No Differentiation

Spiral ProfileIt can be difficult to grasp the concept that everything is a oneness, or to actually experience that feeling in everyday life. But what that concept is trying to bring into our consciousness is that, to make a spiritual journey, we must shift our allegiance from having a connection and responsibility to external events, to having that connection and responsibility to what is happening energetically, both within us and around us. When we are in such a location we can still live our lives, yet we are with the flow of energy rather than separate from it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had three dreams. In the earliest dream, what I remember of it, is it felt like we were sitting in a large space – such as where we sat down before the fountain yesterday – except the space is empty of people. And there are these thin canals that run through that space.

And it feels like I’m focused on an area near the end of the canals where there’s just a slab or something across it, that’s blocking the flow right now, because I have to look at like when I remove these blocks where I want that flow to go. I don’t know whether it’s water, or it’s just energy, but I’m kind of studying it out about where to have the flow go when I remove the blocks – because they can kind of go right, or left, or we can kind of direct it.

So I’m just studying all of that out, and that dream has a kind of very expansive feel to it.

John: So what you’re doing in this dream is you’re taking the scenario of a letting go, which is where one can come and just disappear in the midst of the comings and goings that are all around us, absorbed in the sound of the universe, which is kind of like being able to just sit in the rushing water of things. In other words, let that just be as a quality that pulls all of your attention away from, and out of, everything around you.

You are taking that as a natural, overall inner effect. It’s like you’re weighing it, on the one hand, and then on the other hand you’re trying to denote, as if you’re trying to understand, as if you’re trying to explain, or work out, a means upon which this is something that can be readily always done. And you’re finding that whatever it is that you look at is differentiated, and when it’s differentiated there are issues, and obstacles, and blockages.

And that you’re comparing it like this, or you’re looking at this, it’s kind of like a scale thing, meaning a weighing of things, as if you can take and use an emptiness to weigh, or penetrate, a something that’s going on, instead of realizing that the emptiness, and the stillness, doesn’t exist when there is any kind of differentiation, or an attempt to catch up with what it’s about.

So what you’re doing is you’ve got a state of letting go, a state in which a stillness exists, a state in which everything around you has no effect upon you, a state where you just go somewhere. And then you have the question mark that still exists, in relationship to yourself in the outer, in terms of: how do you flow, and where the blockage is, and how is that to be understood?

And that part is always going to go around and around, and will never be able to figure anything out, because it is coming from a perception that is based upon there being things that are differentiated, or that you differentiate a finding of yourself within the differentiations. And as long as you are inclined to use this sort of mental linear way of scoping, you will never just completely fall into an overallness that is you.

In other words, the dilemma that one finds themselves in is that their senses take and want to be engaged, and need to be understood, and when they’re quiet for awhile, or still for awhile, as soon as they come out of their stillness they try to catch up with what took place – and it never can happen.

We let go because everything that was around us was and became us. We went into the stillness of that. When you go into a stillness in such a way, everything then that comes by is touched. It’s touched in some subtle, subtle way. When you are in a state of froohah in your nature, you are infusing and projecting that, that differentiation, as if it’s real. You’re projecting that into the whole.

But when you’re in a state of a stillness, where you let go of everything and everything goes into an emptiness, and a quietness, well, in that particular case it was like we were in a state that was like a meditation in which 45 minutes went by as if it was five minutes.

So what your dream is doing is, it’s kind of like doing a left hand in a right hand way on an inner level, and the reason for a dream like that is for you to recognize, vibrationally speaking, the importance of the innerness in relationship to the outerness being something that spirals back to its essence – and that essence is you.

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