In the Multiplicity

mexico_city_If a spiritual life were easy, many more people would live one successfully. But, as has been noted, it’s not a part-time endeavor – it requires letting go of the life that was being led and living life in a new way, a different way, and in a service way to something higher. Anything less than that kind of surrender puts us in a no-man’s land where we’re not connected spiritually, yet we’ve turned our back on the personal way of living. And it always seems that, in the letting go, we’re giving up something. Technically, yes, but what will be gained in the process is worth it beyond calculation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, my dreams last night, in some ways, were bizarre. The dream had several parts, but the dream took place primarily in a setting that felt a little bit outside a city because it’s like people lived in cabins, and then there was a main cabin they might into and interact with.

And in that main cabin, I think on an upper floor, people would come sometimes to get massages, or physical therapy, and that seemed to be the main room that I hung out in.

In one part of the dream I realized I have to go back home because I have an exam coming up, and I feel like I haven’t prepared for it. And it’s evening and I’m going to leave and go home and maybe study the next day for the exam, and you’ve come and it’s like we leave somewhat at the same time but we’re going to meet up at a movie theater.

Well, I get to the movie theater, and I go into the movie that I thought that you wanted us to both see, and when I walk in there I can’t find you. So then I go into another movie theater, or I go around the other side first and try to look up into the audience, because there’s multiple viewing rooms in the theater, I go into another one thinking maybe I’ll see you there and I can’t find you there, either.

And this is just not normal, so I think, well, maybe you realize that I needed to study for the exam the next day and so you just didn’t come. And I just need to go home. So that’s one part of the dream, and then it shifts back to the main complex.

John: So in the main complex where you have the massage going on, the massage is the focus and attention upon some part of yourself that leads to the polishing, and the purifying, of your being – like in a particular house, since you’re describing it as in a complex, or a house, or something. You have all of the commotion going on, but there is a pristine level of the place that’s the higher octave, as you denoted, which we tend to see things in that way just like going to the north is to the spiritual north, and north is kind of up, as well.

And so you’re going into the parts of yourself that are receiving treatment, and that treatment then causes you to recognize that you have more work that has to be done on yourself. And to better understand that, you have to try to sort that understanding out, so you have to study and take tests and, you know, go through the price of admission of things in the outer.

However, a human being tends to be lazy, and they don’t necessarily use outer existence in terms of getting closer to God – which is what it’s all about. They can go off into tangential experiences. And so you could go out and you could have reprieves where things can be kind of easy for you, and that’s why it seems like most people progress in a path towards consciousness through a kind of Pavlovian pressure where they’re subjected to things where they have to constantly be letting go, and sorting things out.

But you can also have a life, and in a roundabout way that’s a blessing for it to be like that, that something is reeling you in by taking and slapping things around, so that you keep dropping things, so that you then take what has been massaged into you and you put it into an inflection so that when you go into the outer world you’re using that as kind of a means upon which to better see things – in terms of letting go of attachments, and distractions, in a realm of multiplicity.

However, you can take yourself out of this kind of format if you take and you just stop, you just kind of coast, if you kind of go to a movie or something you kind of let your attention hang fire at an in-between capacity. Well, what happens is, when you let your attention hang fire in kind of a conceptual way, because that’s like a conceptual way, then because you have something very pristine and then you have something that’s constantly keeping things mixed up, and keeping you on your toes to identify between the two halves, to be able to live and yet at the same time experience the other. Because you have figured out how to go in between, you can sit kind of in an amnesia.

Well, what’s very interesting is even that isn’t allowed forever. You know, an example of someone sitting in amnesia that I’ve seen was people going into an ashram. And, initially, amazing things opened up, and then they got into this process of steering their life where they didn’t like the outer, and so they weren’t mixing it up in the outer anymore.

And they had had a glimpse of the inner, so they’re not doing the process of having to do, as above, so below, they’re not doing the intertwining, they’re not running the chemistry between the two places, the difference between sound and light, they’re not doing any of this. And so, as a consequence, they start to shut down. And when they shut down every little thing starts to bug them, starts to bother them.

So even in the coasting you can’t find me in the theater, then. Or, in the ashram, they can’t talk or have any relevance, and their eyes are all buggy and whatnot, and they look like sickies. So, yes, that process happens, too, and when that happens, of course, are you able to recognize that you’ve fallen back?

You know, when things get to the point where it’s like that, where you’re confused, and you can’t get any bearings whatsoever, because it’s a principle in the spiritual path for there to be the watcher, and when you can’t get any bearings whatsoever anymore you don’t even have the watcher principle going on. And in the watcher principle you can have an inkling of something more, and you can be getting all beat up in terms of the chemistry of things in the outer, and you may not be able to do much about that, but you’re being polished, and changed, and shaped by having to go through it like that, and having to suffer or whatever it is, however it is that you take it in. And you watch that, and you grow in that capacity.

But when you stay in-between, you are actually holding on to a way of being in which you are not quite getting it, not quite finding or seeing anything anymore, and when it’s a bewilderment like that you kind of go around and around. You go in circles, patterns repeat. Will something get you back on track? Will something hit the heart in such a way so that you get it and go back into the whole systematic process of unfoldment, where you’re meant to be in the multiplicity and yet at the same time hold onto the quality of what is divine?

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