The Myriad of Things

weird dreamSomeday, someone will find this post because they Googled: “my mother’s head was cut off in a dream.” And that could give a person an awful feeling when they awaken. But as we can see in this example, there are symbolisms at play that reveal a deeper story than just the startling image. And part of the reason our unconscious will use such an unsettling image is to make us take notice of what is being communicated, by saying, in effect: the normal assumptions no longer apply, and need to be reconsidered. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my earliest dream, the only piece of it I remember is it felt like in the dream I had a mother that I seem to want to do things with, and she was being controlled by two different sides.

So one side, I think, identified as something like the Chinese, and however they controlled her was really unacceptable to me. And then, on the other side, was you, and the people you were with, and what you had done is you had cut my mother’s head off and put it back in some way, that had to do with how you controlled her, but I could work with that better than I could work with what the other side did.

John: The theme of the dreams last night had to do with catching up with the perception in which there is a quality of beingness that one is able to recognize, or wake up, and notice. The dilemma that currently exists, in terms of outer existence, is that there seems to be an aliveness everywhere you look, and so the tendency is to take everything that’s going on around you and give it present day importance – meaning that however it is has a direct effect upon how you see yourself.

And the dilemma with that is this impacts the focus and attention, if that’s the right word. In other words, it affects the beingness, or knowingness, in terms of how it is that something actually is in terms of how it reveals itself.

It’s actually been part of the themeing for yesterday, as well as last night, in other words, the night before. It’s also been part of that themeing, but it presented itself slightly differently in that what was seen, then, was a sense of how something in a whole other way or level different from how it is that a person is accustomed to conducting themselves, how it is that that something else is coming through.

And the only way that you can say that it comes through is that there is a shift. There’s a shift into a kind of a knowingness. And yet there is an importance, in terms of the physical, from a standpoint that the heartfulness of things, the mercy, the sincerity, the compassion or whatever you want to call it, is accentuated in the duplicity – if one can find it. And the degree to which one hones themselves to finding it, is the degree to which one establishes kind of a way of being that they consider a manner, or means, upon which to conduct themselves in manifestation amongst the myriad of things.

That reaches a level of heartfulness, and that’s important, and that seems to be associating with manifestation and, with the whole other levels in terms of what’s really going on, you adopt a type of knowingness. And so you have to integrate the knowingness to the heartfulness – in order for there to be a wholeness. In other words, that’s how you take in everything that there is, both on this side, and on the other side, or sides, or however you’d say it.

So what you have done is you have created an image in which you have something that is one way. How do you see your mother’s head to be in this?

Jeane: Well, it’s like at first the Chinese are controlling her in some way.

John: Yeah, first you see it as something that’s affected by things that you can’t understand. It’s foreign to you, and things are always going to be foreign to a person when they are trying to figure out the way in terms of an overall puzzle, in terms of the myriad of things.

Jeane: And then you had like cut off her head and reattached it.

John: And the second thing is when something is succinct, in other words, culminates into something that just is, that isn’t washed out by all of the complexities of all the foreign issues that have to be kind of sorted out, or that one thinks and has been caught up in having to sort out, which diffuses one’s energy. When it gets to a point where all of that comes to an end, and that something constellates in a way that’s anew, may not make sense how it constellates and what is anew, but it does constellate in the something that’s anew and, when it does, even though that may put us through the paces in terms of conceptualizations that we would like to hold onto, that keep us going around and around, we have to drop that.

And when we drop that you’re going to be kind of stunned, but that’s just how it is. The secret to recognizing that there is a meaningfulness, in the dream, is the degree to which you feel a kind of resolution, or groundedness, or solidity in terms of the two images.

In other words, the one has all kinds of things that are foreign to you that keeps your energy dispersed, and this has something that may even be hard for you to accept, and to some degree repulsive, but it’s rooted, it’s grounded, it’s a solidification. And so when you’re comparing the two states that you find that this state that is more solidified, that’s more absolute in its way or mannerism, holds your attention more than something that’s caught in all of this foreign myriad way.

And the peculiarity of the dreaming last night, was what it’s like to have to experience going from where we’re accustomed to looking at this, that, and the other, to no longer being able to do that because something has just been switched, or changed, and we have to look at things in a more concretized, set way, more black-and-white way, not all of the variances in between.

And that more set way in your dream, in terms of your symbolism, shows that everything is let go of, it all dies. There no longer are all these Chinese things, so to speak. There is just a point where it all sum totals to this sort of thing to a particular result. Whether one likes it or not, that’s the result. It’s kind of a peculiar dream because all of it was swirling like that. It was like a swirl last night.

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