deicerNormally our dreams use images from our life experience to create the message to be conveyed – because we’ll have a deeper understanding of any subject we personally know. But, in this dream, the image begins at a boathouse, a place the dreamer knows nothing about. And that helps make the point: we can be frozen out from our natural intelligence and sense of knowing when we are veiled from our inner connections. In other words, we are designed to be able to know – even during new experiences. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this last dream is like a parable. And so, in this parable, I go to a boathouse; you know by boathouse it’s like a little building, and this building has an open area. You go inside from the shore and it’s supposed to be open to the water. In other words, it’s where you put a boat, except in this particular boathouse, it has a roof and everything that normally would shelter your boat.

When I go into this boathouse, I know that it’s from this boathouse that a boat was successfully launched into the lake. But as I go into the boathouse, which would normally just be water; you just open the door, and then there’s water, and your boat’s in the water. But in this particular case, as I open the door, the boathouse is all ice. The water’s frozen.

And so the person who had come before and used it, apparently a movie star or something, slid the boat over the ice and into the lake. You know, I’m kind of dumb in this parable because somehow or another I don’t know that it doesn’t work that way, that you slide the boat over the ice. You bring your boat, instead of realizing that your boat stays in the boathouse, you know, I’m somehow confused in that the person brought their boat, slid it over the ice, and out into the lake, launched from there into the lake.

So I’m trying to understand this, how this works. So I’m studying this. I’m standing there by myself wondering how it works. And, because I’m not a boat person, I do not know that the boathouse is actually treacherous when it’s frozen – you can fall through the ice. It’s supposed to be open, and the boat’s supposed to be there, and not something you bring in and that’s how you do the boat, that’s how you do it. You’re naturally all of that.

So, as I’m looking at it, I guess it kind of dawns on me that if I was a boating person I would know that this boathouse is supposed to store a boat for future use, as need be. But when it’s frozen inside it still is able to be used, but you had to bring the boat there, and then you had to slide it over the ice, and hopefully not break through the ice, and out into the adjacent lake.

But if you aren’t able to do that, the boathouse serves no useful purpose, doesn’t store the boat, and maybe it’s too treacherous to try to take a boat over the ice. It’s a mess, then, to get into the open lake.

So, as I stand there, and I’m observing this situation, I’ve actually walked out onto the ice. I suddenly notice that there are bubbles in the ice in certain places. I notice the ice can be cracked there. And so, as a prankish kind of guy, I kind of kick into it and crack it – and all of a sudden I kick a slab loose. And then I realize, oh my goodness, this whole thing is rapidly melting.

I quickly get off of it. Suddenly it is nearly all water. When like that, I now like and am like, and can be closer to the movie star who had a connection to this place. And my connection is a closeness that had been veiled, i.e., frozen over, or iced over, but is no more. Isn’t that an interesting parable?

It’s a parable in which it’s another dream about accessing an imbedded insightfulness, and connection, from within that is meant to come into consciousness. For this to happen I have to quit dwelling on the limitations and veils which, in this case, is the ice, and I have to come to recognize what the boathouse is all about. It is a presence in the overallness of things that has access to the whole, to the lake.

And, when the ice melts, what there is for me to see is a place that you just know, you know all about it, and how it is to be, and how it works, and how it’s used. The meaningfulness is able to be both above and below the surface, not just something that slides across the ice, or on the ice, and the water is a same/same – between lake and boathouse – as a connection is reached and the viability of the situation consciously recognized, realized, brought into a oneness.

This is a parable about the soul, and what is being depicted is a process that goes from a dense, veiled, contracted, limited, hidden, frozen, realization to that of same/same interconnection and intertwining. When this occurs, and first of all it is slowly woken, you’re waking up, I am able to come and go freely and unconditionally. And it isn’t something separate, it’s part of me. It’s not like it belongs to a movie star, or something elevated beyond me. In other words, there’s no conditions because the situation is an inner and an outer, and an outer and an inner, and it is as it’s meant to be. That’s the soul, that’s the knowingness.

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