In the Green

aur20Energy appears in many forms in dreams, but money is one form, and in this case it’s a lottery ticket. And we can see from the description that that is the important thing to follow or pay attention to. But the other people, young and old, are not able to focus on the energy and its importance, so there is a sense of struggle or frustration. But the energy itself is like a flow that every one should get in sync with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I just remember some vignettes almost, or glimpses, of last night’s dreams. The strongest one I remember is that it feels like there’s a man, he almost feels like I might be related, I’m making up some kind of almost like a lottery ticket to sell him.

I’m almost hoping about which one he chooses, but then he chooses this one ticket that I think I put at least $20 in. But then he goes off, but he doesn’t open it because I remember coming across him later and I wondered if he’s opened it yet to see what he’s won, but he still hasn’t.

And then there’s some younger people in the family I’m trying to sell lottery tickets to in a sense, they’re like great nephews or something. They’re at a movie theater and they’re too distracted by some of the girls, and how they’re dressed, and I’m trying to get them to focus more on what they should be selecting.

And you come by at some point and you tell me that I’m going to be green, you know, and then it seems like I go back. I’m kind of concerned about one of the relatives and whether they’re actually going to open up their ticket at some point. And it feels like a lot of little scenes like that. I couldn’t really kind of glimpse a flow in the dream.

John: The sense is that you’re catching up with a mannerism upon which you’re able to unfold, or conduct, yourself in terms of bringing through, and holding onto, an importance in life.

First, the dream has three distinct parts. It has the part to which you’re trying to expand. Then it has the part to which you’re trying to bring something back, or through, that has a specific effect to it, meaning it’s something that’s visible in a dense, defined way. And you could consider it dense and defined, even, because it’s an expression, in other words, it’s a lottery ticket now that has something added to it, instead of it just being in general.

And then the third aspect of the dream, that all gets put together with this, is that the appearance is all in keeping with something that is natural as a presence in life. Those are the three parts, and the three parts get put together.

Usually you cannot lose something in life until you’ve made a journey, and that is the green. And the journey you have to make is the journey into the expanse of things. To it’s like a journey in Russian roulette, all the variables are out there. What are you going to do with them? Yeah, you’re tossed around a little this way, and you’re tossed around a little that way, and somehow or another you’ve got to take in everything that is affecting you, to reach a point where you have acquired a kind of general overallness of your nature.

But before you can get to the general overallness of your nature, as you take and you look at all of that it’s like one great big lottery, and it’s undefined. But then, at some particular point, that becomes defined, or starts to seal, and that there is this, that, or the other that’s involved with the expression, or mannerisms, that come in your direction, that you’re able to catch up with, that you’re able to bring down, and conduct, and handle.

In other words, those expressions, those mannerisms, they’re like lottery tickets, too, except you can work with how that definition and that mannerism is. And the reason why you can work with it is because you’re able to stay natural. You’re able to stay in the green. You’re not lost yourself in the whole mirage and malaise of things.

Now there’s a fourth step that you didn’t bring up, and the fourth step is that once you’re able to hold a particular presence, or quality, as you’re working in life, you then take that green or that light, you can take the things that have the $20 and that stuff that is a mannerism, that’s in the environment around you, the peculiarities and uniquenesses of things, you can then take and you can flow in a packaged way, in which the $20 and all of that is used, and in which the green of your presence is there. And then subordinate, or coordinate, or orchestrate yourself in keeping with what you have awoken around you. You can orchestrate and coordinate your life in relationship to their mannerism.

Now ordinarily you cannot do this if you’re just in the first step, the first step which is the step in which you’re becoming expansive in trying to take in the grasp from the top down of everything. But once you have brought it through, and have established a presence, and can take whatever is brought down and go back with the in-breath with it freely, into the whole, and be okay with that and have a sight somehow of the bliss of that, then you can take that and you can work with things in life.

This is an interesting thing. I don’t know what words to put on what that does, other than to say that it’s interesting why teachers have students, and a teacher has to hand off as much as he can to the student, and the student then can take and be the arms and the legs of things, in a more advanced way – in terms of consciousness.

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