Seeing is Believing

7D42mV5We all have psychologies that have arisen in us, originally to help us make sense of, and handle, something we’ve experienced. Yet as we get older and find ourselves on a development path, many of our psychologies (our shadow dynamics) become blockages to our progress and to our freedom to flow. In this dream image, we see one aspect of the dreamer trying to reveal something to another character in the dream, understanding that it will take some convincing – or proof – to bring that aspect on board. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, a person who failed to take a step, when the opportunity was there for him, is now before a person who was able to reveal what is possible. In other words, they failed to take an important step. In other words, they didn’t see something and now, all of a sudden, it’s like getting a second chance or something to be able to see something.

So, in the image, there is a truck in which the contents inside are veiled by a coating of rock that lies underneath that which is above. Okay, so what you have is you have a person who has a sense of something more, maybe a sense that goes all the way to the soul level. Then you have another person and they still need to go through something to see the contents of this vehicle that can go, that can be driven, what the contents inside of that are all about.

So there’s a veil. So I have a greater sense of the contents, but I can’t necessarily get that to be seen by this other part of myself. So it’s like one can describe and whatnot, but if it’s not seen you have a problem. It’s as if it’s veiled. It’s like this veil is a veil that has to do with rock, and there’s a thin layer of rock that comes underneath the truck and the contents are up above, and so you can’t get the contents to tumble out, or you can’t access them because it’s cased.

Even though I can have a sense of what’s inside, that’s not going to do any good if I can’t get that sense to come across so that someone else can notice it, so that they can notice the color, and the way that the appearance is, because otherwise it’s veiled from them. They don’t have access to the light of it.

So what I do is I take and, it’s just like a shale rock, I take and I slab that away. It’s only about yay thick, that’s underneath the truck. I slab that away. And when it falls it falls into buildable pieces that have a natural rock color to them – but it also opens up, then, the recognition of what is in this truck, that travels in this truck.

And so that’s what I have to do in terms of working with another. I can have the sense within, but that doesn’t go anywhere if you don’t bring it down into life and open it up so that someone else gets a glimpse.

So as a person who knows, I have to reveal to this person what is missing, or break the veil, so what I do is I take my finger along a crack seam in which there’s this rock thing that imbeds it, I apply a little bit of pressure and the whole veiled piece falls to the ground. What is veiled is exposed.

I watch this. Having done this I now watch this because in doing this I’m still working with shadow dynamics of myself, to pull together, because they’re all parts that have to come together in me as I hold a concentrated focus of presence. And my shadow is starting to walk away, so I have to get its attention knowing that seeing is believing.

And so what’s revealed is that once the veil has shifted, and there are no deductible limitations like the veil, all that is intended becomes revealed before us, as possible.

As all is being sussed out, then I go directly, because what I’m describing is the step that I have to work with to crack through something on behalf of parts of myself that have to have that kind of probing.

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