State of Being

z301We have noted that we are all the characters in our dreams, and it can also be said that we are all the places in our dreams. Homes can be a reflection of our inner life, particularly when there are higher and lower floors involved, and cars can reflect our direction in terms of some process, shown by the fact of whether we are driving, or being driven, and does the car make the journey, or does it get stuck, or even lost? In these images the inner life is reflected by an entire state, where distances and directions become important clues to understanding the wholeness within our borders. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had an interim dream, with my dad, and in that dream it feels like I’m going from where he is, which feels like in a central part of the state, and we’re going to go visit someone in the eastern part of the state. In this case, I think it’s Spokane, because we’re in Washington in the dream.

And I have a home in Spokane, but we’re also going to visit some other people there. And it feels like I can’t quite remember where either place is. I think it’s in this dream, also, where it feels like I go over to a wall, at the house that we start out from, and I want to adjust things on the wall because they’ve been too crammed together, and one piece of artwork, a small piece, that’s hanging is actually hanging around a large chip in the wall, and it has a strand of beads that’s beginning to unravel.

So it feels like I’m looking at what’s there and trying to change it so it’s not so jammed together, change it so maybe it covers up some of the imperfections in the wall, and have it look more natural, and make the wall look more attractive.

And, at the same time in that dream, it feels like when we go to the other part of the state I’m trying to remember where it is that my home is there, or where it is that the other people are that we have to go see. And that dream is just kind of vague to me because I had a third dream.

John: Again, you’re playing in contrast, only this time you’re finding that the center, or the essence of yourself, and the outer spokes of yourself, are not something that you come to perceive as distinct. That if you’re truly in an all encompassing way of a beingness that is everything, then residing at the essence means that the activities that seem to be carrying on – in another part of the state of your beingness – really aren’t activities at all. They are just parts of yourself that can be readily absorbed into the essence.

An image that fits both of those dreams is an image in which you see how at the eye of something, like the eye of a tornado, or the eye of water going down a drain, that there’s a spiral and there’s a spinning and that there is an emptiness, and a stillness, and a quietness in which everything is incorporated within the center of all of that.

But, actually, you know the way you’re contrasting this is really, really hard to hold onto because it’s easy to lose the significance of the first part, and what you’re meant to do is incorporate the second part into the vibration of the first part – and hold onto both. It’s very, very difficult to do.

What’s the second part again? You’re putting things together. In other words, you’re meant to realize that you don’t really do that. That only is projection, that’s only playing around. See, you felt the vibration of the states of yourself and, rather than buy into the denseness of that and go asleep, and act like you’re now dealing with putting parts of yourself around, you know, on display in some sort of sense orientation, putting it onto a wall, in other words, toying with it in the illusion of the outer, it’s very, very difficult to not take that outerness as being real.

You have the opportunity to not take the outer as real if you can hold onto the depth of an expansiveness, of an innerness essence, inside of yourself, that can be at the center of the state, and at the same time incorporate the other side of the state of your beingness, and not having to make it dense by having to know where that is in some differentiated way. In other words not having to differentiate it, you just incorporate it as you, as an essence.

And then, because you’re in the physical world, you’re always putting something on the wall, you’re always throwing something at the wall, and can you realize that that doesn’t really happen? That that is just projections that aren’t you, that you don’t really buy into, it’s just a playacting. It’s like a movie. You know, a movie isn’t real. There are no characters out there that are real. It’s just a hologram.

It’s like when you’re taking and going around in the outer and are doing that you have to view this as not something that is an activity that you’re actually doing because that would, then, be a deviation from the centerness in which you feel everything as you. So it’s a hard dream to hold onto because when you’re putting and throwing things on a wall, or seeing that happening, it’s pretty easy to get caught in that.

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