparable.

And to the degree to which I was looking at it in my dreaming, so then you have sound as an aspect of physical existence, and then you have light as an aspect of the overall soul, and that light is refracted and to some degree can be seen – but the real light is unseen. And that there’s the understanding that in light there is still existence. It’s just that the lifespan is a long, long, long, long, long, long time.

Then it leads to the pondering that there is something even more yet, and that the closest that they come to describing it, is after the unseen light is a nothing but nothingness or something. And that is all that there is or something, which again is beyond the realms of one’s current knowingness, because one noodles with the overallness of things, the oneness of things, or the soul of the universe, which is more akin to the light. And then there’s the creative principle of sound, and all that it represents in terms of gravity, or density, and the degrees thereof – and that you never escape it in this loci, nor are you meant to escape it.

It’s appears as if you’re meant to hold both places at the same time, when in a physical body. Now maybe you escape it when you die and go into another loci or plane of existence, but no one knows that for sure. That’s just speculation. That’s just what you hear, just like in Christianity you hear that there is a heaven, and you go to a heaven or go to a greater hell or something. But that’s all imagination, and doesn’t have sorted out the degrees to which something exists, but still has black-and-white quality to it, and even in terms of experiencing things in this loci versus the plane of light there seems to be almost such a great gap or difference, it almost is like a black-and-white, because in this world you have the aspects of sound magnified, and a density that involves gravity, and that you can play with the gravity, or the magnetism effect, and become subtler and subtler in terms of a perception, but you don’t get out of that perception. You’re still bounded in this physical loci with understanding.

And that the wisdom of things, or the knowingness of things, is something that may leap into something called the light, which is multiples and multiples and multiples outside of the gravity as we know it, but I can’t help but wonder if it still isn’t under some subtle degree of gravity yet, too, which means it’s not the end all be all, because it is a perceivable thing, it is a refracted thing, it is part of our essence of being. But we come to understand it more as a form of refraction, a refraction of some even purer essence that is somewhere else unseen, and does that purer essence, does it climb the levels and the degrees of the nothing but nothingness, which would be something even more?

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