Is Enough Enough?

oficpiiSometimes our dreams try to show us our reactions to things, as a way for us to gauge and understand the effects a given scenario has upon our state of being. Here we have such a dream image, with the options of a situation played out by the different characters – all of whom are aspects of the dreamer. The idea behind this process is to allow us to see, ever more clearly, the way our defense mechanisms, or our personal involvements, sway the energy we process. The more we can witness the negative effects, the easier it becomes to realize that we don’t want to be thrown around in such ways, energetically, anymore. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the dream that I had, the scene I most remember is I’m in a warehouse that’s almost like a store, because it’s full of furniture, and clothing, and other things from a home. And what had happened is that a man that I know who’d died, had left his estate to me, instead of to his two sons.

And the sons are there, and they’re kind of in shock. One son is kind of someone who hasn’t done too well financially, and the other son you feel like he’s done okay but he’s not real mature. So I’m going through and I’m looking at some things, and making some selections, and deciding what I’ll have to do with things, and the sons are just kind of in shock and really annoyed.

Then there’s another scene where it feels like I’ve gone over to the house and I’m doing some laundry, because the son that’s staying in the house hadn’t done any laundry or anything and I’m getting it in order. And even though his girlfriend tries to reason with him, I can see he’s still in shock.

It’s like the son that didn’t have very much seems to have already accepted the situation. And the other son is still going around kind of in a pout, and angry, and complaining, and not moving out of the house. And even though I try to talk to him or even give him some advice about something, I mean I’m telling him at one point about how with his father’s generation sometimes they thought what they had was going to go a lot further than it did because, you know, the value of money has changed over time.

I try doing laundry at the house, or if I try giving him any support or anything, it’s like he can’t really accept it because he’s just in shock that he didn’t inherit. And I seem to be going about trying to get things cleaned up, and organized, or sorted out. That’s really all I remember from the dreaming.

John: What the dream is trying to do, energetically, is trying to get you to feel the way things are in terms of the heart. In other words, what it’s like to have something just left to you or dropped in your lap, and how is it that your heart handles that? How does your heart hear that?

Also, what is it like to be relieved of a responsibility, or of something that is there? What does that feel like? What kind of freedom is in that, where you don’t have things that may have external connotations? And then, if everything is looked at from the standpoint of it having an outer significance, then what is it like to be deprived of the outer significance that one has become dependent upon, in other words, to not be able to have it?

So, when you noodle around like this, what you’re doing is you’re trying to find, or trying to identify with, a quality of a demeanor that one needs to have that doesn’t create some sort of strain, or effect, or collateral damage upon one’s beingness.

And the fact that it was all left to you is interesting. However, it depends upon how you take it. If what is left to you is something that you are able to experience and take on in a non-personal way, it just is there, and therefore you can see it as part of a larger overall, a whole, then it could be something that comes as a gift from the soul, as a quality of the soul putting up as a wholeness.

But if it is seen as something that is in your bailiwick, having been taken away from someone else, or some other parts of yourself, then that is the condition in which everything in the outer outer finds itself in. In other words, there’s going to be those that have, and those who do not have, and that there is going to be a sense that one has – if they have –  versus the sense of what it would be like if you don’t have, and there’ll be a sense of what it would be like if was taken away from you. It is all of those kinds of senses.

The reason why you’re having a dream like this is because you’re being compelled to recognize, on an energetic level, something beyond the personal – more on the soul level. And so you noodle around the various combinations and possibilities upon which something can be there, in an outer context way, and how that outer context way stabs you, or contracts the heart, causes a confliction.

The question is: have you had enough? Meaning, in other words, have you done enough to cause yourself to go tangential, or have you had enough of the tangential that is of a limiting, personal, contracted, and defined way that one points and aims themselves? And it is always going to have some sort of perspective with the mind and the senses, and what the mind and the senses can perceive in this way is a very limited thing. It does not include the big picture, or the wholeness, of all of life.

And so, to some degree or another, it’s just a manner, or question, or it’s the way in which you impact yourself. It’s just a change of the lilt in the way that you impact yourself. But you’re still impacting yourself when there is the differentiation associated with what it is, and how it is, that you exist in terms of what is there before you.

The entire opposite of that is to be able to have a perception that sees everything as yourself, and all intertwined and inseparable, of which there cannot be any claims upon this, or claims upon that, because it all belongs to the whole. It all serves the overall. And when it’s like that you have a state of total freedom.

And that’s the part that you actually are able to take with you, that is the part that is you, that is who you really are. And the other is all this minutia or distorted mechanism and mannerism that creates this kind of strange vying effect upon the heart. In other words, you have to shine the heart to where all of that falls away, and the quality of your nature subrogates that energy that goes into grabbing or holding onto things, or having an entitlement to it, or whatever it is, goes into a way of being that includes and takes in the whole as if it’s yourself – because it is yourself, instead of all of the bifurcated parts that create that sense that something just isn’t quite right. Because everyone of those images that you have, to look at it and whatnot, would have a quality in which something isn’t quite right.

There is a little bit of an echo of an exception, however, in that if everything is provided to you then it is provided to you because you can feel this breath of fresh air inside of yourself – if you don’t hold it in too tight of a way, and know that it is there to further something in terms of an intertwining and an expression that can come out, that normally would be limited based upon collective clutter.

In other words, what you would be doing is, is that which is provided to you instead of it being a kind of curse, would be a type of energy. It would be something that you could transmute into the whole, instead of something that you would use, or go around with, as kind of a way of securitizing, or wrapping yourself, in that in a sense of segregated nature or something. You can actually use that to serve the whole.

It’s really hard for people to understand that what they have can become a burden. So, you know, you’re experiencing all of the various little octaves from which the shift from all of that is to the whole, and the recognizing of it all in relationship to the soul of all of life, it being an aspect of the soul of all of life undifferentiated. You’re looking at it in a differentiated way, but you’ve got to get to the point where it’s not differentiated so that it isn’t about you in some fashion.

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