There to be Learned

rNkQWe are made to believe, from and early age, that memorization and the study of any subject is an end in itself. But it’s not really the case: we only really know something when we can do it, or put it into action, or into practice. That is when we understand the limits of our intellectual knowledge and see the need for how something gets put into life. And that is the process of a spiritual journey: to take our understandings, and beliefs, about life, and put them to the test through actually using them. In that way, what we learn can become a part of us – something we never forget. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, the earliest dream, I’m not as clear about. I know that I travel to a series of buildings because I’m looking for this Oriental master, and it’s hard to travel there. It’s like the road will run out, and I have to figure out how to get across water, and zigzag back and forth, and then I finally reach the building.

But the building has a series of rooms and people there. It’s almost like a museum, and some people there are helpful and other people don’t know where things are, or where he is, and there’s someone else, a younger man, too, that also kind of goes with me to where this master is.

And I want to learn some kind of form from him that’s almost like a Tai Chi form, or it could be a twirling form, or it could just be anything, and this young man seems to know that form also. I feel like we find and have some kind of brief contact with the master, and I learn something, but that whole part of the dream I’m not as clear about. I just know that having made a contact, and the young man having made a contact, that, at some point, we’re able to leave there, and that the contact is brief. But we take something from it that we can practice, maybe we can practice it from learning from each other, too. And that’s the initial part of the dream, or the first dream.

John: What you’re portraying is an overall scenario in which you are able to be in, in a way in which unlike how it’s portrayed in mine, where there can be veils, or something can be frozen, or it can be limited, you’re able to be in the situation with open access. And, as a consequence, even though you can go to the place, can you, once there, take in what is readily offered and bring it into your world?

In other words, can you come and go with that kind of knowingness, or that kind of connection, because you’re not limited in this dream of being able to go to this place. The only question that exists is, can you take in what is there, take it in and then leave from there with that as a part of your being?

The illusion of the dream is that you’re required to go there, and then come back. That’s kind of the illusion we find ourselves in, as if there’s a difference between light and sound, as if there’s a difference between inner and outer, as if there’s a difference between above and below. But because you’re everything in the dream, you’re also what is there to be learned, and to be known, and to be found. It’s all within you.

But you’re, at this point, willing to, or in a state of being in which it is still taken in as if it is something that you aspire to, or reach to, or access, as opposed to it just all being there open to you, and for you.

Well the interesting thing is at least it’s not so distant that it’s in a bewilderment. You are able to be, so to speak, plopped into the life, and move about in life, and come to grips with that as a quality, as a consciousness, as a wholeness in life. And the key, then, to it being something that you’re able to live is a kind of awakening that is near, but not there, not with you yet, because when it is, you will then be an aspect, or you will be that which is sought, or that which you feel you have access to, to open up, or to understand, or to gain an insight from. You will just be that; and when you’re able to just be that, then you’re able to be the soul.

Now what’s also interesting about this dream is it doesn’t seal. You’re doing this in an overall sense. Or maybe if it does seal, it seals from the standpoint that you go into the depths and find a new Tai Chi or movement or something, and this is something that becomes instantaneous because it’s really brief, you know it’s just a matter of a shift or something. And then when you’re able to leave you’re able to leave with that. So maybe it does seal, because it’s in that sense then.

The quality of going across and finding and having access to this place, you’re feeling the vibration of the connection, and how you’re feeling that vibration and connection that is the part that can change a little bit to where it is something that you just take in as a quality of an inner knowingness. It’s not a matter of aspiring or reaching. It’s just imbedded, it’s just there, it just comes out, it just is unthawed, it is not veiled, it is at your disposal.

So the dream takes you up to a spark point, where the day comes when it’s just like that. Of course that’s a hard day, that’s an unusual day, to reach because that’s a day when you’re no longer conducting yourself in the mannerisms, and in the mechanisms, and means that everyone else does, that still sees something as afar, or as yet separate. You lose the ability then, if you get to that point, of seeing something as separate from yourself.

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