Two Places

de77So much of spiritual development lies in personal development, in the sense that we need to understand ourselves – to know ourselves – before we can really grow and progress. These two dreams illustrate that process by, at first, showing an upbeat image of riding in a convertible and playing with energy. But to get to that “place” in oneself, certain things have to be faced and, in this instance, involve going into the dark depths and working something out. And the darkness encountered is really just a measure of how intimidated the dreamer is to make this bit of progress. Thus, the fundamental struggle of a development journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream, all I remember about it is kind of driving down a road with somebody else in a convertible. And what I seem to be doing, when I’m in that convertible, is I’m kind of feeling what certain energy lines look like, but those lines seem to run up my arms, and just across the neck, and then down the other arm. They don’t go all the way up. That’s all I remember about that dream.

John: It’s an image in which what’s open to the sky was not important. What was important was a connection of a type of receptivity that took in a wholeness of kind of the placement of yourself, in other words, where you’re sitting holding a connection.

And so the question is, what’s the connection you’re holding? The connection you’re holding is a connection to the receptivity to manifestation, to the physical.

And what does the convertible represent? The convertible represents the openness that exists to that which is the life force that comes down. And when you have a convertible you’re opening yourself up to the light of things. When you don’t have a convertible you’re shielding off a little of the light, and you’re holding your focus primarily upon, and you’re feeling the energy of, things in a rooted way of the physical.

And why is that? The reason is because the feminine nature holds the linkage to that which is in the plane of manifestation as sound, and the masculine nature holds the linkage to that which is light, which is more of a speeded-up nature. And yet you could say that in a fullness of completion they come together. But they will appear, by their very nature, to be on two different planes of beingness.

So the question that comes up is: are they to come together? Well, if they are to come together where there is light, can you have the other? And the key is you have to have both. You need to have both planes always there, that the big mistake in terms of trying to intertwine something is the intertwining by the very term of the word indicates that something merges, that the physical merges with world soul, or the whole of things, in which case then you would have a transitioning. You would have one thing going into the other and, therefore, it would become that. And you would be intertwined, but, yeah, there may be planes in which the whole energetic light of things is accentuated, but in this plane you need to find all that there is in these other planes and, at the same time, yield, and adhere to, and support, and maintain and not shut anything off in terms of the planes of manifestation.

And then what your dream is doing is, your dream is showing you that the key to you being able to feel the energy pulsing through you, through your arms, through your nature of things, is your way of being able to hold the quality of that which is in life. It’s real, real hard for the masculine to perhaps judge that, because of the sense of something more.

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I know there’s some parts of it I lost, but initially I’m with a group of people. We all seem to live in this apartment complex. We’re up on one floor of it, but you can kind of look from one person’s apartment across to another’s, or even go there on balconies and things.

And it feels like we’ve traveled somewhere, together as a group, maybe in the building, and it’s time to go back. But one of the group has told me that I need to get more exercise, so I’ve split off a bit and left the building and gone up around the block, and gone further afield. And in the process of doing that, I find myself in a rather strange building, and there’s something that I need and it’s like I open up a door that maybe people don’t know about, and it almost has a slide that goes down to another level, and in that level on the outer part it’s almost like there’s counters, and women, and everything is warm and friendly – but I know that what I need is… you know, what I express maybe some need that I’m directed elsewhere.

And I open up a door and it’s to this kind of dungy, scary almost room that’s narrow, and darker, and there’s a man in there that’s kind of wearing a long coat and looks kind of spooky. But that seems to be the room I have to go into to get whatever it is that I was needing. And when I go in that room, I just know the room seems to kind of narrow, and next thing I know I find myself back up near the roof where I had been before, on another level.

And I start walking trying to get back towards where home would be. And then you’re there with some other people, except you’re blindfolded, and you’re kind of bent over backwards and wearing a strange outfit, and there’s some strange appendages some places on your body, too.

Then I feel like if I make love with you, even though it’s kind of out there in the open and everything, and you’re blindfolded and don’t know it’s me necessarily, that this will heal something that’s going on – but I have to kind of calm the situation down to do that. And that all feels like tied up with what happened in the room down below before, and so it feels like I approach to do that, and that’s kind of where I forget where the dream goes next.

John: It’s a dream that I could’ve predicted from what you told first. I was wondering if you would go through it and have a dream like that, because the first dream just set the very general scenario of things in a very, very general way. It was almost like a meditation-type dream, in which you would have to understand the symbolism between the open top convertible and what that was, in other words, the sky in relationship to the grounding.

And, in the second dream, you’re pointing out that you need to catch up with that quality, and it’s a masculine quality, that is blinded, that doesn’t even know the degree to which it is connected to something. And that’s the greater soul or whatever, the clarity of something in terms of a bigger picture, it brings in the information of that, and that can’t quite be reached without a certain access, a certain going into the depths of something, or basically the holding of something, the maintaining of the two places, a beingness within the two places.

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